Ms Krazie Performing This Sunday In Oxnard!!

Saturday – January 24th – Oxnard, CA – All Ages

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The Truth Music Video by The Campain

One of the dopest videos I seen in a very long while, was “The Truth” by The Campain. The Campain is a group of super lyrical emcees that are making noise right now in the music industry. In their music video, they are rocking with Old English Brand, sporting the OE “California Love Tee” and the OE “Keepers Of The Streets“. Its a really dope music video, so make sure to check it out and support them. We are always about supporting those who support us, so watch the video and turn those speakers up!

Sand One – La Blanco

Old English Brand filmed a small video with legendary street artist Sand One, who created a very special painting for an upcoming Miami art show. She labeled her piece “La Blanco” in honor of another legendary woman figure, Griselda Blanco. She talks about the inspiration to creating her painting, and the heartache with each stroke. Watch the video as she explains how she created this memorable art piece and how she feels she is similar to Griselda Blanco.

Old English Brand Presents : Ride

Old English Brand isnt about just a clothing company. Its also about inspiration and creation. Positivity and reaching goals. We were hanging out with our friend Kay G, who had some legal issues and has now turned a complete 180 and turned a negative into a positive. But like everything in life, its not always easy. Its a process of getting better and better and positivity comes more and more. But we always have to remember to always keep going, never giving up, and always doing your best, whatever the task is. We featured Kay G as we traveled through Venice, California as he gave us an insight on what gives him hope. Thank you Kay G for inspiring those who listen. He is wearing the Old English  Brand “3rd Strike Baseball Tee“, available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or online inside Our Online Store!

Just remember, always keep in focus what you do have, and work to get what you dont have. 

Entourage Movie Trailer

Warner Bros released a movie trailer that made the internet buzz with excitement. It premiered the movie trailer for the upcoming Entourage Movie. With the beginning scene, it shows an underground rave scene as Vincent Chase returns, alongside DJ Calvin Harris, for a movie being filmed within the film. The party scene brings back memories of how Los Angeles underground parties used to be. Seemingly random locations, lasers, bass, and the people. Entourage captured it all within seconds, then returns to its familiar faces as E, Turtle, Drama and Ari return to the screen for the very anticipated Entourage Movie. Set to release June, 2015, cameos are crazy, featuring Calvin Harris, UFC Champ Ronda Rousey, Mark Wahlberg and Emily Ratajkowski. Im really excited about watching this movie, and this trailer is amazing. Check it out here at Old English Brand!

Raven Sorvino – Makavelli Music Video

This is dope, I got a call from my homegirl Raven Sorvino telling me she was filming her new music video called “Makavelli” and she was in the streets of LA shooting it. She made a dope track to pay honor to Tupac, and she was going to rock one of her favorite tank tops from Old English Brand. Its called the OE “Since ’96 Thug Life Tank Top“, and she was going to wear it in her music video in a few scenes. Thats really dope when we have dope artists sporting our gear in music videos. Everyone make sure to check it out!