Ms Krazie Performing In LA This Saturday!

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie will be performing in the Los Angeles/Wilmington Area on Saturday,  January 23rd at the San Jose Hall. This concert will be an All Ages concert and will be Ms Krazie’s first time performing in the Los Angeles area since her xSetForLifex Concert. This show is going to be dope, and will be featuring Miss Lady Pinks, Carolyn Rodriguez, Gunz and DeCalifornia. This concert will be off the hook! Make sure to get your tickets now because this show will sell out! You can order your tickets below or buy them at the door!

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Menace x Wiz Khalifa x Aint Changin Me x Behind The Scenes

Menace Sporting Old English In “Aint Changin Me”

 Compton Menace Rockin The OE University Tee On Camera

Jasper Loco x Compton Menace x Chino Grande

Old English Brand was invited to participate in Compton Menace’s brand new music video called “Aint Changin Me” featuring Wiz Khalifa. Compton Menace been our friend for years, and we always support him on what he does. Menace linked up with Wiz Khalifa earlier this year and made a dope song called “Fucc Shit” which was placed on Wiz Khalifa’s “Cabin Fever 2″ Mixtape. The pair made a ridiculously dope track and they have came back to create “Aint Changin Me”, which is another hit. The music video was filmed earlier this week, and Old English Brand came to the set and met up with Jasper Loco and Chino Grande, who are also other artists that are sponsored by Old English. Menace was really feeling the Old English Brand University Tee and decided to wear the shirt during most of the music video. You can even see Jasper Loco reppin with the OE Shield 2 T Shirt and Chino Grande sporting the OE California Love Tee . A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Compton Menace, Fattz, Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, Urban Kings, Jaime C Diaz, Hollywood Donut, Omar Cruz, and everyone who was at the music video!

K Yung Sportin Old English Brand

K Yung & Compton Menace In The Studio

Heavy Lies The Crown

K Young & Filmed By JLew

We had these pictures submitted to us by K Yung, who is a really dope artist from Texas. He came down to Cali to work on some new music and film a couple new music videos. During his whole trip, he just filmed music videos, and was making music in the studio. Everyone knows a King is always on his grind, even when he’s out of town. K Yung is wearing the “OE Heavy Lies The Crown Tee” which has become a favorite to many artists. K Yung has also been in the music game for a minute, working with many known Texas and Cali rappers, including BWS Compton Menace. They have a really dope song together taken from K Yungs new mixtape “Gucci Belts N Duffle Batz“, called Live My Life. Shout out to K Yung, Compton Menace and Filmed By JLew.

Classic Old English Brand Commercial

Today I was looking through the Old English Brand vault of our footage, ads, photoshoots and I remember shooting this video along with model Alexandra Bombshell wearing two shirts in this one video. She was wearing the OE “City Of Angels Where There Are No Angels” Tee Shirt in Blue, and the video came out really hot. Make sure to check it out and dont forget the “Shut Up And Dance” Commercial will be releasing today!

OE Photoshoot With King Lil G

Straight from the Old English Brand vault, we bring back this video of a classic Photo shoot we did with King Lil G. This was a great day as we did a few shots for our past collection. Since then, King Lil G has the music industry abuzz, releasing his “Lost In Smoke” and “AK 47 Boyz” projects. We also filmed a short video of the photo shoot and talked with King Lil G about clothing and music. Watch the video and make sure to support Old English Brand and King Lil G!

Our First Warehouse Sale

This saturday it will be the first time we open our warehouse to the public for our very first back to school warehouse sale. We will be giving out 10% to 75% off our merchandise in the store. We wanted to make this event pop like all the events we do so we will have music, and a skate ramp provided by our friends from Unmodern. So bring your boards.