Ms Krazie Instore in Tijuana & San Diego!

Ms Krazie’s Tijuana BC Mexico Autograph Instore on OCT 5th!

Ms Krazie Autograph Instore in San Diego, CA on OCT 6th!

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie will be doing an Free Autograph Instore Meet & Greet Plus Autograph Signing in Tijuana, Mexico on Friday, October 5th! Thats in exactly 1 week! She will be having all her music available, all her CDS including the brand new Forgive Not Forget Cd that just came out last week. Ms Krazie will also be bringing some Forgive Not Forget Posters, as well as some Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 Tour Tee Shirts! The same will be said for her second instore, her FIRST ONE EVER in San Diego, California, which will take place on Saturday, October 6th from 5pm to 7pm. There is no telling when Ms Krazie will be back in the area, so its a chance of a lifetime to make plans to go to the instores and meet La Loca herself!

Old English Brand Black Riot Sale

It is about that time of year again for the Old English Brand annual Black Friday sale. We are calling this sale “Black Riot” because we are rioting for the best deals. In fact, we know a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy that was able to get in the main database of this site and make this one time deal. We will have to take off the sale Monday, but the damage will already be done. You want the classic Old English Brand shirts, the OE Vandals shirts? The new Summertime In The OE shirts? Or some Sweaters, Bandannas, House Shoes, or you can even get accessories, like Stickers, Posters, Glasses, or Art? We got it all available for you NOW. All you gotta do is go to The Old English Brand ONLINE Store and loot on what you want. Our sale is only GOOD FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY, and it is only available online, you can riot with the best of them and not have to sleep outside. Watch last year of people going crazy last year from the clip below, and now this year, with this sale, you dont have to fight at a walmart to get our deals!

Black Friday 2011

Happy Hunting From Old English Brand

Here at Old English Brand, we have been working hard non stop on the progress of Old English Brand designs,  photography, and layouts of our website. With our new summer seasonal line that released in June called “Summertime In The OE”, which brought eight new designs to the market. We are also working on our new seasonal line that is currently in the final stages and being prepared to launch very soon. We are very excited about ending 2012 strong, and entering 2013 on an even stronger note. We are thankful for everyone who has supported and represented Old English, because our company is meant to represent our lifestyle.

Happy Thanksgiving from Old English Brand!

Happy Birthday 2Pac

Today is Tupacs Birthday, so today im going to post 2 cool different things about Pac. First, is a dope classic mix that our friend DJ SupaJames and Letty Martinez worked on, with some help from Big Syke from Thug Life. You might have heard mixes from SupaJames before, he DJ’s on 97.7 KRCK in Coachella Valley, 104.3 Now in Las Vegas and 92.7 Rev in San Francisco. Plus all over the internet, SupaJames is everywhere. What is dope about this mix, is that it was mixed on all vynal, that most Djs now adays dont even use anymore. Big shout out to SupaJames.

Plus, to honor 2Pac, his new movie trailer just released online. The clip is short, just 1 minute long, but gives a sneak peak of how the movie is shaping up. Its looking like the movie is nearly wrapped up, with no official word of being finished filming or editing, but the decision of releasing the commercial for 2pacs birthday for sure honored him. Since yesterday, rapper The Game said he seen the movie before anyone, and said “All Eyes On Me makes Biggie’s movie look like a cartoon”. With no official release date for the movie yet, the world will have to wait and see it. Check out the trailer below and after you see it, listen to the SupaJames mix (the mix is over an hour long of hits).

Black Friday


Black Friday is a day we cant miss and we give back to the people we are thankful for. The Old English Brand Black Friday Sale includes everything on our site. Hats, Beanies, Mugs, Shoes, Tees, Tank Tops, IPhone Cases i mean it involves everything on our site. The exclusive code is BlackEnglish , which needs to be applied at the check out of your order. One Use Per Customer! Purchase must be a minimum of 20$. * Coupon will be valid only on 11/29/2013. Coupon valid for given time frame- no exceptions or extension! Limit one per customer. Total basket purchase must be a minimum of 20$ not including tax or shipping.

Reality Check – New Burgundy Pocket Print Tee

Old English Brand would like to show another of our shirts that will be releasing for our new season line, called “Sorry We’re Late, Heres Summer Collection”. This is the brand new Old English Brand “Reality Check” Burgundy Pocket Tee. Pocket Tee’s will become very popular this Summer, and we always stay ahead of the trend and create them ourselves. We had this idea of a simple thought, and that is this, “Is the life your leading, the one you have always wanted? And if you are happy with your life, and if you are not, you need to make that change.” With those thoughts, we created the perfect pocket tee that can capture that thought into a fashion statement. Then we took a day to ourselves to have a photo shoot with Johnny around our beautiful town. The photos came out tremendous, capturing exactly what we had envisioned. The “Reality Check” Pocket Tee is now available, and we also have just released this pocket tee in Black, and as always, exclusively through Old English Brand!

Exclusively from the Old English Brand – “Sorry We’re Late, Heres Summer Collection”

“Reality Check” Pocket Print Tee will be available in Burgundy, sizes M – 3XL.

Sorry We’re Late, But Here’s Summer Collection

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Fashion

We Get In, Where We Fit In, And Thats Everywhere

“What Will You Die For” Pocket Print Tee will be available soon!