Ms Krazie In Studio With Carolyn Rodriguez

Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie was in the studio working on her new upcoming album “SadGirls Club” and she had a few special guests collaborators join her in the studio to make some songs. She did a brand new song with Carolyn Rodriguez of Dopehouse Records for the new album. The music is coming out amazing, with so many good songs on the album that will be another classic CD from Ms Krazie. The album is almost done, and we are expecting it to be finished asap. Make sure to stay posted to our website and The Urban Kings Facebook Page for all updates on the album!

Sean Brown Sportin Old English Brand

We were sent this photo from Jeff “Echo” Reyes from Echosworld Photography, of Sean Brown, who is signed to Tha Alumni, which is the same record label as Kid Ink. Sean been a rising star in the music business and with his new song “Forever”, he is continuing to make dope music and is widening his fanbase. Sean Brown is an upcoming rapper and is wearing both the Old English Brand Shirts University Tee and the Keepers Of The Streets Tee. The video was directed by Echosworld Films and came out sick. Make sure to check it out below, its called Forever!

Sean Brown – Forever – Music Video

Life’s A Risk

Todays Old English Brand Showcase is one of our most popular designs. It has  been sold out for a few weeks, and we have just brought it into stock. It is called the OE “Life’s A Risk Tee“. All sizes were sold out, but we are back with sizes Medium – 3XL. We always like to showcase something classic, and something new, and this one fits the bill. One of our most popular releases this year is the Life’s A Risk, because it looks fresh. With a distinct vintage feel, but with a new twist. What do you think of this tee? Its available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and our online store!

Respect The Hustle

I been in the Old English Office since 9am today, and when I came in, I was sporting the OE “In The Trenches Tank Top“, because the weather was nice and sunny this morning. After a few hours, it was lunchtime, so I grabbed my keys and open the door, and the weather was crazy cold. The weather change has been weird this year, going daily from real hot to real cold. Good thing I work at Old English, because I just grabbed my OE “Street Breed Crew Neck“, threw on a OE “Original Grey Beanie” then headed out. While at lunch, I ran into DSG Artist Problemz, and we were talking about when we did our photo shoot with him for the sweater I was wearing. We looked at a few photos taken during the shoot and they came out dope. I will be rocking the sweater all weekend through town and we will be scheduling some new photo shoots very soon with some artists and models!


Old English Brand Commercial Premier

OE – Where The Clocks Dont Work


Here is the Official World Premier for the Old English Brand Commercial – Where The Clocks Dont Work. We worked on this commercial for a few weeks perfecting the filming and editing process to where it was perfect. With the help of Jeff “Echo” Reyes from , this video became what we have envisioned for it. A dope commercial with some dope filming and the editing was awesome. Make sure to give our commercial a Thumbs up, A Good Comment and Share the video all around Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else you can! Shout out to everyone wearing Old English Brand, Our Staff and Jeff “Echo” Reyes and the whole Echos World Team!

Shine On Me Music Video – Behind The Scenes

Tomorrow is the day that Chino Grande from Charlie Row Campo will be premiering his brand new behind the scenes footage of the “Shine On Me” music video, and it also features songstress Carolyn Rodriguez! This special collaboration we did with our friends at The UKMG Music Group, we sponsored the Shine On Me music video, for all clothing worn by Chino Grande while filming his scenes for the video. Old English Brand was on the live set, along with many special guests who came through during the day, like Pocos Pero Locos Host and Actress Khool Aid. This video is certified as top quality, as it is filmed by Echosworld Films and they always do the best work, as he is also another artist we sponsor for Old English Brand. Make sure to come to our blog tomorrow to see the behind the scenes of the music video. We have seen the footage, and it looks amazing, but you have to come back tomorrow to watch it for yourself!