Ms. Krazie Firme Homegirl Oldies 2

Go to your local FYE and pick up Ms. Krazie’s highly anticipated Firme Homegirl Oldies 2. Remember if its not in stores today check next week. But about 60% of all stores should have it. Remember that it comes with a booklet with all the lyrics.

Free Pin With Every Order

We told ya that we are giving away some brand new pins with every order. Well, now you can see which pins you might be receiving with your orders. We took a photo of the different designs that we created just for you. Actually, we made 6 of them and they all look dope. With these looking so fresh, we decided to make the Old English Brand 6 Pin Pack. We will still be giving a Free Pin with each order, but you can purchase the pin set to own them all! The free pins will be given away of each design till the design is gone, then we will release the next design. Which pin design should we start with? They will be available at the The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and all orders from our Our Online Store! Let us know which designs you like at Old English Brand Facebook Page!

New Leaked Ricky Hil Songs

We have some really dope brand new leaked music from Ricky Hil. These are NOT taken from his brand new upcoming project “Slickville 2″. These are previously un-released and just now seeing the light of day. We had a photoshoot with Ricky and we always support his music. Here are his new songs, make sure to bump them and support Ricky by downloading his album, Slickville 2, which will be releasing on September 10th to the world. Until then, here are 5 brand new songs! You know Old English Brand will announce the exclusives first!





The OE Loud As Hell Speaker

Old English Brand has a really dope wireless portable speaker for everyone, but its a very special limited edition item in our electronics section. It is the OE “Loud As Hell Bandana – Blue Tooth Speaker“, which is available now. Its a really dope speaker that is portable, so you can take it anywhere. Plus, it can connect to your phone, iPad or tablet, or your iPod. Or, you can just use an aux cable and connect it directly from your music player to the speaker. You can also just plug in a memory card and play your music that way if you want. All we know is that this is a dope design, it gives you different options to listen to music, and it bumps pretty loud. Make sure to not miss out and dont let this opportunity pass you by. You can come down to The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or order online!

Old English Brand Interview With Kruk One

Old English Brand scheduled an interview with Kruk One, along with photoshoot to showcase two of our popular designs. We talked about his music, his concerts, and what he has planned for 2016. Kruk One came down to rock the gear, and the pictures came out dope. First, we started with the Old English Brand “Stay Paid Crewneck“ and the OE “Members Only Snapback“. Then we changed it up a little bit, to display the brand new OE “Life’s A Risk Tee“, and all 3 items are available now! We took photos all over the city, and here is just 4 of the pictures taken by OE Photographer King Kast and the interview is below.

Old English Brand
: Who are you musical influences?

Kruk One  : I would have to say Dr Dre.  Big L, Some New York and Westcoast, but I would say Dr. Dre most of all. They all just really inspired me to get on the mic.

Old English Brand  :  This question is a two part question. What is your favorite song that you made, and what is your fans’ favorite song?

Kruk One : The best song I liked from myself is “Karma”. Its one of my newest ones. Its about revenge, but its a song describing me and past experiences. But I think thats my favorite song from me. The song that I get the most recognition for is “I Dont Understand”. Its one of my older songs, I think people really like that because its like the first time I ever really laid out describing what I been through.

Old English Brand : How would you describe your musical style of rap/hip hop?

Kruk One : Id say its more like that New York, Eastcoast style flow. I love the Westcoast, dont get me wrong, but I think thats how I sound to most people, and im cool with that.

Old English Brand : I seen you had a recent show with Futuristic. Who else have you performed with?

Kruk One : Ya, I had a show with Futuristic and also Snow Tha Product. It was at The Observatory in Orange County, it was a dope experience to rock a big crowd like that. And more experiences are gonna come like that in the future. I also performed with King Lil G, and I have a show coming up in January in Oxnard along with Drummer Boy of AK 47 Boys.

Old English Brand : What plans do you have for 2016. Any new mixtapes, albums, shows, what can you tell us?

Kruk One : I am starting off fresh and new for 2016, with a new mixtape coming out end of January, im looking around my birthday January 20th. I think its gonna be pretty dope. Plus I have some shows January too, with Drummer Boy in Oxnard, then I have another show in Van Nuys and one in Long Beach. So its starting off good and fresh, strong with my Chin Check Entertainment. Shout out to them and Poison. It should be pretty dope.

Old English Brand : Give everyone the word how to contact you on social media. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter.

Kruk One : Its all under one name, I keep it all the same –  @KrukOne. You can all contact me or message me there.

Limited Ish..

yes we got them back in, our OE skull cap and our OE beanie. These are pretty much limited edition since we only print them once a year. Once the are gone pretty much they are gone. They were about to package them when i took this snap shot.