Ms Krazie Brown Is Beautiful – $7.99

Urban Kings has officially joined the ‪#‎AnalogVersusDigital‬ Campaign along with many major music labels to keep physical CD copies alive! For the fans who prefer an actual CD, read the credits and information inside, and appreciate the hard copies. We have made each ‪#‎UrbanKings‬ CD for just $7.99, including the Ms Krazie CD “Brown Is Beautiful“, only on Dont believe us, look in our Merch Section, or click on the button below!

K Yung is Sicker Than Your Average

We Are Sicker Than Your Average

Compton Menace & K Yung In Studio

We have some more pictures from Texas artist K Yung from his trip last week in California. Wearing the “OE Sicker Than Your Average Tee“, K Yung hit the streets in Los Angeles in our new Tee, and got compliments everywhere he went. With already finishing up his newest mixtape, called “Gucci Belts N Duffle Batz“, K Yung is already working on new material for his next projects, including another mixtape and album. Here we have the first picture of K Yung on set of an upcoming music video. The second picture shows K Yung in the studio with Black Wallstreet artist Compton Menace. We have another exclusive treat for our OE Supporters, the FREE DOWNLOAD of K Yungs new mixtape! Make sure to Click The Image or Link below!



K Yung – Gucci Belts N Duffle Bagz – Free Download Link

BTS Of The New OE Commercial

Today we had an idea to make a brand new commercial of an idea that we had that just sounded like alot of fun. Our creative team put together an idea, created a storyboard, then made the commercial come to life. We decided to make OE Creative Team Member Jaime C Diaz Jr the main character and John Ponce as the supporting actor in this brand new commercial. This is one of the funniest commercials that we made with one great idea. We can’t really describe too much of the video, but you must see it to believe it. Here are a few pictures I was able to take without giving too much away. Enjoy, and stay tuned for the release of this really cool video.

Quiet On Set


Commercial Coming Soon!

Mexico – Music Video by Cecy B & Lil Rob

We have a brand new music video for everyone to check out. This is the music video by Cecy B called “Mexico” and features Lil Rob. This is a really dope video and also features a cameo from Old English Brand Sponsored Artist Chino Grande sporting a brand new OE Tee that is currently unreleased and unavailable until our 2013 Fall/Winter Collection. The video was directed by Adam Roberts, who has directed videos for Ca$his, King Lil G, Reverie, YBe, Mitchy Slick and more. Shout out to Cecy B, Lil Rob, Chino Grande, Z Gunz, Baldacci, Diamonique and everyone else that was in the video! Peep out the video below!

Cecy B  featuring Lil Rob – Mexico – Music Video

In the Sinful City

Look at what I found in the Urban Kings photo Album… This was when Charlie Row Campo went to Las Vegas for an event. Jasper wasting no time on spitting games at the ladies. (somethings never change lol) Like the Old English Homicide shirt he is wearing it will always be a classic in the Old English Album. Past memories never get old to reminisce especially a picture were what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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Old English Staff Celebrates The New Year

The Old English Staff brought in the New Year with a Bang. In 2011, we brought you many new designs this past year. Last year ended on a high note, and in the last few months came a brand new layout for our website. At the Old English headquarters we work from sun up to sun down on thoughts, ideas, designs and promotion. So yesterday was the first time this new year that we all got a chance to get away, and the whole OE Staff  had a nice meal and celebrated another past year and bring in a new one. We took pictures of this awesome time and would like to share them with you. We ended up going to Alondras Hot Wings, a place known for the best buffalo wings, coldest beer and mafia atmosphere. Eating under pictures of John Gotti, John Dillinger and Lucky Luciano gives it that feel that your having dinner with a solid crowd (No Snitches). And we will continue to bring the best quality clothing and accessories to you for 2012!!!!

 (Corona, Lakers & Wings, We cant Lose!)

(What Would It Be, I See Gangsters Everywhere,Everywhere)

(Old English Brand Reppin)

 (Spaghetti or Cheese Balls!?!!?)

 (We Gonna Need Way More Napkins)

 (We got Bugsey Siegel and Lucky Luciano At Our Table)

 (Pink Lemonade, Empty Plate, and Drinking Beer. Good Times With Good People)

 (Picking Off Wings Left & Right. Drank Beers & Coke With Hennessy)

 (You Gotta Sign A Waiver To Even Order This)

 (We Stay Dippin and Sippin)

 (Cups of that XO)

 (Witness The Destruction)

 (Never Leave A Trace of Evidence)

(Old English Brand Fam 2012)

(Our Waiter Said We Are The Best)