Ms Krazie Sad Girls Club Collection Coming Soon

The Ms Krazie and Old English Brand collaboration for the SadGirls Club Collection is almost here! We will be having a 1 Day Sale on November 25th (11/25/2015) for the clothing. Thier will be some official members tank tops in a super comfortable fit cotton/spandex blend. There will be 2 different designs available, the “SadGirls Club Official Members” tank and the “Lashes and Liner” tank tops in black. Sizes will range from Small to 2XL. More information will be coming soon, and they will all be available exclusively and only at!

Old English Brand At The Bank Sale

Old English Brand is proud to announce that we will have a booth at The Bank Sale on Saturday, February 8th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Bank Sale is a street wear expo where clothing brands come to show their newest products, and where the public can see the items firsthand. It will be the first time OE will be at The Bank Sale, and you never know which special guests will be at our booth! We will have many Old English Brand items available for purchase directly from us! It will be an amazing experience and we have just been told that Ty Dolla Sign of Taylor Gang will be performing live at the event, along with some other dope acts! Make sure to visit our blog daily to get more updates on The Bank Sale, and don’t forget its February 8th! The Bank Sale is open to the public!

Free With Every Order!

Old English Brand is ready for class. Are you? We have our entire Collection of Old English Brand Tee’s, Sweaters, Tank Tops, Snapbacks, Crew Necks, Backpacks, Shoes and Accessories available now. We have a variety of colors and are all in stock! We know back to school is always a hectic time of the year for both parents and teens, so we are making it a little easier by offering a few cool back to school items with every order! What will it be? You can find out by ordering any item from The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside The Old English Brand Online Store!

OE Invited To The Exclusive Darnaa Listening Event

Old English Brand is invited to attend the Exclusive Invitation Only Listening Party for Darnaa, who is a very talented pop singer and songwriter. She has two singles right now, and they are really dope. This event is presented by Echoing Soundz and Y.E.S Productions and will be hosted by Boris Kodjoe, who is an actor from the “The Real Husbands Of Hollywood”. This is a very exclusive listening event, showcasing Darnaa’s new music as well as a performance that will be streamed live. Old English Brand will be at the party, getting some cool photos from the event. We have been networking to bring some really cool ideas and pictures for our blog, and since we are always invited to industry events like this, we will be going to more hollywood events. Below is a music video by Darnaa, that will be reaching 1 Million Views very soon.

Darnaa – Runaway – Music Video

Merry OE Christmas

Today is Friday, and we are a week away from Christmas. This is how we decorated our Christmas Tree this year inside our flagship shop. You can still come down to the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and find the gifts for your loved ones, just in time for Christmas! Remember you still will receive Free Pins with every order! Our holiday hours will be Monday – Friday, from 12pm to 6pm.


The winners circle. A group of homies that we feel are winning right now. Through their hard work and constant hustle they are moving up in the game. We wanted to showcase these people to you so you too can strive to be in the winners circle with us.

These are the artists that we think are winning:



Krukone is based on Los Angeles and locally in Whittier. As he started creating his music, he linked up with a few of his friends and decided to create a rap group called “TOP LEAGUE” with his photographer Kiddoegee, rapper CNG. During the last two years of Kruks music career, he has done so much as to going to Youtube space, playing shows such as the No Label Festival in San Bernardino, and more. Kruk One has worked very hard in his music, his group, and even merch. We are excited to see him grow with himself as an entrepreneur and as an artist.


Here you can follow him at:

Twitter: @KrukOneLA

Instagram: @krukone




Reverie grew up in Highland Park of NorthEast of Los Angeles. She has toured internationally and all over the Unites States. She currently has 4 albums out including her latest one Satori. When Reverie was 18 she went to an open mic where she performed for the first time. Her brother Loudenbeats, made some of her beats throughout her albums. She is still currently unsigned. Reverie wants her fans to know “I want my music to bring people peace” to let them know if they’re having relationship troubles, problems with their parents, getting sober, or contemplating suicide that they are not alone. I used to sell drugs, now I sell music. I love what Im doing. We had a blast hanging out with her and hear her sick flows, and how fun of a person she is. She is one of the few women we look up to because of how hard she has worked. We love to see her grow and you can see her grow too on Instagram, and Twitter.


Twitter: @reverieLOVE

Instagram: @reverielove




Vel the Wonder aka Vel Nine is based in Los Angeles. She released her debut album on band camp in 2014 called (Laced with Pearls). She has also performed all over the United States and has also performed at the second annual Psycho De Mayo. Her current album Melotonics is out now. Vel we want to thank you for letting us shoot with us and we cant wait to see your upcoming projects.


You can follow her on:

Twitter: @velthewonder

Instagram: @vel_nine



YBE is an artist based in Los Angeles. He is currently signed to M$M Entertainment and has 5 available albums. Abe has dope music videos and one of our favorite music video is “Been On”. He has done a lot in his music career and is continuing to expand his music. We see him hustling hard in his music career and glad hes part of the team.






Chino Grande is currently signed to Urban Kings Music Group, and was raised in East Los Angeles. When he was 12 he moved to Whittier and continued to see the gang life, poverty, drug dealers and drug users. Most of his music is based on what has happened to him and what he’s seen, what he has learned from it. Before going solo he was in a group called Charlie Row Campo and used his album Still Active to debut his solo career. He is currently working on another album set to be released by the end of the year.


Twitter: @ChinoGrandeCRC

Instagram: @chinograndecrc


Behind the scenes video: