Ms Krazie Tote Bag

Here is the exclusive look of the Ms Krazie “Smile Now Cry Never” Tote Bag. This is the first ever certified authentic tote bag by Ms Krazie herself. These will be available very soon in the UKMG Merch Store. Ms Krazie already has items available now, including her two official Tee Shirt collaborations with Old English Brand, the first shirt is called “Try Me” and the second being “Forgive Not Forget“. Both shirts came out dope and are exclusive. Ms Krazie also has a baby line coming soon, and it will also featuring onesies! Make sure to stay posted to our blog for all upcoming products by Ms Krazie.

And dont forget Ms Krazie’s brand new album “Forgive Not Forget” is available now in all major music retail outlets, such as Hastings, Best Buy, and FYE. Forgive Not Forget is also available digitally through iTunes! If you haven’t picked up the album yet, make sure to support and get it today.

White is right..

Midget Loco Update!

Midget Loco stops by to update us on his new album and his mixtape coming out this year, First Loco At The Streets. He also shows us a shirt brought to you by Old English Brand. The Shirt is called Plead The Fifth and it features Midget Loco with a gun. It is really good and its available at

Pick A Card Any Card

Old English has different tags and we randomize the tags to each shirt,bandanna, shoes,etc so you never know what tag your going to getting. We got different lines to chose from our limited edition to our customized glasses each one will come different from the next. Collect them all.

The Old English Brand Bank Sale Exclusive


We are letting everyone know that Old English Brand will have a booth at this years upcoming The Bank Sale. Old English Brand will be releasing 4 exclusive designs for The Bank Sale, and we are letting everyone see the first design that will be available. The Bank Sale is a clothing expo for upcoming clothing brands and Old English Brand was invited to attend the event. You have the opportunity to buy directly from us at our booth, which will feature some cool, unique giveaways, have some special guests come through, and hang out with us. It will be a fun day that include a special performance by Ty Dolla Sign of Taylor Gang. Come chill at the Old English Brand Booth at The Bank Sale February 8th at The Los Angeles Convention Center. It is all ages and open to the public! And stay posted to our blog so you can see some more exclusive designs that will be released for the bank sale.

Click Here To Buy Tickets To The Bank Sale Clothing Brand Expo!

The Revenge Super Sale – OxExB

The Riot on Us? You gotta be kidding me. We cant let no one get one up on us. And we are gonna prove it by showing you the revenge. We are gonna offer a bigger % than what them other boys tried to do on our site. They may have known someone that knew someone, but we are that someone. We are gonna raise up the percentage again for Monday, November 26th, for one day only, for a 25% discount off every minimum purchase of $30. This is gonna prove who control what we do. Our Revenge on the Black Riot sale is here!

Monday, November 26th, 2012. 25% off every order (minimum of $30)

Code Word is : TRUSTUKMG

And we partnered up with other great companies like, The Psycho Shop, Custom Frames, and …. Old English Brand has revenge like no other, but we serve it hot!