Ms Krazie Performing In Denver On February 27th

Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie will be performing in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, February 27th at The Roxy Theater! She will be performing all of her hits and it will be her first time performing in Denver in years, and it will be All Ages! This concert is going to be dope, and at this show, everyone is VIP! Ms Krazie will be meeting everyone, and she will have a full complete merch table available to own her CDs and limited edition tank tops. Also hosting for the night is Famous Kueen Of Krunk! Also Performing is El Cacho, Chiko Malo Klan, Endub Mexi, Elemzi, Moneyside Musica, Young June, Feria Ent and more. Tickets are available now at!

Old English Brand And Ricky Hil

Last year was a huge year for Old English Brand. We did some really dope photo shoots with some really dope artists. One of the best ones, in my opinion, was this photo shoot we did with my good friend Ricky Hil in March 2013. He signed to Warner Bros records, and  last year he released two huge mixtapes, called “Support Your Local Drug Dealer” and “Welcome To Slickville 2“. Ive known Ricky Hil for a few years now, and when I told him my concept idea for a shoot, he told me he was ready and bring some dope gear. He wanted to rock the OE “California Love” Tee and the OE “Faces Of Death” bandana. Here are a few more shots we posted from the photoshoot, along with his single with The Weeknd” called “Nomads”. We are working on setting up another new photo shoot soon, but keep that a secret between us!

“California Love” is currently available in Black, sizes M – 3XL

Hes That Mutha Fucka

Nothin Like Them Otha Suckas

Welcome To Slickville

Ricky Hil – Featuring The Weeknd – NOMADS – Music Video

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More Fathers Day Suggestions!

Fathers Day Suggestion #3

Fathers Day Suggestion #4

Fathers Day Suggestion #5

Old English Brand is your guide for those last minute choices when you just cant decide what to get your Dad for Fathers Day. We have put together another quality list for some great tips that will help you find that perfect present. (I added a few items for my father from my own suggestions, and put together a dope outfit with a matching OE Tee, Snapback and Backpack). Today I included the OE “West Snapback Hats” (also the East Snapback Hats for all my readers on the Eastcoast), as well as the super brand new OE “Venture Backpacks” along with the OE “Ill Tempered Pocket Print Tee“, which is also new from the Old English Brand Summer Collection. To be truthful, I had to buy myself some Fathers Day gear too, so I can be fresh for tomorrow! Old English Brand wishes every Father out there a great Fathers Day!

Old English Brand With Baby Bash

Baby Bash came to the Old English Brand offices and did a photo shoot with Old English Brand. Baby Bash has always been one of our favorite artists, always releasing hit song after hit song, since  his days at Dope house Records, to now with Bash Town. With classic songs under his belt like “Suga Suga”, “What Is It”, “Slide Over”, “Shorty Doo Wop”, “Baby Im Back”, “Cyclone”, “Go Girl”, “Fantasy Girl”, and well, I can keep going on and on. He decided to wear the Old English Brand Shirts “California Love” and the “Heavy Lies The Crown” tees for the photo shoot.

Baby Bash is from California, so the California Love tee really caught his eye, especially because the hand drawn design with everything about Cali featured in the shirt. Its not just for Cali, but its also everyone that lives that California Lifestyle, from lowriders to the fast life. All designed in a shield outlining, the black and white shading made the California Love shirt stand out even more.

Bash also chose the Heavy Lies The Crown tee, which is also a collaboration shirt we have with Urban Kings . The shirt symbolizes the status of the person wearing the shirt, only royalty. This is the first collaboration between Old English Brand and Urban Kings, and we both consider ourselves in the top of our profession, and we make items for those who also are at the top of their game. Heavy Lies The Crown was made in bold black lettering to show that we are confident.

Both Tee’s are available now at the Old English Brand Flagship Shop, open Monday – Friday, or on the OE Online Store!

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Baby Bash aka Baby Beesh

Heavy Lies The Crown is available in Grey, sizes M – 3XL

Bash Town

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Baby Bash – Cyclone Official Music Video

The Pricks x Old English Brand

The Pricks and Old English Brand team up to make one sick shirt. We have had a long relationship with The Pricks and we feel the time is right to do this collaboration with them. Check out that sick skull that we will be doing.

About The Pricks: They are probably one of the sickest if not the sickest band out right now. the Pricks music is a breath of fresh air. If you haven’t heard of them, you soon will. They are dope! Life is too short be a PRICK!

Brace Yourself, New Design Coming Thru

Old English proudly presents L.A, The City Of Angels Where There Are No Angels. Now available to buy clicking  here. If your wonder how was the person that came up with that quote, it was Conejo on his song Killer From The West. There is currently an auction going on for two of his limited edition canvas. If you wish to enter the bidding contact