Ms Krazie Meeting A Young Fan At Spring Bash

Ms Krazie wrapped up her set for Spring Bash/Hello Loca 2012 Tour in Yakima, Washington and was in her dressing room, when one of the promoters knocked on her door, and asked her if she would be able to meet a young fan who went to the concert to meet her. Knowing Ms Krazie for years, I personally knew what Ms Krazie’s answer was going to be. OF COURSE! Ms Krazie stops and talks and likes to take pictures with everybody. I know she really wanted to take pictures at this event, but with the Spring Bash being such a huge event, she didnt have an area to meet everyone. So Ms Krazie starts to make her way towards the side of the stage where the security had the family, and the little girl couldnt want and grabbed Ms Krazie like you seen in the picture. They hugged for a long while, while Ms Krazie, the little girl and her family were all honored by the experiance to meet each other. The picture shows the exact scene of how it was and the picture came out amazing!



Stay On Your Toes Commercial

Today we feature a favorite, and we are going into the Old English Brand Vault to find one of the treasures we created. We thought of a crazy way we can do something cool and fun, but at the same time, put our own flavor in the commercial. We made a video called “Stay On Your Toes”, and starred Old English Brand Creative Team Member Jaime C Diaz Jr dancing to his own beat. Watch as he gets down in his own way, while showcasing the OE “Stay On Your Toes” Tee. It is available now in our online store and our flagship store! Check it out in the video!

I call the shots,so yes, free gifts!

We Love Lil Debbie

Check out this video we found of Bay Area artist Lil Debbie. She is one of our favorite artists, not only is she beautiful, but she is also talented and very fashionable. We always keep our eye out on the top talent out, not only talent, but also a great sense of fashion taste. Lil Debbie has been making noise in the industry for a hot minute, from the White Girl Mob to her new solo projects, and her newest track has the clubs turnt up. Her new song is called Ratchets and she just released the brand new music video for it. There are some stars that shine, then fade out. Lil Debbie is a star that has  become brighter and brighter. Check out her music video below, take a listen, and support Lil Debbie. With a unique and stylish personality, in and out the studio, while being herself, she will continue to reach huge success. And who knows, you might see Lil Debbie in a Old English Brand sweater…


Lil Debbie – Ratchets – Official Music Video

Its That New New, But We Call It That TOO NEW

New Hang Tags!!!

We just printed up 2 new hangtags for our Old English Brand Shirts. One features Baby Jokes from Charlie Row Campo, and one features Alexandra Bombshell.. and that is exclusive only for Old English Brand shirts.

The other tag is of Hittman and is only available on Old English Brand Shirts.

Both are hot, right off the press and looks crisp. New Site, New Style, New Hangtags, New Everything!
Which Hang Tag will be on YOUR next shirt?