Ms Krazie Says Hello Medford, Oregon!

Ms Krazie will be a part of this weekends Hello Loca 2012/The Fast Life Tour in Medford, Oregon at the Jackson County Fairgrounds this Saturday, August 4th. This will be a huge event going down in Medford, with a Drifting Competition, Gaming Competition, Skating Competition and the hottest music artists out right now, including Ms Krazie, Lil G, Kirko Bangz, Kid Ink, Nipsey Hussle, E Money, The Rangers and more! This event is sponsored by Hot 98.9, 107.5 KISS FM, and brought to you by 2Cor and Bonafide Ent. It is also hosted by D Loc. Ms Krazie has just announced she is ending her Hello Loca 2012 Tour early, so this might be the last chance for fans in Oregon to go see her perform live. She will be doing many of her classics, and will do an exclusive Meet and Greet with VIP  Holders. To get tickets to this huge event, click and pick up yours today!!!

Creative Designs

Every wonder who comes up with The Vandals designs? No one else but our one and only boy EdGutter. He has his own site where he puts up his work to real life. So you can get to see the creativity that goes through his mind when he comes up with the designs. We don’t have no fancy designers here just real people putting their thoughts into play.

Old English Brand Is Firme

Old English Brand did a photoshoot this weekend with Romeo this weekend to shoot the OE “Firme Tee“. It is our newest item from the Old English Brand Collection, and is our top selling tee of the week. Its been selling in all sizes and we are officially low in others. This tee is all purpose, to rock at any occasion. What do you think of it? Is it your style? Visit us at The Old English Brand Facebook Page and let us know what you think! We have this tee is all sizes, but for a limited time. Get yours at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online today!

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All Charged Up!

Old English Brand Life Savers are here to save your life. Have you ever been out to a function, and your cell phone is about to die, and you forgot your charger. Or you have your charger and your at a place where you cant plug it in to charge? Well Old English Brand got your back. We were also in that situation before, but now never again. We created a brand new item into our collection, the OE “Life Saver Portable Battery Charger”. We have two options available, the “OE Life Savers 1UP” and “OE Life Savers 2UP“. Both are available to get charged up. The 1UP charges a full charge and the 2UP charges multiple charges! Available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside Our Online Store!

Life’s A Risk Is Back In Stock Now!

Todays Old English Brand Showcase is one of our most popular designs. It has  been sold out for a few weeks, and we have just brought it into stock. It is called the OE “Life’s A Risk Tee“. All sizes were sold out, but we are back with sizes Medium – 3XL. We always like to showcase something classic, and something new, and this one fits the bill. One of our most popular releases this year is the Life’s A Risk, because it looks fresh. With a distinct vintage feel, but with a new twist. What do you think of this tee? Its available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and our online store!

The Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Open : Monday – Friday

Hours : 12pm to 6pm

Cooking up some Dope

Our Old English warehouse was running low on the West Coast and Homicide. So, we had to reload on the Old English favorites, we headed to the factory to pick up the batch. They were finishing up on the West side and we got to see how they get the los angeles city on the shirts ……….

They started off  getting the shirt fitted on to the table making sure there are no wrinkles and the shirts.

Then they lay down the screen, which has the stencil of the City of Los Angeles. It that controls how much paint goes thru.

The man gets the paint, puts it on top the screen and then with a silkscreen wipers, he moves the paint around so that in paint coveres the entier stencil.

He lifts up the screen and makes sure that the image came out clean.

and then puts the shirt on a conveyor belt that goes into a oven.

Once it comes out the paint in no longer wet. It Gets folded and piled with the rest of the shirts. Ready to be taken to the warehouse to be restocked and ready to buy.

Posted By Alejandra