Ms Krazie Said To Smile Now, and Cry Never

Ms Krazie made an album called “Smile Now, Cry Never”, and it took life of a whole new meaning. The saying took off and people started tattooing this popular phrase. We would like to shout out Rosemary Sanchez for taking a picture of her new tattoo, that was heavily influenced by Ms Krazie’s album title. Rosemary is a big supporter of Ms Krazie and Urban Kings and submits pictures to us regularly, of Ms Krazie and other Urban Kings related topics. So make sure you do the same so we can shout you out in our blog and make you famous. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to submit your picture, then send us anything that has to do with Urban Kings, from artists, to your favorite cds, to autographs of your favorite Urban Kings Artists! We support those who support us, so send us your pictures today, and dont forget to mention your facebook, twitters and instagrams!

Join The xSetForLifex Crew

Old English Brand created a movement along with our friends from the Urban Kings Music Group to create something inspirational. The xSetForLifex movement is the movement inside each person to reach the highest of your potential. For the ones who have set high goals for themselves and continue reaching for it, and not giving up. It doesn’t mean your set for life financially or being rich, it means that you have the right mindset to do anything you want, and the mentality to achieve it. Then reaching your goal, then setting goals even higher, and always making yourself and your dream bigger. We created the OE “Set For Life Tee” that represents all that it stands for, and we took some photos with Marty JayR, who is a hip hop artist signed to Baby Bash’s ”Bashtown Records”. He is currently finishing his new debut album, which will be coming out very soon! The Set For Life Tee is available now at Old English Brand Flagship Shop and available inside Our Online Store!

187 x Old English Brand

Check out the some new pictures we took with Bigg Moe CEO 187 Inc. If you dont know about Bigg Moe or 187 inc. do your research. These came out extra nice, even though the sun was blazing and shinning down upon us.

You also get a sneak peak at the Old English Vandals promo shirt. Make sure you stay tuned for those because they’re extra nice.

Ms Krazie x OE x UKMG Look Alike Contest

Old English Brand x Ms Krazie x UKMG are working together on a unique one of a kind contest. We have collaborated with Ms Krazie and The Urban Kings Music Group in the past, working on the Ms Krazie Collection for Tee’s, Beanies, Snapbacks. This contest is exclusively for Instagram and the winner will win a piece of the OE x Ms Krazie Collection “Enferma Beanie” that will be autographed by Ms Krazie on the Old English Brand Tag of the beanie! You have two more days to enter this contest and only a few rules to enter. Read them below and enter for fun!

Contest Rules
1. Take a picture recreating Ms Krazie’s signature Makeup. If you are copying a specific picture, post a side by side of you and Ms Krazie.
2. You CANNOT copy the makeup Ms Krazie did on her “Joker” picture.
3. The more creative you are, the more you and Ms Krazie look alike, the higher your chances are of winning.
4. Upload your picture BEFORE November 1st on INSTAGRAM. Hashtag #HalloweenLoca and mention @HelloLoca, @UrbanKings & @OldEnglishBrand in your caption.*YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ALL 3 ACCOUNTS TO QUALIFY**This deserves to go to a good home where a fan can appreciate the small things with winter coming up quick, this will be a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for a dope fan. Good Luck!

Get Your Free OE Cecilia Poster

Old English Brand is giving away an exclusive poster we made special for our fans and supporters. The photo is of beautiful model Cecilia, which is the exact same photo that is featured from the OE “Cecilia Tee“! It is now available for everyone, and for free! It is free with every $50 order! Now you can own this poster and put it anywhere you like. Make sure to get yours! This deal applies to all orders at the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and the Old English Brand Online Store. The OE Cecilia Tee is available in both Black and Burgundy, in all sizes!

Make It Yours – Old English Brand

Its the middle of the week, and we all need to work towards our goals. Our worlds are within ourselves, and we all do everything we can to make it better. Doing what we love, including doing the work we need to get done so we can get the things we want. We make this world our world, because we surround ourselves with the people and objects that are appealing to us. Lets work even harder to accomplish a goal today, and inch closer to our grand goal. Here is a photo we did at the skatepark, while we just doing what we love. Showcasing the OE “3rd Strike Baseball Tee” and the OE “Ill Tempered Pocket Print in White“. Both are back in stock and available in All Sizes! We have them at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and you can also order online! We ship worldwide!