Ms. Krazie Make Up Tutorial

Want to do your make up like Ms. Krazie. Have no fear we found a tutorial by a very dedicated Ms. Krazie fan.

Brought To You By O.E …Boyz N The Hood

We stopped by the laboratory to check up on our newest line and decided to get a camera to capture the making of Boyz N Tha Hood Double Sided Bandana. One side represents the Money the other side represents the Power. Get your exclusive bandana here.

Was This Kanye’s Inspiration For Boost?

I was looking at Kanye’s Boost 350s this weekend, thinking about gettin some at RIF.LA or stopping by Fight Club on Fairfax to check them out. Then I started wondering what was Kanye’s influence of that design. Being in fashion, influence comes from ideas taken from anything and everything, from something in your face, to something sub-concious. When I got to RIFLA, I was looking at the Yeezys, and I started to notice a design I had seen before. Of course not the same exact design, but something very similar to the one I had in mind. Back in the day, before Mike Jordan created his Jordan Brand with Nike, there was one company who started to challenge Nike for it’s basketball line. Not only for the shoe game, but for its apparel. The company was And1 and built its company based on the urban basketball trends, which was the first to make long basketball shorts, btw. Then Jordan eventually created Jordan brand with even longer basketball shorts and the iconic Jumpman logo and took over the basketball apparel game. But back then, And1 was at the top of its game for being a newer, fresher and smaller independent company. And when I had the Yeezys in my hand, I couldn’t help but thinking of those shoes And1 released back in the days, called the “ToChillin”. The ToChillin shoes came out around 20 years ago, and you can see the resemblance of the shoe, minus the minor details like shoe strings and different soles. I posted a photo of the Yeezys Pirate Blacks & the And1 ToChilin (which was re-released in 2013 called “Too Chillin”). What do you think? Let us know at the Old English Brand Facebook Page!

MMA Kid Kicks Ass

Up and coming jiu jitsu kid makes another kid tap out by arm bar. He won first place in a BJJ tournament a few weeks ago so here’s the footage.

Its Almost Baseball Season Again!

Its almost time for baseball season, for both teenagers and kids. Old English Brand has been ready to bring out our sports gear, and get ready to get back to the diamond. We have released our first baseball tee, called the OE “3rd Strike Baseball Tee” and with so much success we decided to release a child version, called the OE “Little Leaguer Baseball Tee“. Since we wanted to make a commercial to show everyone the kids version of the baseball tee, we went to the park and did one of the best commercials we ever had. Make sure to watch the commercial above, called “Success Breeds Success” and give us your opinions on the Old English Brand Facebook Page. Both the 3rd Strike & Little Leaguer Baseball Tees are available now at the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and in the OE online store!

Whats Your Favorite Color?

Today we want to know what your favorite color is. We did polls with past customers and current customers and friends about what colors we should release for the Old English Brand “Racerback Tank Tops” for women. The final answers came in and they were red, grey, black, white, blue and charcoal grey. Since the release of these Racerbacks, fans have been ordering them non stop because of the national heatwave. Something stylish, sexy, cute and fun, the OE Racerback tanks are the perfect comfortable way to go. Click Here To Browse The OE “Racerback Women Tanks” Today!