Ms Krazie Beats Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Snoop and more

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie beat many top artists to claim her second song as retired on U92.7 in Palm Springs. Urban Kings submitted her song “Imma Rule The World” that was taken from her album “Smile Now Cry Never“. Listen to all the artists she beats! Smile Now Cry Never is available now at all major music stores, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and Urban Kings!

Jay Z Disses Drake??

Did you hear the word on the street? Well you don’t need to hear it from there, because Old English got you covered with all the news from fashion to music to sports. Today we heard the brand new Jay Electronica song featuring Jay Z. But before that, let me tell you how everything started. Drake did an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine about Jay Z not being able to spit 4 bars without mentioning art, and that it sounds kinda corny.

“Its like Hov cant drop bars these days without at least four art references. I would love to collect art at some  point, but I think the whole rap/art world thing is getting kind of corny”. – Drake

Today, Jay Electronica released a freestyle with Jay Z on the “We Made It” beat, and Jay shot off a diss to Drake.

“Sorry Mister Drizzy for so much art talk/ Silly me, rappin bout shit that I really bought/ While these rappers rap about guns that they aint shot/ And a bunch of other silly shit that they aint got. – Jay Z

Drake went on to say that there has been a rift between himself and his past mentors.

“It was a lack of communication paired with natural competitiveness, but those two are gods to me” (Jay Z and Kanye West). – Drake

Drake was most recently in a rap fued with Common, firing a diss and jabs. Lets see if Drake will stand idle to the new Jay bars, or will he be competitive enough to return fire. Whatever will happen, we are sure to hear some dope new music from both Jay Z and Drake in the very near future.

Jay Electronica Featuring Jay Z – We Made It (Freestyle – Drake Diss)

The Good Die Young

Old English Brand Showcase is back, and this time we are showing everyone a closer look into the fan favorite tee shirt of “The Good Die Young“. I wanted to show everyone a better look at the tee shirt, because it is that cool. The design features two of the grim reapers sickles in a cross, with “We Will Sleep When We’re Dead”. We have this tee available now in sizes M – 3XL at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and inside Our Online Store!

2Mex – This Too Shall Heal

It’s interesting how we are engaged in people’s life journeys through social media. One artist that has really inspired me in the recent months has been hip hop artist 2Mex. I started really paying attention to his instagram posts when he first checked into the emergency care due to complications with his diabetes. As the posts kept updating the time line kept getting darker. 2Mex was about to lose his leg and maybe his life. Suddenly I see an ig video in a dark hospital room, the flashlight from the phone shining at the empty spot were his leg used to be, and him repeating, “This too shall heal, this too shall heal.”  2Mex’s right leg from the knee down was amputated and his life was changed forever. I kept checking up on his instagram and saw how many people came to support him. How much love and prayers were sent his way. Which it seems that all that love from his fans, family and friends seemed to give him strength. I am now currently staying updated in his progress from him learning to walk with a prosthetic leg, to going to back working weekly at 93.5 KDAY and his new journey on advocating health. Which it is one thing that we lack on. We think we are invincible, we think we may live forever, we think that it can’t happen to us. The reality is, we are all fragile, sure we are distracted so much that we forget to take care of our health or we think is not relevant to teach or learn healthy choices that can make us stronger. The thing is what is fame and fortune if you are sick? What is fame and fortune if you can’t get out of bed to enjoy it? Health is the greatest gift given to man. So in words of 2Mex ‘Everybody use what the fuck has happened to me as an example go take care of yourself.’

Clips from 2Mex Benefit show:

Written by: Famous8

California Love Is Back In Stock In All Sizes!

Old English Brand has just restocked the very popular “California Love” Tee Shirt today. Its kind crazy how we got this design back in stock and I was listening to the song California Love. This has been a fan favorite and an artist favorite, in both the Tee and the Tank Top. We recently got the new “California Love Tank Top” in our Online Store now too. We were out of specific sizes in the California Love Tee, and now we have all sizes back in stock and ready to be shipped today. Also today, we want to play some 2Pac, who was one of my favorite rappers of all time, and his classic song California Love with Dr Dre and Roger Troutman (R.I.P Pac & Roger Troutman) was one of the biggest and best songs I have ever heard. The California Love Tee is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and inside Our Online Store!

Tupac – Featuring Dr Dre & Roger Troutman – California Love

Since ’96 Thug Life Photo Shoot With Cherry

We did an exclusive brand new photoshoot with Cherry, for our brand new clothing line called “Sorry We’re Late, Here’s Summer Collection”. This is one of the brand new designs we have from the new collection, called the OE “Since ’96 Thug Life” Tank Top! We took Cherry on location with one of our top photographers to shoot, John Ponce, and each picture came out amazing. The “Since 96 Thug Life” tank is now available in our online store, and can be worn by both men and women. Fashionable yet comfortable, this tank will definitely turn heads and will leave a lasting impression. Make sure to get your very own tank top today!

Since ’96 Thug Life Tank Top is available now, in sizes M – 3XL

Since ’96 Baby!

Livin That Thug Life

Sorry We’re Late, Here’s Summer Collection

Cherry Crackin A Smile


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