Ms Krazie Forgive Not Forget Mega Mix

Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie released a really dope classic album called  ”Forgive Not Forget” and it became one of Ms Krazie’s biggest albums. It is a fan favorite and featured songs like “Nobody Else”, “Sedated”, “Love You Til Death”, “Homewrecker” and “Your Everything”, just to name a few. It also had some really good features, like MC Magic, Lala Romero, Carolyn Rodriguez, Kozme, Knightowl, D Salas and more! We created a megamix to include all the great songs from the album, so you can listen to something awesome. Forgive Not Forget is available now at all major music retailers, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and The UKMG Merch Store! Below is the album cover along with ordering information! Make sure to support Ms Krazie and her album Forgive Not Forget.

Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget – CD Cover

Compton Menace On TMZ & Rocks OE

Did you know that Old English Brand has known hip hop artist Compton Menace for a few years. From the days when he was working with The Game and Black Wallstreet, to being on the Wiz Khalifa Mixtape and doing the “Aint Changin Me” Music Video with Wiz and rocking Old English Brand in the video too. Menace has been Co-Headlining the “Da Mafia 6ix” Tour with Three 6 Mafia. Menace has also been featured on TMZ twice. Check him out as he was rocking the OE “C.A Black Tee” along with the OE Chain. The CA Black Tee is available now. I always knew he was going to do good in the music business, and we were there from the beginning. I wanted to post the TMZ clips of Menace when he was featured on the show, so make sure to watch them below and support Compton Menace!

Compton Menace – TMZ – Dont Mess With This Man

Compton Menace – TMZ – Scariest Dude In Hollywood

A TRUE STORY of The OE Varsity

OE Varsity

Limited Edition – Not For Sale

Today I got a story for my blog readers about the “Old English Brand Varsity” a jacket that we made about a year ago. Ok, let me tell you what happened. Last year, we were thinking of doing the first ever Old English Brand Jacket. It was an idea we made with our friends at UKMG. These jackets would only be made exclusively for Urban Kings artists. It was to be a very limited edition that would not be sold to the public. We had the OE Varsity designed and manufactured, and we received a sample of our new creation. It looked great, the quality and the stitching were perfect. It was exactly how we wanted it. Then we had some problems and manufacturing issues with the making of more jackets, leaving us with only one. We got an email a few days ago, from Maria. She asked us about an Old English Brand jacket that she seen in a video, but does not see it in our store for sale. We told her that it is not for sale and that there was only one made, EVER. That it is the only jacket OE has ever made. She insisted in having it and offered us $400 to own it. She emailed us about the jacket, then called us about the jacket, we knew that she was serious about it and it was something she wanted. We ended up selling her the jacket (below what she offered us), simply because we knew how much she cared for it. Here are a few pictures of the OE Varsity, before it was shipped off to Maria. The moral of this story is, Maria wanted the jacket, and did everything possible to own it. If you go after something, you can have it, if you work hard enough to get it.

The LA Tee In Blue Is Available Now!

Old English Brand always maintained our lifestyle and our culture to be true to ourselves and who we are. Being real is easy to see, and the genuine thought and love and inspiration that goes into every design to create something fresh, new, and fashionable. Not just setting a trend, but to be making something that will separate our brand from every other. We always cater to what we like, what we would wear, and what want worn on our bodies. Its never easy to come up with an idea from scratch, but with a creative team and strong values and intense designers, we put together clothing that makes us stand out. Here is our OE “L.A Tee In Blue” available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online!

Whats Your Instagram?

I have an important question to ask everyone. I want to know what your Instagram name is. Instagram is the biggest social media company after Facebook. Everyone is on Instagram, including Old English Brand. I personally like using Instagram because it can show everyone what we see, and what we are doing. It also allows us to post upcoming news, events, and products before we even post it on our website or facebook. You can follow us and see behind the scenes photo shoots, being on music video sets, and even our videos of when we are on set. We also post when we are hanging out with cool people, like celebrities, athletes, and artists. We also post random cool people we see wearing Old English that we might see at the mall or any event. Right now we have gained over 9,000 followers and we post for everyone to see cool stuff. Make sure to follow us at @OldEnglishBrand and dont get left behind!


True Starr – Roll Thru

Old English Brand sponsored artist True Starr already has almost 20,000 views for his newest music video “Roll Thru”. This is a really dope song, so when we asked if we can play it here on our website, he more than happy to. He is currently signed to our friends at Urban Kings, and he has a monster record on his hands. When I heard it, I knew True Starr was gonna be an artist that has unlimited potential. Then once I seen the video, I knew he was going to be a star. Make sure to check out the video above and let us know what you think on Old English Brand Facebook Page! Make sure to support by ordering the “Roll Thru” single below on iTunes!