Ms Krazie Meet & Greet in Las Vegas on Sunday

UKMG, Cronica Records, Old English Brand and Ms Krazie bring to you the first ever Ms Krazie Event, which is a FREE Meet & Greet in Las Vegas, Nevada! Fans have been demanding it on the Urban Kings Official Facebook Page. Fans in Las Vegas and surrounding cities can finally meet Ms Krazie, take pictures with Ms Krazie, get Ms Krazie’s autograph and get her hard to find Shirts, Hats, Cds, Posters, Cell Phone Cases, and there may be an extra little surprise. This is only for one day, Sunday, June 23rd at Wasted Americana, from 5pm to 10pm. Remember, this is a FREE Event, and Ms Krazie will autograph all items purchased AT THE MEET & GREET! Make sure to get there early because we cant guarantee Ms Krazie will meet everyone, so come down, hang out with us, and we will see you there!

Taking Place


Wasted Americana

5710 West Charleston Blvd

Las Vegas, Nevada 89146


Plead The Fifth – 2 of Lifes Most Important Lessons

“Never Rat On Your Friends, & Always Keep Your Mouth Shut” – Goodfellas

“Everybody Gets Pinched, But You Did It Right, You Told Em Nothin And They Got Nothin” – Goodfellas

We used 2 Goodfella movie lines to describe these 2 pictures. With one of our most popular designs from our Old English Brand stock, the Plead The Fifth T Shirt new photoshoot came out great with the same concept of keeping your mouth closed. With Jimmy telling Henry Hill lifes most important lesson about not sayin nothing. They will try to convince you, lie to you, and trick you into sayin anything, thats why you never say nothin.


First Off

old english all day

It may be cold but we got what you need to still be able to go out side. (We even have bennies lol) But most of our sweaters are limited edtion. So get yours before some one else does. Where’s yours?

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Behind The Scenes With MC Magic

Old English Brand went deep into our vault this Friday to find a flashback video that we did with legendary singer/songwriter MC Magic. The video was a behind the scenes video showing everyone the preparation for each photo shoot. MC Magic is one of my favorite artists and continues to make hit records.  Some of my favorite songs from MC Magic are “Pretty Girl“, “So Fly“, “Runaway“, and “Notice Me“. MC Magic is wearing a few different OE shirts and crew necks, including the OE “Street League Crew Neck“, the OE “University Tee” and the OE/Urban Kings Collaboration “Heavy Lies The Crown Tee“. Make sure to watch the video above!

Destroying The City

Destroying the city is yet another shirt off the newly established Old English Vandals which is an installment of Old English Brand. Destroying The City One Wall at a Time is a shirt for all type of vandals out there. Make sure you click on the shirts to go and be one of the first people to get this shirt! By the way certain colors will only be available online not in any store!