Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death Radio Version Lyrics Now Up

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We are uploading many different lyrics from upcoming projects, and we got another new one from UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. This time, we uploaded “Love You Till Death”. This is a brand new song that Ms Krazie has already filmed for her first ever music video. This song features Kozme on the hook and he also has a short singing interlude. This song is going to be sent out to radio very soon, so make sure to stay posted to our blog and your radio stations, because you might hear this record on  your radio soon, And when it does, you can believe that we will post the stations that have been playing it!


There are no Angels in Los Angeles

There are no Angels in Los Angeles – Photo : Burst Rock

Here is a new look at the L.A. Old English Brand shirt which is called the “Los Angeles City Of Angels Where There Are No Angels” . Los Angeles has never been just a city or a place to live in, it has been a way of life, culture and fashion. Los Angeles is known for being the City of Angels, but the reality is, there are no Angels. With citizens that “Hustle Hard” , “Pleading The Fifth” and that “Fear No One”, Old English Brand is innovating the lifestyle that is in the streets. Not just Los Angeles, Not just in your town, or city or state, or even country. We represent ourselves to the world. WILL YOU REPRESENT WITH US?

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Lookin Good From All Angles
Real Straight Forward

Real Homies Plead The Fifth

Every once in a while I come across very dope photographers. I mean, to me, photography is a talent, and, with everybody using digital cameras, its so easy to take really nice hi quality pic’s. This brings me to Andres Herren who isnt just another person with the digital camera who just takes clear pictures. Its all in the eye and angle, its all about getting the whole feel of the moment, and that is what makes somebody a great photographer, like Andres Herren. If you really want to see what photographer is all about visit his site.

- Pic by Andres Herren, Midget Loco Sporting Plead The Fifth With Homies

The Old English Brand Gabrielle Canvas Is Available Now

Old English Brand proudly presents the OE “Gabrielle Fine Art Canvas” which we created from a photo shoot, taken of model Gabrielle Jeanne by Old English Brand Photographer Famous 8. The canvas is one of a kind, and is displayed inside the Old English Brand Flagship Shop. But we are giving away the opportunity for someone to own this awesome canvas for your home or office. The canvas dimensions are 18 x 24 and makes a great piece. To see the canvas in person, you can always come down to The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or you can purchase online inside The Old English Brand Online Store! Our shop hours are 12pm to 6pm, Monday through Friday.

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