Ms Krazie Makeup Vlog

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie has just released a make up vlog online, and talked about a variety of things about make up. Make sure to check it out, especially for the female fans to get Ms Krazie’s personal experiences. Having a signature type of makeup style, Ms Krazie gives her opinions and reviews on make up. Definitely a must see for all Ms Krazie fans!

Just flew in by UPS..

Our new stickers just came in.. . Front and back shot..  The back of this stickers shows various logo that we have worked on or will be using. I Will add them to our online store soon!

FIFA 2016

One of my favorite video games will be coming out next Tuesday, September 22nd, and thats Fifa 2016. Im pumped up for the new Fifa and the graphics look even better than 2015, and with women players now available, it gives more defense abilities on defense, the AI markers are going to be better to play as a team, its gonna be more realistic to make interceptions while on defense, you can defend slide tackles, you can cradle the ball with your foot, and there will be angled crosses now. Those are the new big tweeks from last years game, and its gonna be a big improvement and more realistic on defense. Im still getting the game and will let you know if its better or worse than Fifa 2015.

What You Play Is Life – Stay On Your Toes

What you play is life. There are those who play by the rules and some who play out the box. But it is you who decides your fate, then act on your judgement. And when you play this game of life, no matter what,  you must always stay on your toes. Today, we showcase the Old English Brand “Stay On Your Toes” Tee Shirt, which has been a personal favorite of mine since I had seen the creation and the final design. To me, the shirt symbolizes a dedicated work ethic and make the most of your time on earth. To always be open to new opportunities and create your own opportunities. I wanted to showcase this shirt because it means alot to me and the design is awesome. So today, I give you an in depth look at the OE “Stay On Your Toes” Tee!

Stay On Your Toes is Available in Grey, sizes M – 3XL

Old English Brand Exclusive

We Stay On Our Toes

Good On All Sides

Close Up

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A Sneak Peak Into The OE Winter Lookbook

First Look At The OE Brown Bag Tote

We have release a very exclusive limited number of these brand new Old English Brand “Brown Bag Tote“. We have shown a sneak peak before, but now we are proud to announce that these totes are now available to own. Since the announcement that we will make an OE tote, I know everyone was hyped about owning one. Even me, because I always go to different type of events, passing out stickers and fliers to fans and this is going to work perfect. When they seen the tote, I would always get asked when they will be available, and now I finally have an answer to give everyone. Now in our online store, is the OE Brown Tote Bag! Below are a few different looks of the tote so you can see how cool it really is. Check em out!

The Old English “Brown Bag Tote” Available in Canvas

Hot Off The Press

Official Old English Brand Logo

You Have Been Asking For It

And Here It Is!

Brown Bag Tote Available Now

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