Ms Krazie Straight Teasing by Andriana

Check out one of the submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest” This one was done by Adriana. If you’re not familiar with the contest make sure you click here..

Check out one of the  submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest”
This one was done by another Lady Envy.
If you’re not familiar with the contest make sure you <a href=””>click here</a


Limited Edition Ms Krazie Hello Loca Tour Tees

This is the second time Old English Brand have partnered with Ms Krazie to bring you these Limited Edition Ms Krazie Hello Loca Tour Tees. New tour dates have been added to these shirts and will be available exclusively at the Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shows. Don’t forget to catch this Mother’s Day Weekend Ms Krazie is performing this Saturday in Santa Maria, on May 12th at the Santa Maria Fairpark. This is Ms Krazie’s first Hello Loca 2012 concert in California.  Other Tour Dates:
May 18 – Farmington, NM
May 19 – Gallup, NM
May 26 – Midland, TX
June 1 – Aurora, IL
June 2 – Chicago IL
June 9 – McAllen, TX
June 15 – Tampa, FL

Keep posted to this blog because you never know when these shirts might become available on our online shop.

Old English Brand Kids All Stars

Its all stars time in baseball, for both teenagers and kids. Old English Brand has been ready to bring out our sports gear, and get ready to get back to the diamond. We have released our first baseball tee, called the OE “3rd Strike Baseball Tee” and with so much success we decided to release a child version, called the OE “Little Leaguer Baseball Tee“. Since we wanted to make a commercial to show everyone the kids version of the baseball tee, we went to the park and did one of the best commercials we ever had. Make sure to watch the commercial above, called “Success Breeds Success” and give us your opinions on the Old English Brand Facebook Page. Both the 3rd Strike & Little Leaguer Baseball Tees are available now at the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and in the OE online store!


BigTiny is a good friend of Old English. He is the owner of UNAINK, which is a tattoo company. He pick up his tattooing skills while serving time in prison and brought to the outside world. He has worked for Psycho Realm, Soul Assassins,  just to name a few and he is currently working with us with some new designs.Recently he open a store called LIVIN’ PROOF  that is a clothing/ tattooing in New Mexico; soon will be caring Old English Brand. In his case Crime Does Pay.
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9 More Days Till Christmas

There are only 9 days left until Christmas is here. Everyone has been getting into the holiday spirit worldwide. Its always good to see Christmas lights on houses, homes decorated with Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, Elves, Presents and more. The year seemed to pass by quick this time, and another year we are thankful to the people who support us and represent our brand with us. I remember last year we just went to our Christmas Staff Meeting, and talked about what plans we had for 2013, and I think we conquered most of them and more. And as we continue to grow, we continue to stay ambitious and motivated and dedicated to releasing the best products possible, and only top quality items will do. I will be the one this year two O’l English 25 oz Mugs full of milk and drink milk and cookies with Santa.

Sicker Than Your Average

Old English Brand released a very popular tee from our past collection called “Sicker Than Your Average“. It features a crazy typography design on a black tee with grey lettering. Its a really dope tee and became a fan favorite with everyone. Here is a really dope photo we took with Los Angeles rapper LA Problemz of Smooth Hustle. He is also a boxer and just won his 15th fight a week before the photo shoot. The Sicker Than Your Average tee caught his eye and we did a photo shoot for it. It is available now in our online store, in sizes M – 3XL. Make sure to stay posted for more photos from Old English Brand!