Ms Krazie Pictures From Boise Show – Exclusive

Waiting For Ms Krazie In Her Room

Brown is Beautiful

Forgive Not Forget

Some Loyal Ms Krazie Fans At The Show!!

Katelin & Ms Krazie

Ms Krazie & One Of Her Gifts From A Fan

This past weekend, UKMG Artist Ms Krazie performed for her very first time in Boise, Idaho at the Chicano Rap Legends concert. The concert was a really dope show, that featured artists like Ms Krazie, Mr D, Frank V from Proper Dos, Cuete Yeska,L Boy, Mister One, Sonny Locs and more. There is alot of local talent in Boise who performed really good. We would like to shout out Paz Promotions and Sonny Locs for putting this event together and keeping our scene alive in Boise. We decided for this blog, to post alot of pictures of Ms Krazie with fans, or of her fans, to show that we support them and wanna shout them out. We really had a fun time in Boise and we would love to return there soon!

The OE Faded Beanie Available For Pre Order!

Here is our newest item to the Old English Brand store, and it will be releasing soon, its the OE “Faded Beanie“. Its available now for Pre Order and we are excited for these beanie. They are already going into production and we might make these available in more colors. What do you think of the beanie? Let us know at The Old English Brand Facebook Page!

Keepin The Streets Aint A Problem x OE

We had another photo shoot with Problemz from Smooth Hustle/DSG. This time, he decided to wear the Old English Brand “Keepers Of The Streets” tee. This tee represents the status of the person wearing the shirt. With the symbol of the California Brown Bear, and the State of California, this shirt is the lifestyle of the Westcoast. Worn by Problemz, a fast rising artist, and an upcoming boxer, this is the shirt that you must have if you live the fast life. This shirt was a major fan favorite with everyone who has seen it, and flew off the shelves. If you don’t have this shirt in your Old English Brand collection already, then you are missing out on looking as fresh as possible. We have the “Keepers Of The Streets” available right now in the Old English Brand Store, so make sure to pick up your shirt today!

“Keepers Of The Street” is currently available in Black, sizes M – 3XL

Problemz of Smooth Hustle

Got The Streets On Lock

We Keep The Streets

Old English Brand Reppin

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No One On The Block Got It Like Us

No One On The Block Got It Like Us

Califas Reppin Old English

We did a photoshoot last week with Midget Loco’s son here at the Old English Brand Warehouse. He chose to wear his favorite design, the Old English Brand Califas Shirt . Both shirts don’t just say a message to be proud of, but a way to live by. Living in Califas is a lifestyle of its own and the shirt shows even thought you might not live in Califas, your lifestyle is from there.

Interrogation of a Vandal

An Old English Vandal Arksseven. Bet your surprised that she’s a chick. (Sorry guys she’s taken). She went out painting in the Spirt of the New Year to kick of the year, and still catching Land Marks. The world is a vandals canvas, they let the creativity run free through the colors and stlyes of letters. We asked her some questions about her life being a female graffitti artist…

Q. When did it all start?

A. mann, shit started a cool minute ago.. like about 4 years ago but with some toy ass shit, I wouldn’t consider myself an actual bomber till about 2 years ago.

Q. Did anyone take you under there wing?

A. Nah, i never had that person to look up to. Sometimes i wish i did though, so i could of known the Do’s and Dont’s of the game you know…

Q. What do guys think when they first find out you bomb?

A. Just being a girl they automatically thing im just another “graff groupie”, but that never intimidated me.. I just let my skills speak for themselves.

Q. Being a vandal have you ever had a close call?

A. Well actually there was this one time, but thats a whole other story. hahaha

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