Ms Krazie Hits 400,000 on Facebook

Are you a fan of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie and following her on her official Facebook Page? We are proud to announce that Ms Krazie has just hit over 400,000 LIKES on Facebook! Ms Krazie is fresh off her first XSetForLifeX Super Show, along with MC Magic and Brown Boy, and UKMG fellow artists Spanky Loco, Stomper and Jasper Loco! Ms Krazie has been getting thousands of Likes on her Facebook, and many of her fans have now seen her on tour in their cities. Where will she be performing next? Keep our blog updated and see where she will be very soon! Click Here To Follow Ms Krazie on Facebook!

Ms Krazie Shirt “New Size Just Added”

We have received so many emails asking about bigger sizes,so we added them today. Sizes will only be available  for pre-order. Make sure you order yours today before its too late!! LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE!!

Exclusive Old English Brand Freestyle

Old English Brand was on set during Chino Grande’s music video of “Shine On Me”, which is scheduled to release very soon, directed by our friends at Echosworld Films. Chino Grande is an artist that Old English Brand sponsors exclusively, as well as his performances, appearances and music videos. While on set, we have taken many behind the scenes pictures of the music video, including special guest cameos, the backdrop scenes, music video staff, and more. Lista, who is from the Echosworld team, blessed the Old English Brand camera for a super exclusive video freestyle, with a music video backdrop. Co-Signed by OE creative director Jaime C Diaz Jr and OE sponsored artist Chino Grande. The video will be releasing next week on May 2nd, make sure to stay posted to our blog to watch the video. Make sure to follow her on Facebook and on Instagram at @Lista619.



The Old English Brand bandanas are in stock now and available to ship today. Model Alexandra Bombshell is rockin and reppin the Old English Brand Special Edition “Westside Blue Bandana“. This is a Special Edition and we just dropped the price!!! This item has been worn by many different artists and models and now you can also sport it in your area. Make sure to pick up your bandana today and send us in a picture of you wearing it so we can post it here in our blog! Send the picture to us by  CLICKING HERE!!! We will put your Facebook and Twitter links on the post as well!!!

Stay On Your Toes

The great Louis Armstrong once said “What you play is life.” Isn’t that the truth; every minute of our day we are running around trying to keep up with something. Every move is either calculated or just a leap of faith. Miss that jump and you fall spiraling down a pit. Life is a game or at least some of us tend to look at it that way. But isn’t a game suppose to be fun? Sure it’s difficult sometimes, sure it hurts sometimes, sure we cry and bleed sometimes. But if the game wasn’t so tough to play, it will become boring. Like any game, it takes hard work and training to become good at it. It takes heart to take a hit, fall, get up and get back it again. So do you want to play? because we do. Showcasing the Old English Brand “Stay On Your Toes” Tee is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop!