Ms Krazie Tote Bag

Here is the exclusive look of the Ms Krazie “Smile Now Cry Never” Tote Bag. This is the first ever certified authentic tote bag by Ms Krazie herself. These will be available very soon in the UKMG Merch Store. Ms Krazie already has items available now, including her two official Tee Shirt collaborations with Old English Brand, the first shirt is called “Try Me” and the second being “Forgive Not Forget“. Both shirts came out dope and are exclusive. Ms Krazie also has a baby line coming soon, and it will also featuring onesies! Make sure to stay posted to our blog for all upcoming products by Ms Krazie.

And dont forget Ms Krazie’s brand new album “Forgive Not Forget” is available now in all major music retail outlets, such as Hastings, Best Buy, and FYE. Forgive Not Forget is also available digitally through iTunes! If you haven’t picked up the album yet, make sure to support and get it today.

Forgive Not Forget – OEB x Ms Krazie’s BRAND NEW SHIRT

Here is the brand new Ms Krazie x Old English Brand collaboration. The first collaboration with both of us created a huge success from the first shirt, called “Try Me“. Next we created Ms Krazies exclusive “Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shirts” which are ONLY AVAILABLE through Ms Krazie’s concerts, autograph signings and meet and greets. Now we have the next installment of our partnership and created the Brand New MS KRAZIE Shirt “Forgive Not Forget“, which is a very special release which is right in time for her new upcoming album, which will also carry the same name (releasing Sept 18th in all major music stores). We were going to put the OE BRAND logo on the back of the shirt, but we felt we needed something extra and special, since this is a very special shirt, so we decided to put “Forgive Not Forget” on the back of the shirt with the Old English Brand written right below the neck line. This new addition made the shirt look very dope. This shirt available right now on our Old English Brand Store by Clicking Here . These shirts are out now and selling very quickly so make sure to get your order in quick because these are flying off the shelves!!

We currently have the OEB x Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget in Black, Sizes M – 3XL

Always Forgive, But Never Forget

Straight Up Classic

Look Into Her Eyes

OEB x Ms Krazie

We Hittin Em Hard

We Got Your Back

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OE – Dream On Dreamer

Here was one of my favorite commercials to make. Its one of my favorites because its a commercial that motivates me and makes me want to work harder for my goals. We asked our friends from Unmodern Industries if they can help us to make the commercial. Since they are professional skaters already, they did some tricks and stunts for us, and it made the commercial so real. We have been making new commercials, and I really think a new motivational commercial might be on the way.

OE Women Racerbacks Are Available Now!

Have you heard about the new release Old English Brand had this week! Its something just for the ladies, a brand new collection of Old English Brand Racerback Tank Tops! With the Summer being hotter than ever, we release these new tanks just for the ladies. So today we are showing the brand new OE “Racerback Womens Tank in Heather Grey“. Perfect for all day, these racerbacks are ready to wear at the beach, bbq’s and all summer fun activities. Today we are giving you a closer look into the brand new racerback, so you can see it up close and personal!

Old English Brand Racerback Tank Top for Women

Available in sizes S – XL

In Heather Grey with Burgundy!

Another View!

We Got Your Back

Facing Forward

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Sand One & Urban Kings Collaboration

Click Here To Watch – Art In The Making

Have you seen this video from Urban Kings of their new collaboration with legendary street artist Sand One? Urban Kings is a record label that built itself in Los Angeles, having quality music and quality products with top notch artists. Sand One established herself as an artist that started from the beginning and is growing in popularity daily, working with Levi’s, The NBA, Univision, Redbull, Nike and more. Its dope how these two brands came together to create a collaboration that was simply for their fans. Its also really dope how they wanted to include Old English Brand into their plan. Urban Kings told us the idea was simple. To have the best female artist create an image of their top female artist, Ms Krazie, and using Sand One signature style to make Ms Krazie’s signature look. Old English Brand, Urban Kings and Ms Krazie have collaborated in the past, creating Tee’s, Snapbacks, Phone Cases and more! So when Urban Kings and Sand One asked us if Ms Krazie could wear an Old English Brand Tee Shirt in the design, (we were proud they thought of us first), we were honored to be a part of it. So watch the video of “Art In The Making” and see the best female artist in action!

See The Urban Kings x Sand One x Ms Krazie – Mural @

Ediths Market

498 South Ford Street

Los Angeles, CA 90022