Ms Krazie Is Within Your Reach

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is at fingers touch for these huge Ms Krazie fans. They have done the coolest thing ever and decorated their fingernails with pictures of Ms Krazie. These are three different fans that did this. The picture at the top used the classic Ms Krazie “Smile Now Cry Never” cd cover picture of Ms Krazie. The picture on the bottom left is of Ms Krazie in the “Brown Is Beautiful” cd cover, and the bottom right picture again is the picture of Ms Krazie’s “Smile Now Cry Never” mixed in with the “Brown Is Beautiful” and “Firme Homegirl Oldies 2″ pictures of Ms Krazie. These came out really really clean and we think this is not only original, but very awesome! We just wanted to share that with you!!

Alcohol not Included

This is a collection of an old english fan, Alejandro Delgado. I like how you have the bottle there (Big Props)lol. For those how don’t know, we got more shirts in stock and we also carry other brands like psychorealm (like the shirts you see here) . As well as Cds from urban kings, south land, low profile all the way to high power you name it we got it all (well except liquor).Send us your collection at surpirise us : )

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Tattoo Legend Mr Flaks

We had a very special guest come through our office for a awesome photoshoot. He is building his legendary career from tattoo work, to artwork and design. Flaks has toured the world for his tattoo work, and established his own tattoo shop in San Diego, California called “Nitti’s Tattoo Parlor“. He has tattoo’d professional athletes from the SD Chargers, Big Gus of Tattoo Nightmares, skateboard legends, rappers and more. Flaks has also designed for clothing companies like Osiris, Sullen, and Tribal. Check out this awesome photoshoot we did with Mr Flaks and you might see a collaboration between us very soon. He is rockin the OE “High Expectations Crew Neck” in heather grey. It is available now in sizes M – 3XL.

Mr Flaks x Old English Brand

Flak Nitty aka The Script Killer

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Old English Brand Interview With ISuppose

Old English Brand always has some good interviews with talented artists from all over. Hip Hop artist ISuppose came down to the OE Warehouse to do a photoshoot rocking our gear and for an interview to give fans another in depth look into hip music and ambition. He has been touring heavy the last few years, performing with artists like PhoraReverie and more. He has been working on his tour for 2016, scheduling many cities and states to be part of his movement. He will be taking some special guests with him. We had a really dope and deep interview with ISuppose for the interview, and we have made a part 1 and part 2 for it. Here is the first half of the interview! ISuppose is rocking the OE “Life’s A Risk Tee“, available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and inside the OE Online Store!

1. Who were your early hip hop influences?

I Suppose : I was influenced by the Chicano Rap culture. I would listen to Mr. Shadow, Lil Rob, Urban Kings, stuff like that. Then, around high school, I really got into the underground hip hop scene, like Planet Asia, Dilated Peoples, 2Mex and Immortal Techniques. Then once i got a lil older, I started getting into the roots of hip hop, like Gangstarr, Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, stuff of that nature.

2. Tell us about your #Truth Movement, how you came up with the idea and where you would like it to go.

I Suppose : A lot of people know me from the Yours Truly movement, with Phora and Anthro Beats, and I was the tour manager and the manager for the group, doing all the behind the scenes stuff. Then Phora created the Yours Truly Clothing. Then I felt at one point, for business purposes, I had to re-create my identity. It was the perfect timing to branch out and try something new. #Truth is something I would always hashtag something on Instagram, and when I would write something, it would just felt weird if I didn’t put it. Then l decided to implement the name into the fan merch. And now its still developing into something bigger with new styles. Now people are seeing it as a new identity that gets along with other group.

3. You have performed everywhere, out of all your shows, what do you think is the fan favorite as a performed song?

I Suppose : I have this song thats called “Te Quero”, which is a spanish song I wrote for my mom, which is a fan favorite. Its like “I love you mom”. Its the only song I perform at every single show since l released it, over 350 times in the last three years. When I perform in the East Coast, or even out the country, like Europe, l still perform that song.

4. If you can collab with any three artists, as of 2016, who would it be?

I Suppose : As much as I want to say the bigger artists, like J Cole or Kendrick Lamar, but in the last year or two, I already collab’d with Reverie and I was on King Lil G’s mixture. And this year, I want to work with Snow Tha Product, Ms Krazie, and the third spot is Apollo Brown, who is one of my favorite producers right now.

Old English Brand x Jeff Reyes: OE Nation

This spring we’re ending the season with one last exciting piece, the “OE Nation” anorak jacket. Completing this Old English x Jeff Reyes collaboration, in a beautiful fashion. This piece was designed for a certain type of person mind, those people who choose to be a powerhouse in their right. Its for those people who refuse to be comfortable in mediocrity and what is perceived as the norm. The people that would rather be independent and create their own lane. This jacket comes in a black jacket comes with a velcro and our OE flag stitched on. The black OE flag symbolizes how we are the black sheep of society. This jacket also has two empty velcro spaces where you have two options to put a patch of your choosing. Let this item is a one time thing, after they sold out they’re sold out … so here’s to you the powerhouse, the go getters, the independent people the black sheep of society.. the misunderstood.


Free Pin With Every Order

We told ya that we are giving away some brand new pins with every order. Well, now you can see which pins you might be receiving with your orders. We took a photo of the different designs that we created just for you. Actually, we made 6 of them and they all look dope. With these looking so fresh, we decided to make the Old English Brand 6 Pin Pack. We will still be giving a Free Pin with each order, but you can purchase the pin set to own them all! The free pins will be given away of each design till the design is gone, then we will release the next design. Which pin design should we start with? They will be available at the The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and all orders from our Our Online Store! Let us know which designs you like at Old English Brand Facebook Page!