Ms Krazie Performing in Emporia This Friday

Ms Krazie will be performing in Emporia, Kansas this Friday, with Billy Dha Kidd. She is performing for the First Time Ever in Kansas and this is the last official Hello Loca 2012 Tour concert. Tickets are only $20 presale and $25 at the door. Ms Krazie will be performing some songs from her brand new album “Forgive Not Forget” and will be also performing her classic songs from her past albums. The concert is all going down at the El Congo Niteclub in Emporia. A very limited number of VIP Tickets are available and I heard there are a very few left, so make sure to order yours today to hang out with Krazie and get a bunch of drinks! For More Information Call 620-803-2293!

You can also get your “Forgive Not Forget” CDs at the concerts as well!

OE Chain Hangin Out With Big Gus of Tattoo Nightmares


Check out this awesome picture of our friend Big Gus from the tv show “Tattoo Nightmares” at the premier viewing party for the television show. Old English Brand came out to support Big Gus, and alot of people came out to support, from other tattoo artists, to Old English Brand, Sullen Clothing, and Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm. It was a very good and positive event, we will be posting more pictures from the event in a few days. Make sure to check out Big Gus at his website at

Vandals Nation

Old English Brand presents Old English Vandals. This is a new series of shirts and the next coming days we will be uploading the remaining shirts. Click on pic to view more.

Meet Our Old English Staff Member – Ponce

Old English Brand has the distinct pleasure of introducing you to one of the most creative people on the planet. Some have called him a legend, some have called him iconic, but most say he is immortal. We would like to introduce to you, PONCE. He just returned from his worlds travels, visiting exotic lands from Thailand to Greenland to the Inland. This philanthropist has been working on the better for mankind, and has the resume to prove it. From conducting photography with artists, actors, celebrities, athletes and more, Ponce has the recognition as one of the industries best young photographers. He is currently scheduled to shoot a very secret artist that will be happening in a few days. But Ponce is not strictly a photographer, he is also a gifted designer who has helped design many of the new Old English Brand new designs. He has been a vital part of our company, both creatively, visually, and as part of our team. Thank you Ponce for being an inspiration to not only the world, but the universe. You may follow this remarkable person on Instagram at @JeanersWieners!

Earthquake weather!

Earthquake weather? naw just the first days of the winter! Just in time, our new sweaters should be coming in soon!

Another pic at our wild cat game. We won 4/1 the girls were k... on Twitpic

Another pic at our wild cat game. We won 4/1 the girls were k... on Twitpic


We Aint Old We’re Classics Baby

Mai Kash refers to himself as an old timer, been around at the 90′s mixing the styles of rap and funk .He has worked with Frost, Diamonique, Dinero and other rappers in the game. But never to busy to sport the Old English Plea the Fifth.

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