Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death Radio Version Lyrics Now Up

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We are uploading many different lyrics from upcoming projects, and we got another new one from UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. This time, we uploaded “Love You Till Death”. This is a brand new song that Ms Krazie has already filmed for her first ever music video. This song features Kozme on the hook and he also has a short singing interlude. This song is going to be sent out to radio very soon, so make sure to stay posted to our blog and your radio stations, because you might hear this record on  your radio soon, And when it does, you can believe that we will post the stations that have been playing it!


Old English Staff Celebrates The New Year

The Old English Staff brought in the New Year with a Bang. In 2011, we brought you many new designs this past year. Last year ended on a high note, and in the last few months came a brand new layout for our website. At the Old English headquarters we work from sun up to sun down on thoughts, ideas, designs and promotion. So yesterday was the first time this new year that we all got a chance to get away, and the whole OE Staff  had a nice meal and celebrated another past year and bring in a new one. We took pictures of this awesome time and would like to share them with you. We ended up going to Alondras Hot Wings, a place known for the best buffalo wings, coldest beer and mafia atmosphere. Eating under pictures of John Gotti, John Dillinger and Lucky Luciano gives it that feel that your having dinner with a solid crowd (No Snitches). And we will continue to bring the best quality clothing and accessories to you for 2012!!!!

 (Corona, Lakers & Wings, We cant Lose!)

(What Would It Be, I See Gangsters Everywhere,Everywhere)

(Old English Brand Reppin)

 (Spaghetti or Cheese Balls!?!!?)

 (We Gonna Need Way More Napkins)

 (We got Bugsey Siegel and Lucky Luciano At Our Table)

 (Pink Lemonade, Empty Plate, and Drinking Beer. Good Times With Good People)

 (Picking Off Wings Left & Right. Drank Beers & Coke With Hennessy)

 (You Gotta Sign A Waiver To Even Order This)

 (We Stay Dippin and Sippin)

 (Cups of that XO)

 (Witness The Destruction)

 (Never Leave A Trace of Evidence)

(Old English Brand Fam 2012)

(Our Waiter Said We Are The Best)

OE gets puffed in Amsterdam

Old English brand is being sold in Amsterdam. So those lucky Amsterdam’s people can shop for weed and buy the Old English brand in the same shopping center. ( So thats why i decided to officially decided to move there lol jk) This video is one of our OE distributers out there that recently opened his store called 5 elements. The store is going be carrying a lot of cali gear so if your ever go Amsterdam (invite me lol) and need clothes check them out.

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Old English Brand 420 Sale

Old English Brand Presents our 4/20 sale, giving you 20% off your order! Sale Ends Monday Night! Order your favorite Old English Brand item and save. Just type in the promo code before checkout to get your discount. Sale will include all items from Old English Brand, including the OE “Blow Trees Tee Shirt“!


Tito Rodriguez Releases Angel Music Video

Today we woke up to a brand new music video by our friend Tito Rodriguez, who has just released  his brand new music video called “Angel“. The song is about always being positive to people, all people, from people living on the street, to people who are struggling to survive. Tito called me earlier this morning, and told us about the song, with the message being “You never know when you might be entertaining an angel”. He has had asked six huge companies to help with his mission to give clothing, food and drinks to those less fortunate people in Tito’s home town of Long Beach, California. We watched the video, and it came out really amazing and inspiring, and we had to share it with everyone. So below is our premier of Angels, by Tito Rodriguez, taken from his upcoming album “The Message” coming soon.

Tito Rodriguez – Angels – Official Music Video – Taken From The Message

Plankers gonna plank!

Plankers- people who just fell asleep in akward places? Google it and find out..

Mad’s Jr showing of his skills with the OE Los Angeles bandana keeping him level

The homegirl vanessa always gets the last laugh

Show Off

The youngest planker.. lol