Ms Krazie Hits 400,000 on Facebook

Are you a fan of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie and following her on her official Facebook Page? We are proud to announce that Ms Krazie has just hit over 400,000 LIKES on Facebook! Ms Krazie is fresh off her first XSetForLifeX Super Show, along with MC Magic and Brown Boy, and UKMG fellow artists Spanky Loco, Stomper and Jasper Loco! Ms Krazie has been getting thousands of Likes on her Facebook, and many of her fans have now seen her on tour in their cities. Where will she be performing next? Keep our blog updated and see where she will be very soon! Click Here To Follow Ms Krazie on Facebook!

Photoshoot With Compton Menace

Compton Menace has been a very good friend of Old English Brand. We have known him for a while, over a few years, and he has always been the artist we knew would blow up. Menace has been a part of The Game’s Blackwall Street camp. Making a name for himself as an artist, he has collaborated with Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Birdman, Yo Gotti, Mitchy Slick, Cassidy, Ace Hood and more. We were on set with Menace for his music video called “Aint Changin Me” which features Wiz Khalifa, and Menace wore the OE “University Tee“. Check out these pictures of Compton Menace wearing the OE “C.A Black Tee”. Shout out to Menace!

“C.A Black Tee” is currently available in Black, sizes M – 3XL

Compton Menace

Menace II Society II

Aint Changin Him

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Steal Banging Portrait

You destroy an enemy when you turn them to your friends. Strike the shepard and the sheep will scatter. Win through your actions not from your arguements. Owe one of them money you, better leave town lol. Old English knowledge.

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Vandal Firdays

This is what we do at Old English to relieve some stress or just to clear your mind. You’d be surprised how much it helps.

Expect Old English Vandals coming soon!

Old English Brand And Ricky Hil

Last year was a huge year for Old English Brand. We did some really dope photo shoots with some really dope artists. One of the best ones, in my opinion, was this photo shoot we did with my good friend Ricky Hil in March 2013. He signed to Warner Bros records, and  last year he released two huge mixtapes, called “Support Your Local Drug Dealer” and “Welcome To Slickville 2“. Ive known Ricky Hil for a few years now, and when I told him my concept idea for a shoot, he told me he was ready and bring some dope gear. He wanted to rock the OE “California Love” Tee and the OE “Faces Of Death” bandana. Here are a few more shots we posted from the photoshoot, along with his single with The Weeknd” called “Nomads”. We are working on setting up another new photo shoot soon, but keep that a secret between us!

“California Love” is currently available in Black, sizes M – 3XL

Hes That Mutha Fucka

Nothin Like Them Otha Suckas

Welcome To Slickville

Ricky Hil – Featuring The Weeknd – NOMADS – Music Video

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Old English Vandals!!