Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget – Album Cover

Ms Krazie’s brand new, highly anticipated album “Forgive Not Forget” CD Cover has finally been completed. With a team effort from Ms Krazie, @VndtaKast ,and Jaime C Diaz Jr, this new album cover came out to be exactly what everyone had in mind. With a dope concept, yet simple and original, Ms Krazie’s Forgive Not Forget album came out to be awesome. Another Epic Cover!!! The album is almost completed and it is shaped up to be another instant classic. The Release date is looking like a SUMMER/LATE SUMMER Release!!!! Also we will be releasing the Ms Krazie “Forgive Not Forget” CD Cover THIS FRIDAY, MAY 25TH!



A TRUE STORY of The OE Varsity

OE Varsity

Limited Edition – Not For Sale

Today I got a story for my blog readers about the “Old English Brand Varsity” a jacket that we made about a year ago. Ok, let me tell you what happened. Last year, we were thinking of doing the first ever Old English Brand Jacket. It was an idea we made with our friends at UKMG. These jackets would only be made exclusively for Urban Kings artists. It was to be a very limited edition that would not be sold to the public. We had the OE Varsity designed and manufactured, and we received a sample of our new creation. It looked great, the quality and the stitching were perfect. It was exactly how we wanted it. Then we had some problems and manufacturing issues with the making of more jackets, leaving us with only one. We got an email a few days ago, from Maria. She asked us about an Old English Brand jacket that she seen in a video, but does not see it in our store for sale. We told her that it is not for sale and that there was only one made, EVER. That it is the only jacket OE has ever made. She insisted in having it and offered us $400 to own it. She emailed us about the jacket, then called us about the jacket, we knew that she was serious about it and it was something she wanted. We ended up selling her the jacket (below what she offered us), simply because we knew how much she cared for it. Here are a few pictures of the OE Varsity, before it was shipped off to Maria. The moral of this story is, Maria wanted the jacket, and did everything possible to own it. If you go after something, you can have it, if you work hard enough to get it.

Old English Vandals 4

Old English Brand Presents OLD ENGLISH VANDALS 4. This is a quick promo video. The Shirts are coming soon.

Conejo’s Limited Portraits

“The Shady Conejo” was truly the first album Conejo recorded and if anyone says anything different they don’t know the story I’m about to tell….. Conejo made this album way before “Angel Of Death” (released in 2005) but he hid ” The Shady Conejo” because he was saving it for the perfect moment to come. Unfortunately  things didn’t go as expected .He caught a case and went on the run. It was around this time, when he decided to sell the album to Urban Kings Inc.Urban Kings Inc. released the album and  then later re-released it as the album now known as Dead End Gangster.

And still to this day this album remains has one of Conejo’s top selling albums. Containing his hit songs Smiling Faces, Killer of the West, El Varrio Mas Chingon and so on. This other canvas you see before you comes from Conejo’s album, “Game Over”.

Both of this canvases are made from the original film that was use for the photo shoot. How do we know? Urban Kings was close friends with the photographer and hired him to do Conejo’s photo shoot. At that time Conejo was deep into his addictions, which is why he always had a syringe on him.

When photo editors got the photo, they would edited as a pencil or took it off completely.  Both of the canvases are hand stretch and have a wooden frames.  These canvases are in auction right now, and the bid start at $120. The Shady Conejo is currently at $200. Enter your bid at Conejo is still currently on the run but both of these albums have become his monuments.

Our Clocks Dont Work

Here at Old English Brand, we never sleep, we work over 12 hour days, every day, to bring the best products to our people. We work from the early A.M to the late P.M working on designs, websites, blogs, products, stickers, posters, ads, flyers, hang tags, and we usually lose track of time and days because we work so much at the office. With no windows around us, its like Las Vegas when you never see the sun go up or go down or see daylight turn to dark. We are also working on a brand new commercial that shows us working throughout the day when we outwork clocks, and the clocks stop but we are still working. Theres always tasks to do at the office and when we almost complete them, a whole new project comes out of the last one, keeping us busy. And we do this for our fans, who love our clothing and support our movement and we bring to them the quality and exclusiveness that we are all divided by none. “OLD ENGLISH BRAND WHERE THE CLOCKS DONT WORK” VIDEO IS COMING SOON!!!

When you want to keep it Califas!

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