Ms Krazie Fans are from 8 Months to 80

Check this video out. I found it on the Ms Krazies Official Facebook Page and The Crazy Lady from Indiana knows how to dance. Abuela already has a young dance partner for “Mas Vale Sola”. Please pay attention to the dope footwork by Grandma, she gets down.

Tito Rodriguez – No Regrets – New Music Video


We have a brand new Music Video to show everyone today, and it is of Tito Rodriguez (of The Pricks), and the video is called “No Regrets”. Unlike most artists these days who make music about how many girls they have, how much money they have, what type of lifestyle they live, its pretty dope that Tito takes an alternative approach to the game, with promoting “The Message”, which is what real people have been experiencing in daily life. This video is called No Regrets and talks about teenage pregnancy. Its the story of many families throughout the world, Parents working long hours trying to provide a good life for their children, and their daughters becoming pregnant as a teenager. Make sure to watch the video and support Tito Rodriguez by following him on FacebookTwitterSound Cloud and Instagram.

Old English Brand Photoshoot With ISuppose

Old English Brand did a really dope photo shoot and interview with hip hop artist ISuppose. We have known ISuppose for a while, and with him being on the road like crazy this last year, we finally linked up and did a photo shoot, along with an in depth interview, and even a freestyle video. We took some photos in some different Old English Brand tees, including the OE “Self Paid Sweater“. Here are a few of the photos we have taken for the shoot, done by OE Photographer  (@KingKast1 on Instagram). Make sure to check them out, and stay updated for the ISuppose Interview along with his upcoming freestyle video, both presented by Old English Brand. The OE “Stay Paid Sweater” is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or online inside Online Store!

Old English Brand x Sand One

Old English Brand collaborated with Urban Kings and Ms Krazie to create this unique wall mural designed by famed artist Sand Oner. This was a big event, since 4 separate brands came together to create some magic. The wall had already been reserved for this historic moment, and for the unveiling of the artwork, Jarritos sponsored the day, and gave away hundreds of sodas away to fans who came down to hang out. Also, World Famous Photographer Estevan Oriol came down to view the mural while it was being made. Fans came from all over California to see the mural for themselves, and met Sand One and drink Jarritos. The mural showed Ms Krazie in a pose, wearing an Old English Brand Tee! Please note : This picture was taken before the completion of the mural, and Jarritos was already there setting up! We also worked with Urban Kings to release the Sand One Documentary of the creation of the mural. Make sure to watch the video below and support Old English Brand, Urban Kings, Ms Krazie and Sand One.

Sand One Documentary – Los Angeles Wall Mural


When In Amsterdam

We had our good friends at Joker Wear & Tattoo out is in the beautiful country of Amsterdam. So if your vacationing there or just don’t know head over to pay them a visit.

They carry all of the Old English styles, including the infamous Ms. Krazie T shirt.

They got the Los Angeles’ soul in their shop. And if you feel like getting inked up they can help you out with that too.

So while your getting tatted you can have an out fit picked out. You can even pick up albums from Urban Kings.

So if your in the area makes some time while our out in the coffee shops to stop by.

Look them up, Joker wear Tattoo Vijzelstraat 95 1017HH Amsterdam


Old English Brand Is Firme

Old English Brand did a photoshoot this weekend with Romeo this weekend to shoot the OE “Firme Tee“. It is our newest item from the Old English Brand Collection, and is our top selling tee of the week. Its been selling in all sizes and we are officially low in others. This tee is all purpose, to rock at any occasion. What do you think of it? Is it your style? Visit us at The Old English Brand Facebook Page and let us know what you think! We have this tee is all sizes, but for a limited time. Get yours at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online today!

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