Ms Krazie Said To Smile Now, and Cry Never

Ms Krazie made an album called “Smile Now, Cry Never”, and it took life of a whole new meaning. The saying took off and people started tattooing this popular phrase. We would like to shout out Rosemary Sanchez for taking a picture of her new tattoo, that was heavily influenced by Ms Krazie’s album title. Rosemary is a big supporter of Ms Krazie and Urban Kings and submits pictures to us regularly, of Ms Krazie and other Urban Kings related topics. So make sure you do the same so we can shout you out in our blog and make you famous. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to submit your picture, then send us anything that has to do with Urban Kings, from artists, to your favorite cds, to autographs of your favorite Urban Kings Artists! We support those who support us, so send us your pictures today, and dont forget to mention your facebook, twitters and instagrams!

Kiss That Ass Good Bye!

This just in…….. Kiss that ass good bye!  The boss has been hard at work (really). Has been putting in work from 8pm to 5am not counting his regular 9 Am to 6 Pm. Thats before you go to sleep and before you wake up, you would think we run off of tweak.(for the record we don’t….lol) Its looking clean new graphics new options basically say your final good byes to this site cuz its out with the old and in with the new. And this site gots to go. Now don’t panic its gonna be the same web address but the style is gonna completely change so get ready for your new toy.

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Dreezy – Nonstop Music Video

We always play some dope new music videos when we come across ones that are just dope. I picked a brand new video today from Dreezy, a lyrical hip hop artist from Chicago. We met her a while back at the K-Camp mixtape listening party. Dreezy has signed to Interscope, and has made some dope tracks and music videos. She dropped a new video today called Nonstop and she wrecked the track. A true MC, Dreezy is here to kill the game and she’s taken over. Follow her on Instagram at – @DreezyDreezy.

Plead The Fifth – 2 of Lifes Most Important Lessons

“Never Rat On Your Friends, & Always Keep Your Mouth Shut” – Goodfellas

“Everybody Gets Pinched, But You Did It Right, You Told Em Nothin And They Got Nothin” – Goodfellas

We used 2 Goodfella movie lines to describe these 2 pictures. With one of our most popular designs from our Old English Brand stock, the Plead The Fifth T Shirt new photoshoot came out great with the same concept of keeping your mouth closed. With Jimmy telling Henry Hill lifes most important lesson about not sayin nothing. They will try to convince you, lie to you, and trick you into sayin anything, thats why you never say nothin.


Smoke Break

The person bringing all the shows together has to take a moment to relax. And like most things, some hobbies never change. OE vandals since day one.

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The Old English Brand Bank Sale Exclusive


We are letting everyone know that Old English Brand will have a booth at this years upcoming The Bank Sale. Old English Brand will be releasing 4 exclusive designs for The Bank Sale, and we are letting everyone see the first design that will be available. The Bank Sale is a clothing expo for upcoming clothing brands and Old English Brand was invited to attend the event. You have the opportunity to buy directly from us at our booth, which will feature some cool, unique giveaways, have some special guests come through, and hang out with us. It will be a fun day that include a special performance by Ty Dolla Sign of Taylor Gang. Come chill at the Old English Brand Booth at The Bank Sale February 8th at The Los Angeles Convention Center. It is all ages and open to the public! And stay posted to our blog so you can see some more exclusive designs that will be released for the bank sale.

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