Ms Krazie Drawing

Here is a drawing that was submitted by Bri who sent us this quick drawing of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. We always encourage all fans to submit pictures of their favorite artists. It doesnt have to be drawings, it can be pictures taken with them, their UKMG Autograph Collection, their UKMG music collection, or anything that has to do with a UKMG Artist. Remember all you have to do to submit your picture is CLICK HERE. Bri wanted to send a shout out too, “Shoutout to loca and all my kansas’es Also follow me at twitter, hehe ;) @twistedloves”!! Make sure to follow her by clicking her name!!

Dont forget to Pre Order Ms Krazie’s new album “Forgive Not Forget”, from The UKMG Merch Store, because it will also include a FREE Ms Krazie Autograph, Free Ms Krazie Poster, and Free Ringtone. The Ultimate Pre Order package is only available at The UKMG Merch Store. Forgive Not Forget will release September 25th to all major music outlets, such as Best Buy, FYE, Hastings and will also be downloadable through iTunes!

Nate Diaz Says He’ll Fight McGregor And Mayweather Same Night

This is crazy, with UFC 200 coming soon, and the headlining fight still being negotiated between UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor and UFC fan favorite Nate Diaz. UFC agreed with terms for both fighters for UFC 200, then Conor pulled out because of promotional obligations that were a little vague in the contract. Now, UFC is trying to re-negotate with both fighters to re-schedule the fight as the headliner for UFC 202, but a new deal must be struck. With both Conor and Nate both asking for more money than UFC 200. It seems now that the fight is between each fighter and UFC, with both fighters trying to fight for negotiations involving a higher raise than UFC 198, and even higher than the deal they both struck for UFC 200.

Now, with more hype than ever for a Conor-Nate rematch (lets face it, even though Nate won the last fight, Conor is still the A-Side of the card), his name always will be in the public. From candid interviews about pulling out of UFC 200, to a possible fight against the greatest pure boxer of our generation in Floyd Mayweather. A dream fight that will finally put MMA vs Boxing against each other, and both fighters are in their prime. It has been done before, from Kimbo Slice going from MMA to Boxing, or from James Tony from Boxing to MMA, both were past their primes.

Nate did an interview the other day about everything about him from the rematch to his conditioning and his thoughts of Conor vs Floyd. Knowing Nate as a fan, he never holds back and always voices his opinion when asked. When asked about the possible fight, he said it was just hype to keep both their names relevant, since Conors loss and Floyds retirement. Nate went on to say that he would fight Conor first, then fight Floyd on the same night in boxing. And Nate isn’t a person to take lightly. He already trains with Super Middleweight (168 pounds) Unified Champion and Top Pound 4 Pound Boxer Andre Ward. Plus he is a conditioning expert, who can fight at lightweight or welterweight (155lbs to 170lbs).

The world will have to see what happens with this whole fight game, a rematch between Conor and Nate? A dream fight with Floyd and Conor? A suprise fight with Floyd and Nate? We dont know what will happen, but we will watch and wait along with the rest of the world, to see which fight becomes the reality.

I know, you know i rep

New Oh No! Music Video – Club

Our good friend and dope hip hop artist OHNO! just released his brand new music video to the world. We have been waiting for his The CLUB – EP album for a minute, and he just dropped it. Theres 6 songs on the EP and it features Problem, Compton Av, Saba Joon, 6Villa and Stoney the Dealer. The new video “Club” is out now, and you can see OHNO rockin the OE “Grimey Ski Mask“. Make sure to check out the video and support the movement.

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Apple’s Founder Passed Away

Apple’s CEO was diagnosed with a rare cancer since 2004 but it didn’t stop him from being dedicated to his work. A few days after announcing the release of the new I-phone he passed away peacefully at his home. He was born in Cali and was adopted by guardians that treat him as their own. All he had was a high school diploma to his name because the money his parents saved up for college was not enough for his education. It was just him and his best friend from high school in garage, when they did the first apple computer. Didn’t have a monitor, keyboard, or a case but he was worth 100 million by the age of 25. And though to some people it maybe so what about his death, (even though you know you own something of apple) he was just a person with vision on something he enjoyed. So what’s stopping you from leaving your mark. Don’t matter the hustle its just never giving up on yourself.

“Being the richest man in the century doesn’t matter. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful matters.”

-Steve Jobs