Ms Krazie Firme Homegirls Oldies 1

Today we are showcasing one of the classic albums on the Urban Kings taken from our catalog. It features UKMG Artist Ms Krazie on her first oldie album called “Firme Homegirl Oldies Vol 1“. It is one of the biggest albums released by Ms Krazie and features many of her fan favorites, like “I Wanna Be Your Girl”, “Oh Honey”, “Straight Teasin” and “Sitting In The Parke”. The album cover was even dope, designed exclusively for his project by Big Tiny of Unauthorized Ink. The album featured Frank V of Proper Dos, Payaso and Mr Vic. Ms Krazie followed up this album with her next oldie album “Firme Homegirl Oldies 2“. Both are available now at major music retailers, including Amazon and FYE. Below I posted one of the favorites from the CD, called Straight Teasin. Make sure to check it out!

Ms Krazie – Straight Teasin  - Taken From Firme Homegirl Oldies Vol 1

Old English Staff Celebrates The New Year

The Old English Staff brought in the New Year with a Bang. In 2011, we brought you many new designs this past year. Last year ended on a high note, and in the last few months came a brand new layout for our website. At the Old English headquarters we work from sun up to sun down on thoughts, ideas, designs and promotion. So yesterday was the first time this new year that we all got a chance to get away, and the whole OE Staff  had a nice meal and celebrated another past year and bring in a new one. We took pictures of this awesome time and would like to share them with you. We ended up going to Alondras Hot Wings, a place known for the best buffalo wings, coldest beer and mafia atmosphere. Eating under pictures of John Gotti, John Dillinger and Lucky Luciano gives it that feel that your having dinner with a solid crowd (No Snitches). And we will continue to bring the best quality clothing and accessories to you for 2012!!!!

 (Corona, Lakers & Wings, We cant Lose!)

(What Would It Be, I See Gangsters Everywhere,Everywhere)

(Old English Brand Reppin)

 (Spaghetti or Cheese Balls!?!!?)

 (We Gonna Need Way More Napkins)

 (We got Bugsey Siegel and Lucky Luciano At Our Table)

 (Pink Lemonade, Empty Plate, and Drinking Beer. Good Times With Good People)

 (Picking Off Wings Left & Right. Drank Beers & Coke With Hennessy)

 (You Gotta Sign A Waiver To Even Order This)

 (We Stay Dippin and Sippin)

 (Cups of that XO)

 (Witness The Destruction)

 (Never Leave A Trace of Evidence)

(Old English Brand Fam 2012)

(Our Waiter Said We Are The Best)

The Las Vegas Planker

Looks like Sin City as another addiction on their hands.

The Psycho Realm Live Footage

This past Sunday Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm had his album release party for “Psychodelic” and let me tell you, it was so dope! If you are a fan of Psycho Realm and you skipped this show, man you missed out. Not to worry tho, we at here at OE have you a little live footage we took. We put you straight in the crowd, so enjoy the video.


The OE Faded Beanie Available For Pre Order!

Here is our newest item to the Old English Brand store, and it will be releasing soon, its the OE “Faded Beanie“. Its available now for Pre Order and we are excited for these beanie. They are already going into production and we might make these available in more colors. What do you think of the beanie? Let us know at The Old English Brand Facebook Page!

Guess Whats Back In Stock

Yes, you guessed it right! The Old English Brand Original Beanie colors are now all fully stocked and available in our online store! We were completely sold out of the OE “Original Beanie in Grey” and the OE “Original Beanie in Black“. These are the two top sellers and they are back available to order! We were also running low on the Green, Burgundy and Blue Beanies, and now everything is fully stocked. This has officially been beanie season, with beanies being very popular for the last few months, and I think they will still be popular into summer. Old English Brand has the hottest beanies around, so make sure to browse through our beanie selection and order your favorite color now!