Ms. Krazie Update

Check these 2 new pics of Ms. Krazie. She’s looking great. Shout outs to Ms. Krazie all your fans are anticipating that album of yours.

Old English Brand – Be Our Valentine This Year

Valentines Day is around the corner, and we want you to be our Valentine. Order any Old English Brand item between now and Valentines Day (February 14th) to receive an EXCLUSIVE VALENTINE’S DAY SURPRISE. We don’t judge on age, looks, gender, race, we wanna be your valentine. Will it be candy, flowers, poems, cards, free cds or something else? We cant tell you yet, but it will be really cool for you to be our Valentine and find out. So wether you order shirts, sweaters, tanks, crew necks, bandanas, house shoes or gift certificates, Old English Brand will give you a gift for being our 2013 Valentine. Remember, the quicker you place your order, the more likely your Valentines Day Suprise will arrive on Valentines Day! Don’t make us wait…..

Dj G Minor Is At It Again

DJ G Minor sent us another dope pic of him from this weekend in Las Vegas. Check him out in the V.I.P Section wearing the Old English Brand “Hustle Hard” Shirt. And do you notice the other person in the picture with G Minor (who is on the Right if you didnt know). It is non other then Dj Tony Touch aka Tony Toca. Shout out to DJ G Minor and the Dirtbag Crew!

Fast As Hell Jogger Pants Are Now Available

Old English Brand released a brand new item as part of our Winter Collection. It is the OE “Fast As Hell Jogger Pants” and they have taken off with the popularity. Since we have released these joggers, they have been hard to keep in stock. With fashion trends changing, we always stay ahead of the rest and release clothing that will be popular, and these are no different. The style with the Old English Brand carries a new style for the public. With Old English Brand boldly across the leg, along with Athletic Dept. Track and Field, these have been a hit with everyone. Make sure to check them out today and get your pair. I have been wearing mine throughout town and always get asked about them. Plus they are comfortable too. Check them out, available in black, sizes S – XL!

Click Here To Order The OE “Fast As Hell” Jogger Pants Today!

Follow Us On Instagram

Are you following us on Instagram? With social media users at an all time high, we have created our own Instagram so we have another way to interact with everyone. Everything is visual, for us, we want to see our supporters and support right back. We have orders from all around the world, and we want to see our fans and follow back those who support us. We have a little over 14,000 followers and we follow 1,500 people. Follow us and join our Instagram movement and Hashtag us when your sporting Old English Brand so we can follow you back!

Instagram – @OldEnglishBrand


BigTiny is a good friend of Old English. He is the owner of UNAINK, which is a tattoo company. He pick up his tattooing skills while serving time in prison and brought to the outside world. He has worked for Psycho Realm, Soul Assassins, ┬ájust to name a few and he is currently working with us with some new designs.Recently he open a store called LIVIN’ PROOF ┬áthat is a clothing/ tattooing in New Mexico; soon will be caring Old English Brand. In his case Crime Does Pay.
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