Ms Krazie Fans are from 8 Months to 80

Check this video out. I found it on the Ms Krazies Official Facebook Page and The Crazy Lady from Indiana knows how to dance. Abuela already has a young dance partner for “Mas Vale Sola”. Please pay attention to the dope footwork by Grandma, she gets down.

Old English Brand & King Lil G

Straight from the Old English Brand vault, we bring back this video of a classic Photo shoot we did with King Lil G. This was a great day as we did a few shots for our past collection. Since then, King Lil G has the music industry abuzz, releasing his “Lost In Smoke” and “AK 47 Boyz” projects. We also filmed a short video of the photo shoot and talked with King Lil G about clothing and music. Watch the video and make sure to support Old English Brand and King Lil G!

Plead The Fifth

New Music Video From True Starr

Its finally here! Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr released a music video today, a song taken from his new album You’re Welcome on iTunes, and to celebrate the album coming out, he also released a new behind the scenes video called “Mind Right” that will feature Chino Grande. The song is pretty dope, and the music video is pretty crazy too. Plus you can see True Starr rockin his OE “Faded Beanie in Black“, which is always dope to see artists rockin our collection for video and photo shoots. Make sure to support True’s new album by downloading it here!

Dream On Dreamer Commercial

Here was one of my favorite commercials to make. Its one of my favorites because its a commercial that motivates me and makes me want to work harder for my goals. We asked our friends from Unmodern Industries if they can help us to make the commercial. Since they are professional skaters already, they did some tricks and stunts for us, and it made the commercial so real. We have been making new commercials, and I really think a new motivational commercial might be on the way.

Psycho De Mayo 2017 (Straight From The Pit)

So I got my hands on some media passes for the Psycho De Mayo. Which this year it took places at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. The line up consisted of classic MCs like The Mexakinz, Sondoobie, Deliquent Habits and the main event The Psycho Realm. They never been together all in one night, so that was pretty dope. Unfortunately I arrived there a bit late so I ended up missing The Mexakinz. Since I was late, I had to make through the crowd, with the pushing and shoving and “Hey man look at my wrist, let me in the pit.” So if you don’t know what I call the pit, it is the lane that separates the stage from the crowd. Usually it is where securities stand, but we photographers wiggle our way in there. It just becomes like front row seat, which brings me to the down side of the night. Right when Psycho Realm came on, I was only able to film about 2 songs before I got kicked out. I have no idea why, but it wasn’t just me, it was all media people. Well atleast I was able to capture these images for you. Enjoy!


Visuals by: @Ninjatron2000