Ms Krazie Collection

Have you seen the collaboration collection between Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie and Old English Brand. It is a dope collection of Ms Krazie Clothing that she had released with Old English Brand that featured Shirts, Bandanas, Beanies, Snapbacks, Tote Bags and more. It is available exclusively at and it is also available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop.



Fall Back In Love

Its official, Summer is over and Fall is now here. Weather is starting to change to cool off the country and warm clothes are coming back into season. Since the weather is coolin and the Halloween season is coming up, nothing is better to keep you warm and stylish than the Old English Brand  ”Original Beanie“, available in many different colors! Make sure to browse through our selection and pick your favorite color today!

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Beginning Rappers Get Pranked By Complex & Papoose


Check out this cool video by Complex doing a really cool troll prank on unsuspecting upcoming rappers. The rappers entered a contest for free studio time, and learn they will not only get studio time, but a feature with hip hop lyrical assassin Papooose. Once in the studio, the artists lay down their lyrics, and then Papoose goes in and murks them on their own track, throwin shots. Watch the reactions of the rappers when they hear the diss while being in the studio, and see how they deal with the situation.


Sometimes I spend a lot of time in the office editing videos, photos, or coming up with the next thing to do. By the time I step out of the warehouse the sun is already gone. When I step out all I see is a dark parking lot; which that can be a mood killer. I don’t think humans are meant to sit down in front of a computer all day. Besides is not like we really sit down in front of the computer, now we carry a small version of them in our hands. So an excuse to stay inside the whole time can be well, an excuse. “Not today tho, not this day.” I was determine to do something that I could enjoy doing and I could bring back to show you guys. I decided to hit up my friend Riria Niimura from Tokyo, now staying in North Hollywood. “Meet me at the bridge an hour before sunset.” I told her. She called her uber and down she came to join me on this Golden hour. What can I say, but any day that I can enjoy a bit of the late afternoon sun is a good day to me.


Riria Niimura is wearing a white and gold Old English Brand Razor Tank top for women. 



Written by: Famous8

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Christmas Eve is Tomrrow and now is crunchtime as everyone is getting their last minute gifts and presents for their loved ones. The Old English Brand Flagship Shop is open today to help provide you with an easier way to shop for your family without the hassle of finding parking, dealing with late crowds at the mall, and dealing with rude shop workers. You can find your favorite OE Tee Shirt, Sweater, Crew Neck, Snapback Hat, Tank Top, Shoes, Pillows, Windbreaker Jacket, Ladies Sweater or Racerback and accessories directly from The Old English Brand Flagship Shop! We will be open now until 6pm , so come down and get that item your family member had their eye on! Our address is below, and all in-store orders will receive a free item!

Old English Brand Flagship Shop

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Brought to You By O. E

We stopped by the laboratory to check up on our newest line and decided to get a camera to capture the making of  Boyz N Tha Hood Double Sided. One side represents the Money the other side represents the Power. Get your exclusive bandana