Ms Krazie Fan Tattoo

Fan Getting Ms Krazies Autograph Tattooed on her Back

The Finished Product

Ms Krazie did a instore this past weekend in the city of Tuscan, Arizona at Aztec Tattoo. There was one fan who came who asked Ms Krazie for an autograph on her back. Ms Krazie signed the girls back, then went to the tattoo artist and asked if he could tattoo her on the spot with Ms Krazie’s signature. Everyone at the signing was cheering her on, and Ms Krazie turned and seen that this girl was getting her autograph on her. So Ms Krazie snapped a few shots for her instagram at @HelloLoca. Urban Kings also has an instagram so make sure to follow us as well at @UrbanKings!

Meet Cecilia This Saturday At Old English Brand

Old English Brand is hyped up for our Official Grand Opening of our Flagship Shop this Saturday, July 11th! We put together something dope, that will feature a special Meet and Greet with Model Cecilia. She starred in the Old English Brand Campaign “Comfortably Numb” and it was one of our best commercials to date. It showcased the OE “Logo Tank Top“, and she looked really sexy in it. For our Grand Opening, she will be hanging out with us, taking pictures with everyone, signing autographs and she might even sign the Old English Brand “Cecilia Tee” tee ( in Black and Burgundy), which is available now, that features Cecilia on the front of our tee! The Grand Opening will be taking place on Saturday, July 11th and Cecilia will be in the building from 3pm to 5pm! Our address is below.

The Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

After Hours With Cherry

Have you seen the Old English Brand video that we did called “After Hours With Cherry“? It was a dope idea to raid the Los Angeles Streets and do a evening photo shoot with the beautiful Cherry of the Cupcake Cartel. In the video, we are showcasing the OE “3rd Strike Baseball Tee” and the OE  ”Original Beanie in Burgundy“. It was a fun shoot going into the night and taking some photos in different locations. We did a photo shoot and did a video show everyone our adventure. Make sure to watch the video now and support the movement! We will also have a brand new video premiering today too! So stay tuned to our blog for that!

Strength in Numbers

We just dropped the new design called “Strength in Numbers”. What inspired this design? It was you, yes you, our supporters. We have grown and have overcame and still overcoming adversities is because all the people that support us. If we are united then there’s is nothing that we can’t do. The 96 is the year that the founder of Old English Brand decided that the path of dream chaser/entrepreneur was for him ,and since then he hasn’t stopped. This new design is the first installment to this springs collection. There is more great things to come, but for now make sure you add this one to your collection.


First Off

Make It Your World

With a new year, is a new start. To better your situation, whatever it may be. Starting fresh is a good reboot to clear the past and move on. Think about what you have accomplished last year, and add to those goals by setting them higher. Always strive and work towards your dream, and never stop. If you continue to try and work towards your dream, they will come true. No matter how big or small they might be. You need to advertise in your mind you reaching your goal, and how great it will feel. Create your ambition and motivation and get to where you want to be. Dont settle with your goals being a dream, make it your world and live how you want to live! Welcome to 2015.