Ms Krazie In Studio With Carolyn Rodriguez

Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie was in the studio working on her new upcoming album “SadGirls Club” and she had a few special guests collaborators join her in the studio to make some songs. She did a brand new song with Carolyn Rodriguez of Dopehouse Records for the new album. The music is coming out amazing, with so many good songs on the album that will be another classic CD from Ms Krazie. The album is almost done, and we are expecting it to be finished asap. Make sure to stay posted to our website and The Urban Kings Facebook Page for all updates on the album!

Its Almost Baseball Season Again!

Its almost time for baseball season, for both teenagers and kids. Old English Brand has been ready to bring out our sports gear, and get ready to get back to the diamond. We have released our first baseball tee, called the OE “3rd Strike Baseball Tee” and with so much success we decided to release a child version, called the OE “Little Leaguer Baseball Tee“. Since we wanted to make a commercial to show everyone the kids version of the baseball tee, we went to the park and did one of the best commercials we ever had. Make sure to watch the commercial above, called “Success Breeds Success” and give us your opinions on the Old English Brand Facebook Page. Both the 3rd Strike & Little Leaguer Baseball Tees are available now at the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and in the OE online store!

Art of a SKATER! Old English Vandals

A skaters playground, its the perfect escape. Created by Eddie Anaya. Bet you can’t do this even if it was a class assigment lol.

Honey I shrunk the pool.

Pool party anyone?

try to jump off this.

Posted by Alejandra

Dj G Minor Is At It Again

DJ G Minor sent us another dope pic of him from this weekend in Las Vegas. Check him out in the V.I.P Section wearing the Old English Brand “Hustle Hard” Shirt. And do you notice the other person in the picture with G Minor (who is on the Right if you didnt know). It is non other then Dj Tony Touch aka Tony Toca. Shout out to DJ G Minor and the Dirtbag Crew!

Ahead Of the Rest – Old English Limited Edition

Someone asked me “What does OE mean to you?” I thought about how to explain it since to me is an evolving entity. I had to actually think about it because there are a couple of minds behind this brand and I like to think we all contribute a piece of our personalities to Old English. Yet, there is one important factor that makes this brand move and keep creating. It is the people that support and believe in the brand. People that understand the message of a rich mentality. The people that get motivated and inspire to motivate others. The people that visit our shop when they come into town from another state and tell us, ‘this is a lifestyle.’ Yeah it is a lifestyle, a lifestyle base on our culture that moves us and gives us a sense of creative foundation.

So we took that feeling and created this special limited edition “Ahead of the Rest” wind breaker jacket made only for the people that are always ready to get the newest Old English Brand collectible. The ones that are always ready to support and stay loyal to their brand. We made this one exclusively for you.


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Nipsey Hustle Rocks With Old English Brand

OE Classic – Old English Brand was hanging out with Nipsey Hussle in Los Angeles as he was finalizing his $100 mixtape called “Crenshaw“, a free mixtape for online mixtape websites, and it became the First $100 mixtape ever, and sold 1,000 copies in its first day. Old English Brand caught up with Nipsey to talk about the mixtape and to talk about the Old English Brand “Since 96 Thug Life” Tank Top, which is available now! Summer is here and tanks are going fast, and Nipsey picked his favorite OE Tank. With BET Weekend starting tomorrow, we might be running into Nipsey again, so stay tuned!