Ms Krazie Contest COVER Pinche Vida by Jacky

Check out one of the submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest”

This one was done by another Jacky.

If you’re not familiar with the contest make sure you click here.

Vandals On Canvas Pt. 2

This is part 2 of Vandals on canvas.This one done again by our good friend Roten. Make sure you stay tuned for the Vandals line. Its gonna be heat.

A Girl Named Demi

While we create something amazing, we showed you pictures before of our photoshoot with Demi, and we didnt just take photos. We always think of new and different things to do while working. We thought it would be cool to make a cool short little video of our photoshoot, you can see not just what happens in the photos, but just the models hanging out and posing for our cameras. Something cool, sexy and fun. Watch as Demi has fun while listening to True Starr’s new song “Options” available now on Spotify. She is rockin the OE “3rd Strike Baseball Tee“, available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and Our Online Store!

Drake Dissing The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Rhianna and Common

We have heard some crazy news. With a brand new album that Drake is finishing up, he is also releasing some new material. He has had run-ins with rappers these past few months, with Common, Chris Brown, Rhianna and no one is out the line of fire, including his ex friend The Weeknd. Drake and Weeknd has released many songs together, and Drake even featured The Weeknd on his last album, on the song “Crew Love“. Drake was also on Weeknd’s album, Trilogy, on Thursday disc, the song is called “The Zone“. Now, with Drakes upcoming album releasing soon, today Drake released a new song called “5 Am in Toronto”.

Here are a few of the quotes from the song.

To The Weeknd :

“I show love, never get the same out of niggas/Guess it’s funny how money can make change out of niggas/For real, some nobody started feeling himself/A couple somebodies started killing themself/ A couple albums dropped those are still on the shelf/I bet them shits would have popped if I was willing to help”.

To Chris Brown :

“Bad press during the summer over allegations/ I ain’t lyin’, my nigga, my time is money/ That’s why I ain’t got time for a nigga who’s time is comin’”.

To Rhianna :

“Where you think she at when she ain’t with you?/Wildin’ doin’ shit that’s way out of your budget/ Owl sweaters inside her luggage, you gotta love it/ Damn, this shit could go on a tape”.

To Common :

“I’m headed to the bank nigga/Sinatra lifestyle, I’m just being Frank, nigga”.



The Weeknd currently has a big song with Ricky Hil, called Nomads, that released this month on Ricky’s album, called SYLDD aka Support Your Local Drug Dealer. Make sure to Click Here to see the official Old English Brand Photoshoot with Ricky Hil, because it came out dope!

Old English Brand Streetwear Fashion Show by Couture Hollywood

We are proud to premier the video from the Streetwear Fashion Show by Couture Hollywood featuring Old English Brand! Our clothing was featured in the fashion show runway, as well as models wearing our clothing through the event. We captured a few moments of the event, including the review and runway of many different Old English Brand Tees, Tanks, Baseball Tees, Womens Racerbacks and more! Watch the video and stay posted to our blog for more info on our upcoming Fall Collection!

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