Ms Krazie CD Just $7.99

Urban Kings has officially joined the ‪#‎AnalogVersusDigital‬ Campaign along with many major music labels to keep physical CD copies alive! For the fans who prefer an actual CD, read the credits and information inside, and appreciate the hard copies. We have made each ‪#‎UrbanKings‬ CD for just $7.99, including the Ms Krazie CD “Brown Is Beautiful“, only on Dont believe us, look in our Merch Section, or click on the button below!


Brand new interview with our friend Reverie, Check it out.

The Truth About It All

TV has become a symbol for pop culture, and pop culture sets the standard in which society should live by. We want to break that cycle, we want to destroy all the deceptions, all the standards that the mainstream media feeds us and anger us. We want to think freely and live freely. Old English Brand proudly showcases the brand new “Ill Tempered Pocket Print Tee” available now in various colors, like BurgundyBlueWhite and Green. Make sure to support Old English Brand by watching the video above and sharing it on your FB , IG and Twitter. Ill Tempered is a featured pocket print taken from the Old English Brand Summer Collection! Watch the video and we will keep awesome commercials coming!

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Old English Brand Interviews Reverie

Hip Hop artist Reverie came down to the Old English Brand Flagship Shop today to do an interview with us. She has been releasing music and creating a huge buzz for herself locally and worldwide. The interview went really dope, and it was hosted by Old English Brand Creative Member Jaime C Diaz Jr. But we wanted to post a music video of Reverie so you can watch it here on our website. The song is called “Give It Time” and is a tribute to J Dilla. Make sure to check it out here and let us know what you think at The Old English Brand Facebook Page!

Old English Brand Members Only

Have you seen our Old EnglishBrand “Members Only Snapback Hats” yet? We have many different styles and color schemes in our snapback collection, each can match any Old English Brand Tee Shirt, Tank Top, Baseball Tee or Crew Neck! Make sure to check out what is available in the OE Hat Section. Dont forget we will be adding more snapbacks into our snapback collection too, with the brand new caps coming soon from our Summer Collection! Stay tuned!


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