Ms Krazie On Oc Weekly

Click on image below to view Ms Krazie interview with OC Weekly. Find out what she has to say about her new album Ms Krazie Firme Homegirl Oldies Vol 2.

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FIFA 2016

One of my favorite video games will be coming out next Tuesday, September 22nd, and thats Fifa 2016. Im pumped up for the new Fifa and the graphics look even better than 2015, and with women players now available, it gives more defense abilities on defense, the AI markers are going to be better to play as a team, its gonna be more realistic to make interceptions while on defense, you can defend slide tackles, you can cradle the ball with your foot, and there will be angled crosses now. Those are the new big tweeks from last years game, and its gonna be a big improvement and more realistic on defense. Im still getting the game and will let you know if its better or worse than Fifa 2015.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Old English Brand released one of the most popular tees from our collection, and it is called the OE “Run N Gun” Tee. Since we had released this shirt, it has been a favorite with everyone. We released the tee in Blue and its the perfect color for the design. We took a picture of the tee to showcase how it looks, and it came out great. The Run N Gun Tee is available now at the The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and also available in our online store! Sizes Medium – 3XL are available! We are currently working on our upcoming Spring Collection, and we should be releasing it very soon. Stay posted to our blog for more info!

OE x Rich Hil x SYLDD

Old English Brand has always been involved with music, because fashion and music go together. We hang out with all different artists, of all different genres and . We did some really dope photo shoots with some really dope artists. One of the best ones was this photo shoot we did with my good friend Ricky Hil.. He signed to Warner Bros records, and he released one of my favorite albums of all time, called “Support Your Local Drug Dealer“. It featured The Weeknd, Leona Lewis, Fat Trel, Bonic and more. Ive known Ricky Hil for a few years now, and when I told him my concept idea for a shoot, he told me he was ready and bring some dope gear. He wanted to rock the OE “California Love” Tee and the OE “Faces Of Death” bandana. Here are a few more shots we posted from the photoshoot, along with his single with The Weeknd” called “Nomads”. We also put the download link for his album “SYLDD”. We are working on setting up another new photo shoot soon, but keep that a secret between us!

“California Love” is currently available in Black, sizes M – 3XL

Hes That Mutha Fucka

Nothin Like Them Otha Suckas

Welcome To Slickville

Ricky Hil – Featuring The Weeknd – NOMADS – Music Video


Old English Vandals 4

Old English Brand Presents OLD ENGLISH VANDALS 4. This is a quick promo video. The Shirts are coming soon.