Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 El Paso Pictures

Ms Krazie & Duende – Manicomio 5150

Pablo X, Duende, Ms Krazie & Pachuco CC

The Crowd Waiting For Ms Krazie

Another Angle From the V.I.P Area

Ms Krazie’s most recent concert was last Sunday at Frankies West in El Paso Texas, which was part of her national tour “The Hello Loca 2012 Tour”. Fans in El Paso have been waiting since this concert was announced in early January to go to this event. With Ms Krazie performing with Duende, Pachuco Records, GWD, Disaster and El Dreamer, fans got an awesome show that had many real good performances. Fans were waiting anxiously for Duende & Ms Krazie to perform. Duende performed many of his hits and Ms Krazie performed her classic songs like “Gangsters Wife” and “I Like It” and many more. It was definately a dope event and she will continue to concert into the next week, March 17th in Yakima Washington!!

XXTALES with Cholo Frank The Barber

I been wanting to get out there and profiled people that are out there putting in work, being entrepreneurs and chasing dreams. So we created this new project called “XXTALES” XX for our crew symbol, our xSetforlifex lifestyle. Our first person to profiled is the homie Cholo Frank The Barber from South Gate. A real cool dude, every time I see him Frank always seems to be smiling and having a good time. He started talking to us about how when he came out of prison he started hanging at the barber shop around where he grew up. “I went from holding a pistol at the block to doing perms on a mannequin.” Frank  continues, “I needed to do something with my life and I wasn’t going to work on no warehouse.” That’s what Frank did. Went to barber school and create a new avenue for himself. In doing that he became Cholo Frank The Barber.

You can visit Cholo Frank The Barber at The Chop Shop Barber Shop located at: 4308 Firestone Blvd, South Gate, CA 90280

J.Bless – “Back Alley Raps” presented by Old English Brand

We are back with another episode of Back Alley Raps. Ok, ok, we just named it, so don’t be alarm if you’re asking yourself “Where are the past episodes?!” Just watch the video til the end to see the previous episodes we have filmed. Anyways, on this episode we have new up and comer hip hop artist J.Bless, check him out on his ig @J.bless1127

Let us know what you think. Hit us up if you think you got what it takes to be in one of our Back Alley Rap videos.



Old English Brand Breaking Barriers

For as far as humans have lived they have been nomadic. People that travel from land to land, just to find that place they can call home. These traveling men never stop fighting, never stop moving, and they are never afraid to take the hard road. We at Old English Brand have a nomad mentality. We are constantly moving and we are always fighting to create something which identity has no limits nor borders. A brand that is for the tough traveling man like you. Old English Brand World Premier’s our brand new video called “No Borders” staring Greg T Brown and showcasing the Old English Brand Summer Collection! The OE “Leaders Of The Pack Tank Top“, “Natives” and the “Ill Tempered Pocket Tee in Burgundy” are available now at Old English Brand Flagship Shop and in our Online Store!

Grind Now Shine Now Art Show

Have you heard about the upcoming Grind Now Shine Now Art Show Presented by Spanky Loco and Mr Flaks? This is going to be a huge art show taking place on March 22nd at a very secret, very private location. There is a hyped up legendary artist line up that features world famous sketch artists, tattoo artists and painters. Artists like Big Tiny, Zoro Rodriguez, Emanuel Marentes, Tattoo Huero, Big Sleeps, Dyse One, Sand Oner, Tattoo Nene, Klown Savaria, Defer, Dino Blanco, Denovo, Floesome, Prime, Adam Roberts, Justin Hendricks, Freddy Negrete, Tone Chingon, Kats, Nizz, Dom, Edmar, Snake, Dominick Taylor, Shawn Roberts, Big Stomper, Boo Boo Negrete and more. This event is Sponsored by Old English Brand. The only way to get into this exclusive art show is to RSVP at We always support talented artists and creative work, and this is an event you dont want to miss!

Kruk One Freestyle

Check this out! We did an Exclusive Freestyle with Kruk One, a dope, talented artist from Los Angeles, who came down to our offices for a photo shoot and a freestyle video. We did a crazy freestyle video with Kruk, while he was rocking some of the OE Collection. He was rocking the OE “Stay Paid Crewneck” and the OE “Members Only Snapback“. He spit a dope two verse freestyle, letting you hear the flow, style and patterns of his music. Make sure to support the video by watching it and sharing it! Shot by Famous 8. The OE Stay Paid and Members Only are both available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside our online store!