Ms Krazie Fan Tattoo

Fan Getting Ms Krazies Autograph Tattooed on her Back

The Finished Product

Ms Krazie did a instore this past weekend in the city of Tuscan, Arizona at Aztec Tattoo. There was one fan who came who asked Ms Krazie for an autograph on her back. Ms Krazie signed the girls back, then went to the tattoo artist and asked if he could tattoo her on the spot with Ms Krazie’s signature. Everyone at the signing was cheering her on, and Ms Krazie turned and seen that this girl was getting her autograph on her. So Ms Krazie snapped a few shots for her instagram at @HelloLoca. Urban Kings also has an instagram so make sure to follow us as well at @UrbanKings!

Motivation is free, no cover charge included

Here are some stuff that has motivated and inspired me.. Visit he has some stuff that has open my mind maybe it will open yours. Motivation is free go ahead and click play..

Free Pin With Every Order

We told ya that we are giving away some brand new pins with every order. Well, now you can see which pins you might be receiving with your orders. We took a photo of the different designs that we created just for you. Actually, we made 6 of them and they all look dope. With these looking so fresh, we decided to make the Old English Brand 6 Pin Pack. We will still be giving a Free Pin with each order, but you can purchase the pin set to own them all! The free pins will be given away of each design till the design is gone, then we will release the next design. Which pin design should we start with? They will be available at the The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and all orders from our Our Online Store! Let us know which designs you like at Old English Brand Facebook Page!

What You Play Is Life – Stay On Your Toes

What you play is life. There are those who play by the rules and some who play out the box. But it is you who decides your fate, then act on your judgement. And when you play this game of life, no matter what,  you must always stay on your toes. Today, we showcase the Old English Brand “Stay On Your Toes” Tee Shirt, which has been a personal favorite of mine since I had seen the creation and the final design. To me, the shirt symbolizes a dedicated work ethic and make the most of your time on earth. To always be open to new opportunities and create your own opportunities. I wanted to showcase this shirt because it means alot to me and the design is awesome. So today, I give you an in depth look at the OE “Stay On Your Toes” Tee!

Stay On Your Toes is Available in Grey, sizes M – 3XL

Old English Brand Exclusive

We Stay On Our Toes

Good On All Sides

Close Up

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Cant handle the VANDAL!

Every wonder who comes up with The Vandals designs? No one else but our one and only boy EdGutter. He has his own site where he puts up his work to real life. So you can get to see the creativity that goes through his mind when he comes up with the designs. We don’t have no nerd designers here just real people putting their thoughts into play.

3rd Strike Baseball Tees Are Back

Many of our tees, crew necks and beanies have been doing very well, and some items have even sold out. We were limited to few sizes in our very popular Old English Brand “3rd Strike Baseball Tee“, but today we have some awesome news. We have ALL sizes back in stock, just in time for the holiday season. We also added a size, so for the very first time ever, you can buy size small in this tee! But we will have a very limited number of small size tees, so make sure to order yours quickly! The countdown is on, and we are only 6 days away until christmas, and we can’t wait!