Ms Krazie Fan Tattoo

Fan Getting Ms Krazies Autograph Tattooed on her Back

The Finished Product

Ms Krazie┬ádid a instore this past weekend in the city of Tuscan, Arizona at Aztec Tattoo. There was one fan who came who asked Ms Krazie for an autograph on her back. Ms Krazie signed the girls back, then went to the tattoo artist and asked if he could tattoo her on the spot with Ms Krazie’s signature. Everyone at the signing was cheering her on, and Ms Krazie turned and seen that this girl was getting her autograph on her. So Ms Krazie snapped a few shots for her instagram at @HelloLoca. Urban Kings also has an instagram so make sure to follow us as well at @UrbanKings!

OE gets puffed in Amsterdam

Old English brand is being sold in Amsterdam. So those lucky Amsterdam’s people can shop for weed and buy the Old English brand in the same shopping center. ( So thats why i decided to officially decided to move there lol jk) This video is one of our OE distributers out there that recently opened his store called 5 elements. The store is going be carrying a lot of cali gear so if your ever go Amsterdam (invite me lol) and need clothes check them out.

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Old English we got YOU

Onorio Corrales sent his batch of old english. I like how you got the Fiesty 2 Guns Talking guns (you got on that when it got out huh, props). And you got the new editon Ms. Krazie Try Me Shirt that we busted a mission for. I’m wondering if you got the Firme Homegirl Oldies 2 and The Oldie Collection at 7eleven. Because if you did and you got in on video send it to us and we’ll post it. I like the Trust No One Fear No One. ( I got that shirt too : )). Also got the Stomper’s New Testiment I hope you have seen the music video Aztlan is the truth, speaking on him, he came the other day. Rockin the West Coast, OE Sweat shirt and the Evil Side Skull. Damn thanks for the showing and supporting us Onorio. Send us your collection at and we will post it up. Keep on supporting.

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OE Spring 2015

Old English Brand is already gearing up for 2015, and we are already getting our Spring Collection ready for the new year. With another year gone, we will continue to work hard and release some dope new designs and concepts for our brand. Dedication, Ambition and Hard Work is what keeps motivating us to extend our minds to the next level. We wont let you down.

Project Music House x OE

Lotus Vapor Supplied The Vape Pens

The Vape Bar

Awesome Musical Acts

The Red Carpet

Casey Veggies Performing

Old English Brand attended the super secret Mansion Party called “Project Music House”, an event that is invitation only. It is where the top industry tastemakers, artists, and brands come together for a exclusive performance by top notch artists. This weekend, the event was headlined by Casey Veggies, a dope artist from Los Angeles, who has been making a huge buzz in the industry. Here are a few of the photos we took of the days events. We are the tastemakers of the industry, and we will share all our information here on our blog!

The Old English Brand Flagship Hours

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