Ms Krazie Contest Winner Number 2

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie New Music Video will be releasing on Monday, December 24th, Christmas Eve! Everyone is really excited about this music video, because it is a different version. Urban Kings has already released the Music Video for Love You Till Death – Official Music Video – Radio Version, but now this time we are releasing the “Love You Till Death – Official Music Video – Album Version”. This is the video that will feature Kozme, and Problemaz.

We also are doing an exclusive Love You Till Death contest for 15 lucky winners to receive either Autographed Ms Krazie CDs, or digital downloads! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DETAILS AND ENTER!!

We have just chosen the 2nd winner for the contest, who is Brianna. She won the contest to write about why she should win the contest. I have copied and pasted her entry and you can see what she wrote.

Words From Brianna

“Buenas Dias Urban Kings, I’m writing this letter for the Love You Till Death Contest. Before I start I wanna say Feliz Cumpleanos Jaime! :D Get tore up from the floor up ;D it’s really generous too give US presents on YOUR birthday Gracias! Well I best get to the letter You know how people say “Oh I’m Ms. Krazies biggest fan!” Well that’s me Let me tell you why. Mi vida has not been the greatest. My mom has not always been there and I don’t have a dad. Yo vivo con mi abuela. She took me and my 2 little sisters in without complaints. My mom has my other 2 little sisters and 2 little brothers. I barely get to see them. I been bullied and broke down. I’ve seen my mom get beat down and treated like dirt. Ever since I heard Ms. Krazies song I fell INLOVE!!! Her music brought me to life again and better than ever! Ms.Krazie also inspired me to write my own music I don’t have money to by her Cds or posters or go to her concerts, So every time she or you guys post a picture of her I print it out and put it on my walls. Right now I have over 100 pictures :D My homitas y novio think I’m obsessed  it would mean everything to me to win this special contest and finally have something of her. Well I’ve said all I could say. Love you Ms. Krazie A.K.A My Hero, role and inspiration :D ”.

Congratulations Brianna, You have won the contest. You will be receiving a Brand New, Ms Krazie, Autographed Copy, of “Forgive Not Forget”!

Ms Krazie’s Day Sale Ends At Midnight

Old English Brand and Ms Krazie present the SadGirls Club 1 Day Sale. For one day only, we will have the entire brand new SadGirls Club items, like two brand new tees, two new beanies, two snapbacks, two sweaters, an exclusive canvas and the hello loca tote bag! These items will be available today at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop (open til 6pm today) and online exclusively at The sale ends officially at midnight. The Old English Brand Flagship Shop address is below.

Old English Brand 

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Hours : 12pm to 6pm 

Night Of The Blaxicans x Old English Brand

(Dj’s left to right @dandy.mandie and @karinaassss)

This February 18th Night of the Blaxicans was a wild event Saturday hosted by the Blaxicans and Old English Brand. Following the crowd, we had (Aaron Sanford, Isidro, Dandy Mandie, Silky Slim and Jinx following a special appearance by Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm. Early arrival started with a line that wrapped around the building to the corner, of exciting smiles and cheers of anticipated guests waiting to party it up. Eliza and myself went around the event to gather pictures of the crowd and, some of the highly tatted up fans mentioning the excitement for the event they have been waiting for all week.

(Sick Jacken @sickjacken from Psycho Realm) shot by @dahliamonroe

 (Fan supporting @urbankings with a wrist tattoo and wearing @oldenglishbrand) shot by @dahliamonroe

The event started at 9pm-2am with bar and limited edition gear for sale in honor of the Valentine’s day themed dance. Along the left side when entering the party to the left we had a line for the photo backdrop with pictures of cheerful and wild friends an of course couples taken by @dahliamonroe and @elizagreed.


“AYE get this shot real quick” shot by @dahliamonroe

(Guests with limited edition T-shirt of the event) shot by @dahliamonroe

(homegurlzzz aye aye) shot by @dahliamonroe


(Take a pic of me and the homie Charlie) shot by @dahliamonroe


 Following right to the side of the @OldEnglishBrand backdrop we had a bar of Coronas to Tecate and a sold-out table of limited editions shirts designed by @kingkast1 for the occasion

Blaxicans left to right in the back @Aaronsanford, @elmemoblaxicano,@alybabyfacee_, @hoodprofet, Front row left to right @urbankings,@mr.chino. shot by @traplordjesus

Deep in the crowd we had party goers moving and bumping to the beats and tunes by the homie Aaron Sanders from the Blaxicans starting off the Party,We started off with people in the middle dancing to the party moving to people dancing against the walls to at one point not a wallflower in sight.

(Dj from The Blaxicans @aaronsanford) shot by @dahliamonroe

By 10 the projector was showing images on the wall on soul train and various clips from the 70’s,the feeling of good vibes spread all throughout the night a feeling a person couldn’t ever forget from circles of friends throwing it around in circles to people climbing the shoulders of each other; to see the DJ’s drop the track to their favorite sets.

(Picture credit to @elfotografojoaquin ) To the people who even found some love on the dance floor, and others kicking it back to the rhythm and friendships being made the Valentines dance was an event to be at.

(From The Blaxicans @elmemoblaxicano and @alybabyfacee_) shot by @dahliamonroe

(@housephoneshawty and her lady sharing a smooch so cute i had to capture) shot by @dahliamonroe

(This picture is worth a thousand words literally ) shot by @dahliamonroe

Fans from various cities came to see the anticipated event from south central to the Valley. Many friends and fans of both The Blaxicans and Old English Brand came a good way to see their friends bumping the tracks and turning up on the turn tables. The event was a big marker for both Old English Brand and The Blaxicans, the event was the biggest party both have thrown. Thank you to everyone that showed up and, brought positive energy that made this event as fun as it could be, the support means everything from you to us at Old English Brand and The Blaxicans. Stay tuned for next weeks exclusive interview on The Blaxicans by Old English Brand behind the collaboration of Saturdays Event, thanks for checking us out stay tuned for more next week !!

(Catch me in da crowd aye aye das me @dahliamonroe ) shot by @elizagreed 

Lyrik is a Straight Vandal with Xzibit

Xzibit and Lyric posted up. Lyric throwing up the "W" representing the West Coast and what better way to reprent the West Coast but with Old English Brand. Also known as the West Coast Anthentic Brand. In this pic he is wearing our OE Vandal’s tee and there is plenty more to add to the collection.

The Faded Beanie In Red Is Now Available

Old English Brand has just released a brand new beanie into our collection. It is the OE “Faded Beanie in Red” and its now available. The faded beanie has been a hit since we released it, and we asked which color we should make next. The most popular answer from our poll was red. So we created this awesome beanie. You can come into The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and see this beanie for yourself (Open Monday – Friday from 12pm to 6pm) or online inside The Old English Brand Online Store!

The Pick of The Prick

Look who came to our office to pay us a visit. None other than T-Nut of The Pricks, we had him throw on one of our popular tee First Off I Want To Thank My Connect and did a quick photo shoot. Don’t forget to check out T-Nut and The Pricks live on tour The Smokers Club Tour with Method Man, Currensy,Big Kirt and many other artists.