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Saturday – January 24th – Oxnard, CA – All Ages

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Chino Grande – From His Book Of Lyrics

Rap artist carry a book of lyrics as if it was their bible. Wherever they go, that book goes with them. Some people might not know it, but words are very powerful.Words can now travel around the world in only a few minutes.
Words can immortalize you. Words can pierce the heart as a sword pieces the flesh. So a book a lyrics is an essential for the artist as a weapon is on the streets.

We sit down with Chino Grande as he opens his book of lyrics to us, hope you enjoy it.


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I know some of you have been waiting for a long time to have an LA pro football team. Well this year you all got your wish. The return of the LA Rams is here! Finally you can just drive to the Memorial Coliseum and cheer for a hometown team. So if you are about that LA Rams, we designed this specially for you. “LA Raised” was an inspiration from Los Angeles first team way before the Raiders. The Rams came to be Los Angeles very first official pro football team in 1946 to 1994. But before Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum could lease them the stadium they had one condition, to integrate their team with at least one black football player. Which they went on to signing Kenny Washington, making the Rams the first team to integrate an African-American to the NFL. Making other NFL franchise owners furious.  So they went on and added a second black player, Woody Strode,  at the end of the 1946 season the Rams had two black players. That’s just a little history of how the Rams came to be LA’s first hometown team way before the Raiders. So if you are a Rams fan, hope you like this design, LA Raised.

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Life is a Gamble

Visual artist Fucmyart takes Old English’s videos with a different approach. “I want to mix art with the designs. I want to give it some sort of identity and mood to these concepts.” Fucmyart teams up with Russian model Eliza Tkacheva to make this concept “Life is a Gamble.” “I think a lot of the symbolism was inspired by the creator of Old English Brand. While having a conversation with him about social media he said to me, ‘Fuck what people think. Just be you, do whatever the fuck you want and people will love or hate that, but you will be happier.’ Most of us go on thru life not ever taking off that imaginary mask, not truly ever showing who we are underneath. It is a bit untrustworthy and sad for people that never really get to be themselves for fear of being ridicule.” -Fucmyart

Check out the video:

The Late Night Planker

You can’t blame him sometimes waiting in the drive thru takes forever. And if your wonder who is that guy, he is the legendary pop locker Burst Rock. Get the documentary of Breaking and Pop Locking featuring his crews Soul 2 Soul and Funny Bones Crew. Available on youbuycds, Street Level.