Ms Krazie Video Coming Soon!

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie has been working hard on her newest album, Sad Girls Club, and Urban Kings visited her inside the studio and filmed the scene as she was recorded one of her newest songs. We captured her when she is most creative, writing and recording. She also talks about the creation of this album, the motivation and the style for Sad Girls Club. The video came out really dope and its like Ms Krazie like you have never seen her before. The video is scheduled to be released in a week, so make sure to stay updated to our website for more information! You can also stay posted to The Urban Kings Facebook Page for all the up to the minute information!

Flash Sale!

Be About It – First Look!

Old English Brand is proud to release our latest design, that we are really excited about. Its called the OE “Be About It” Tee. This tee was created with the concept of one simple rule. Don’t say what you’ll do, and never do it. Don’t be one of those people. Be a stand up individual who is real about what they say and backs up what is said. Be true to yourself and what type of person you are. And that was the creative process of making this tee. Then we linked up with OE Sponsored Artist True Starr for the first look photoshoot of our design. It will be release on Thursday, March 17th worldwide! Make sure to stay posted once they are available! They will be sold at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online to be delivered on your doorstep!

What League Are You In?

We have the First Season of fashion for the new year exclusively from Old English Brand. We have the brand new Crew Neck that was added to this new year of 2013, and its called “OE Street League“. The concept is simple, you decide what league you are in. We all may be at the same school, but Old English Brand and the people that wear OE are a league of our own, a class of our own. With the high standards of releasing nothing but quality products, and made from quality material. This is a new year, and with this brand new look, you will be turning heads left and right with the complex yet simple design, that is crisp and clear. So now we ask you, what league are you in?

Street League is available in Black – sizes M – 3xl

What League Are You In?

Straight Shooter

We All Went To The Same School

But We Are In A Different League

Street League Champions

We Earned Our Patch

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Art Or Vandal!

In the aftermath of street artist Zevs’ “liquidation” of Giorgio Armani’s store in Central , the Frenchman has had to deal with his arrest and subsequent court case in which he pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage.

Representatives of Giorgio Armani demanded nearly HK$6.7 million in damages. They say because they could not remove the paint from the store’s facade because of its sandstone nature. Zevs said he deliberately used a water-based paint that ought to have been easily removable. But professional cleaners hired by Armani claim otherwise.

Old English Brand & Ty Dolla Sign At The Bank Sale

Old English Brand will be at The Bank Sale, a clothing brand expo that will be taking place on February 8th at The Los Angeles Convention Center. It is an all ages event, and open to the public. Thats not all, but people who attend the bank sale, can also buy directly from Old English Brand. We will have a booth at the bank sale with some exclusive gear thats made for the bank sale. Also confirmed is special guest artist Ty Dolla Sign of Taylor Gang. He will be performing his hit new track “Paranoid” along with his songs from his new Beach House 2 EP. Here is the official flyer for The Bank Sale. Doors open at 12 noon!

Ty Dolla Sign – Paranoid – Music Video

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