Ms Krazie Performing In LA This Saturday!

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie will be performing in the Los Angeles/Wilmington Area on Saturday,  January 23rd at the San Jose Hall. This concert will be an All Ages concert and will be Ms Krazie’s first time performing in the Los Angeles area since her xSetForLifex Concert. This show is going to be dope, and will be featuring Miss Lady Pinks, Carolyn Rodriguez, Gunz and DeCalifornia. This concert will be off the hook! Make sure to get your tickets now because this show will sell out! You can order your tickets below or buy them at the door!

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OE Sponsored Artist True Starr On BSide Show

Have you seen the interview with Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr, (of Urban Kings Music Group) who was featured on one of the biggest online radio stations, called BSide Show. It is ranked in the top 5 online hip hop radio shows and this weeks guest was True Starr along with Self Provoked. Here is a picture taken of True Starr along with BSide Show Hosts Silly Rabbit and Susie Plascencia. The full episode is now available online and we have the show just for our blog readers! You can see True Starr rocking out reppin Old English Brand with the OE “Logo Sweater” and the OE “LS ANGLS Snapback Hat“, both available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and our online store! Watch True Starr’s interview below at about the 44:00 minute mark.

True Starr Featured Guest on The BSide Show

Rep Where You From

Old English Brand Presents – Ride – The Photo Shoot

A person always goes through struggles in life. It is part of the journey to figure out what moves you forward. It is an everyday battle, but once we find what it is that helps us keep the negative energy from bring us down. We ride, we move forward, we don’t stop until we conquer what it is that we are looking for. We can either take a road to hell bound or we can take the road that will inspire us to inspire others. Which road will you take? An original Old English Brand Presentation, featuring special guest Kay G, we proudly display the photos taken from the shoot, and the video will be released tomorrow! Make sure to stay updated to our website and get inspired!

I Rep That West

Im from that west, and I represent that west. We took a little photo of our west collection, featuring the OE “West Tee” along with the OE “West Snapback“. Both items are our spotlight of the day, so make sure to check them out! You can also see them in person at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop. Open today until 6pm!

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Old English Brand has been working overtime on our upcoming 2014 Fall Collection, and we have been showing exclusive pictures and designs only on our Instagram. We have over 11,400 followers on instagram who get updated on what we are doing and see some cool shit like new designs, ideas, and concepts. We also take everyone with us and take pictures of us hanging out with celebrities, going to clubs, parties, and exclusive VIP events. Not counting going on set of music videos and photo shoots of some dope artists and models. Make sure to follow us right now at @OldEnglishBrand on Instagram!