Ms Krazie Fan Drawings

Ms Krazie Fan Drawing

Ms Krazie & Problemaz

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie sent us these two pictures that fans have sent her. They were pictures of drawings they have done of Ms Krazie. Picture one looks like it was from YES1, who we have blogged about before. There was a video that Yeb 1 made, while he was creating the Ms Krazie drawing. Another fan had sent in another picture (picture 2) of Ms Krazie, but this time with her husband, Problemaz. Both pictures came out really really good. Make sure if you have any pictures of any UKMG Artists,  for our blog, we will throw in your facebook links, twitter links, instagram links and all that information. We will make you famous, so send in your pictures, drawings, anything to do with UKMG!

Yeb 1 – Drawing Ms Krazie – On Video

Sincerely, OE

“Self Paid” crewnecks

“Self Paid” crewnecks
Model: Marty Blaze 


Auction of Conejo’s Still Live Portraits

Week 3 into the auction of Conejo’s Canvases and we have gotten several interested buyers. The highest bid so far comes from R. Vasquez for $376 for the Shady Conejo portrait.

This canvas is from the original film that was used to capture the album cover of Conejo’s first album cover.

The Shady Conejo’s canvas stands over 3ft tall and over 2ft wide.

If you want to beat R. Vasquez’s bid enter it at Game Over canvas is still at its starting bid of $120.

The canvas of Game Over stands a bit over 2ft tall and 3ft wide.Both of these canvas were hand stretched to fit the wood frame.

We will be keeping an update of all the bids thru the urbankings4 gmail account so if you have questions or concerns reach us thru this email.

These are only limited edition items a few will be made for the world to own. The future owners of these canvases will be receiving a certificate guaranteeing the authenticity of their one of a few portraits.

Published By Elena

A Cruise To Remember

Now a days we rush pass situations that are meant to be significant in our lives. Its only when its too late that we realize our mistakes but one thing that can never lead you wrong is being grounded.There use to be a time when a date was picking up your significant other to go for a ride around the town. Where people knew a thing or two about pride and respect. When a man wasn’t measured by the pistol that he holds but the value of his word.  Life may never give you the easiest road but one decides where it leads to. Cuz once your time glass ends so does your existence so enjoy it will it last. Living life in the fast-lane leaves a mark of  a foot step on the beach. Cruise through life take a few stops, catch up with those that mean something in your life and take them along for the ride because it will soon just be a memory.

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4th Of July Weekend Sale Ends Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of the 4th of July Weekend sale! It ends tomorrow at Midnight, and there will be no exceptions after that. We want you to save as much as you can with this sale, thats why we did it for 25% Off Everything in the Online Store. Its the first time ever that we gave away 25% away for sale, and we dont know if we will ever make it that much again. The 4th Of July Weekend Sale EXCLUDES SALE ITEMS. Have a fun weekend!