Ms Krazie LOCA Snapback Update!

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Urban Kings official update by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr of the exclusive Ms Krazie x Old English Brand “LOCA Snapback Hat“. This is a 1 hour sale that will start at 5pm Pacific Time, 8pm Eastern Time. Watch the video for more information and make sure to visit! Will they be gone forever? Watch the video to find out! Make sure to LIKE The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page to watch the video and support.


Interrogation of a Vandal

An Old English Vandal Arksseven. Bet your surprised that she’s a chick. (Sorry guys she’s taken). She went out painting in the Spirt of the New Year to kick of the year, and still catching Land Marks. The world is a vandals canvas, they let the creativity run free through the colors and stlyes of letters. We asked her some questions about her life being a female graffitti artist…

Q. When did it all start?

A. mann, shit started a cool minute ago.. like about 4 years ago but with some toy ass shit, I wouldn’t consider myself an actual bomber till about 2 years ago.

Q. Did anyone take you under there wing?

A. Nah, i never had that person to look up to. Sometimes i wish i did though, so i could of known the Do’s and Dont’s of the game you know…

Q. What do guys think when they first find out you bomb?

A. Just being a girl they automatically thing im just another “graff groupie”, but that never intimidated me.. I just let my skills speak for themselves.

Q. Being a vandal have you ever had a close call?

A. Well actually there was this one time, but thats a whole other story. hahaha

The Legend Is Back

DMC got the A-Okay from the Doc, so he is back on the mic. On a collaboration with DZT in the studio and came out with this music video.

Members Only

We have been asked by everyone, when we were going to release some Old English Brand Snap Backs. From our loyal supporters, to artists and celebrities that represent with us. And after much talk with our creative team about designing an exclusive Snapback, we came out with this awesome Old English Brand Members Only Snapback in Black. These are a limited edition, and once these Snapbacks sell out, they will be gone. These will only be available through our online store, exclusively to you through us! Make sure to get yours before they run out! These hats are a snapback, one size fits all, and can easily adjust to your size.

The Old English Brand Members Only Snapback is available now, in Black and adjusts to size.

Our First Brand New Hat

We Look Right, Even While Lookin Left!

Available Now In Black

Check Out The Side View

Created In Los Angeles

Protect Ya Neck

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The Old English Brand Camo Backpack Out Now!

Old English Brand has released some really cool colors as part of our backpack collection. They are called the OE “Venture Backpacks” and we have over 10 different colors now in stock and available to order. Traveling all over the country on various assignments, from photoshoots, to last minute road trips and just going on a long hikes in different areas, we thought this is perfect to put your belongings on your back and take them with you. It has saved my life on a quick trip I had to take, and running down Runyon Canyon, I just throw a few waters and towels in the Venture, then exercise up the mountain. I put together some different angles of the Venture, so you can get a better view, and see why we love it so much! Today, we showcase the Venture Backpack in Camo, available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop!

Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Todays Hours – 12pm to 6pm

Support Your Local Vandal

Support your local vandal. The third installment from Old English Vandals make sure you click on the image and pick this shirt up!