Ms Krazie – Si Hoy Que Nos Amamos

A Cruise To Remember

Now a days we rush pass situations that are meant to be significant in our lives. Its only when its too late that we realize our mistakes but one thing that can never lead you wrong is being grounded.There use to be a time when a date was picking up your significant other to go for a ride around the town. Where people knew a thing or two about pride and respect. When a man wasn’t measured by the pistol that he holds but the value of his word.  Life may never give you the easiest road but one decides where it leads to. Cuz once your time glass ends so does your existence so enjoy it will it last. Living life in the fast-lane leaves a mark of  a foot step on the beach. Cruise through life take a few stops, catch up with those that mean something in your life and take them along for the ride because it will soon just be a memory.

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Brought To You By O.E …Boyz N The Hood

We stopped by the laboratory to check up on our newest line and decided to get a camera to capture the making of Boyz N Tha Hood Double Sided Bandana. One side represents the Money the other side represents the Power. Get your exclusive bandana here.

Blowing Shit Up With Matt Gondek

Old English Brand Presents a video with one of our favorite artists. His name is Matt Gondek and he blows shit up. He has a unique style that has created a huge buzz in the artworld. He has collaborated with established artists, musicians and painters, as well as being featured in various magazines, including Complex. Watch our video and watch Matt as he tells his story through art. For more information on Matt and to see more artwork, visit

Are You Feeling Krazie

To all the Ms. Krazie fans and admirers Old English Brand came up with the official Ms. Krazie T-shirt called “Try Me”. She is all tatted down like the nina enferma that she is. And here is a true Ms. Krazie fan sporting off her shirt for the world to see her krazie side. Don’t want to feel left out? Get yours here. And yes we also have Ms. Krazie Shirts for guys.

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Big Tank – I Stay Dippin

Old English Brand sent Big Tank a sponsorship package to wear some Old English Brand Clothing in some of his videos. He wore the OE Shield 2 T Shirt in this video with Truant and Brefless. Make sure to watch the video “I Stay Dippin” which is in this post and Directed by Mads Tha Hated. Its another dope video with perfect quality. Its another dope video by Mads the Hated and is a dope song to go with a dope video. Remember the OE Shield 2 Shirts are available now in our store and its one of the fan favorites so make sure to pick one up today!