Ms Krazie Lyrics – Be Your Everything

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We keep getting asked about the lyrics to this song, that song, and every song, and some people are even writing the lyrics to post up. We wrote these lyrics because many of our fans have asked the lyrics for the same song, and this was the song. It is by UKMG Artist Ms Krazie and it is from her brand new album “Forgive Not Forget”, which is available everywhere like FYE, Best Buy, Hastings, digitally through iTunes and online at the UKMG Store. The lyrics to this song are really heartfelt and original and made very softly but making her words get across. This is my personal favorite from the brand new album. Have you been wanting us to post lyrics to any other UKMG Artist song? Post your requests here and we can try to get to as many as we can.

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The Visit – Movie Review

Yesterday, Old English Brand was invited for the special screening of the movie The Visit, the newest movie by M Night Shyamalan, creator of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs. We got to the screening, checked in, got our wristbands, posters, and raffle tickets, and found our seats. Going into the movie, I was a little skeptical about the movie, since the past M Night movies haven’t been so great (to me). But The Visit had really surprised me. It was not only just a scary movie, but Shyamalan added different elements to the movie, bringing a warp twisted comedy styling to pair up with the horror film. And the formula worked for me.

The story follows a brother and sister traveling to their grand parents house to spend the week with them while their mother goes on a trip. They have never seen each other due to their mother and grandparents relationship, or lack of one. The kids get picked up at the train station and they start to notice that their grandparents are not the typical grandparents. Their behavior is odd and starts to get even weirder as time passes. Until they realize what exactly is going on, then going even further into the story to find out the meaning behind the trip.

The story is shot through two cameras the kids use, seeing everything they want you do see, as they are filming a documentary about meeting their grandparents for the first time, and seeing the house and town their mother was raised in. It had the audience interaction with many “ohhhh’s” and “noooo’s” and screams thoughout the film. I thought it was among the top M Night Shyamalan movies, along with Sixth Sense and Signs, and I would give it an overall B- rating.

The Visit releases on September 11th, 2015 at theaters nationwide.

California Love Tank Is Back In Stock

We have just stocked up on many of our top selling designs today. Some designs sold out quickly, and some were sold out of different sizes. We are proud to announce that many designs are now available for purchase in our Online Store! Including the California Love Tank Top, which has been unavailable in different sizes, but now back in stock for all sizes! Make sure to get yours today, before it sells out again!


The O.G is O.E

What do your guys think? Guzzle (yes the rapper) created this on a blank sticker. Turn it to a shirt? You decide leave a comment. If you don’t know who Guzzle is check out his music video with Money Backward and Wish in All I know.

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Check out Old English Brand in the jungle room?

Old English Brand in the jungle room? yes indeed we happing to find our EVIL SIDE Skull shirt at which is a huge electronic party with over 40 thousand people attending. Around 4 A. M we took a trip to the room were they play Jungle music which is a underground drum and bass style of music. And with in the thousand of people we happing to run across guy who was just rocking out with our shirt. As always stuff like this is what makes us proud and gives us the drive to keep going. We took a quick pic which you can see below.We also added video footage of the massive event. If anybody has pic sporting that OEB please send it to us..

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Look @ what I found @ a event of 50 thousand people, somebody... on Twitpic

Old English Brand Flagship Shop Is Open

Old English Brand is now officially open and ready for business. After a great holiday weekend, we are back at the shop. Our official hours are Monday – Friday, from 12Noon to 6pm! Our full collection is available, from Shirts, Sweaters, Snapbacks, Beanies, Tote Bags, Jogger Sweat Pants, Ladies Racerbacks, Kids Tees, Shoes and Accessories! Our address is below, see everyone today!

Old English Brand

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