Ms Krazie – Hello Yakima, Washington

This month is a busy month for Urban Kings, First we had Ms Krazies Hello Loca Tour 2012 stop in El Paso, Texas, Now we have the Hello Loca 2012/Spring Bash 2012 stop in Yakima, Washington this Saturday! Ms Krazie will be on the stage with other big artists like The Game, DMX, Baby Bash, Brown Boy, Ray J and The Ying Yang Twins. Tickets are selling fast with all these big artists performing in ONE NIGHT. We just got Ms Krazie’s performance time and she will be on the stage at 6:30pm on March 17th at the Yakima Sundome. We dont know when Ms Krazie will be back performing in the NorthWest, so make sure to buy your tickets if you live anywear near or close to the area. This is going to be a huge event and will be talked about for the year as the biggest show to hit the Yakima area.



A Day At The Office

On Tuesday I got a DM from a girl, She said “What are your plans for today?” I never met her, but I carried on and said “Work.” She responded back and said “Let’s shoot.” I thought about it for a couple of minutes. The heat in the office, the need to do something creative other than sitting in front of a computer. I felt like getting into an adventure with a complete stranger. I gave her the address to the office and 30 minutes later she was in the front of the shop. Her name was Kush_Kandy (that’s what she told me) and she wanted to model. So I told her lets take a trip.

While driving around, she was talking about her vision of making a video of her dancing with her friends. I listened with enthusiasm., at sometime wondering ‘Where am I going?’ I was going to keep it simple and just go uptown, but driving by there it just seemed uninspiring. So we kept moving forward. We saw this house for sale, we go off the car and walked up to the house and started taking pictures as if we lived there. A neighbor asked “What are you guys doing?” I replied “I want to buy the house, but the only way I know if its the right house: is if the house looks good with a sexy woman in my pictures.” He walked away slowly and we carried on.

I map quest this trail in which it was and additional 20 minute drive. I was circling around on top of the hills and I was officially lost. I had passed around the same house 3 times. For a second there I thought I was living in a scene from “Nightmare on Elms St.” “but the GPS keeps saying the trail is right here.”  I remembered to google a high school near by the trail. Finally, it was way down at the other side of the hill. So we finally get there. I told her “I’m going to make you work right now.” You don’t realize how tough a girl is until you make her hike on stilettos. You have to give her props for that.

We wanted and adventure and we certainly got one. Not bad for a day at the office. Enjoy the pictures with with Kush Kandy.

Old English Brand Sponsors Respect

Old English Brand Sponsored a brand new video by hip hop artist Slow Poke. He is a talented rapper from Texas and has created a huge buzz in the south. He have collaborated with him on a few projects, and we sponsored his new music video, which is his first single from his new album. The song is called “Respect” and its taken from his new album “Gangster Poetry”. The song features Buck Shot Pro’s new artist Bubba, and its a dope new song. We sponsored the shirts, snapbacks, and bandanas, which is all available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside Our Online Store! Make sure to check out the video and let us know what you think at The Old English Brand Facebook Page!

Vandals On Canvas Pt. 2

This is part 2 of Vandals on canvas.This one done again by our good friend Roten. Make sure you stay tuned for the Vandals line. Its gonna be heat.

Compton Menace Reppin OE in Aint No Changin Me Music Video Feat. Wiz Khalifa

Here is the exclusive music video by Compton Menace called “Aint No Changin Me”. This is one of the hottest videos out right now, and we knew it since we were at the filming of the music video. We have been down with Compton Menace for  years, and we always have supported him. We went down to the filming of the video and laced up Compton Menace with the OE “University” Tee, and he wore it throughout many scenes of the video. Hanging out behind the scenes of this music video, we knew it was going to be big. Not just because it features Wiz, but because the atmosphere and the many guests that were there, including OE Sponsored Artists Chino Grande and Jasper Loco. We also seen Omar Cruz, Black Owt, Hollywood Donut, and reps from BET, MTV, VH1, XXL and Hip Hop Weekly. The scene was hyped and once the video wrapped, we all just been waiting for “Aint No Changin Me” to drop. Now the video has been released and we want to show everyone how it came out. The OE University Tee is available now, in White, in sizes Medium – 3XL. Make sure to check out the pictures of the music video below, as well as the music video of “Aint No Changin Me”. We also added a link under that for you to support Compton Menace by purchasing this single via iTunes!

“Aint No Changin Me” Exclusive Music Video Photos

Compton Menace Sportin The OE University Tee

Double Frame Shot

Wiz Khalifa & Compton Menace

Aint No Changin Them

“Aint No Changin Me” Music Video – Compton Menace Featuring Wiz Khalifa

New Oh No! Music Video – Club

Our good friend and dope hip hop artist OHNO! just released his brand new music video to the world. We have been waiting for his The CLUB – EP album for a minute, and he just dropped it. Theres 6 songs on the EP and it features Problem, Compton Av, Saba Joon, 6Villa and Stoney the Dealer. The new video “Club” is out now, and you can see OHNO rockin the OE “Grimey Ski Mask“. Make sure to check out the video and support the movement.