Ms Krazie Video Coming Soon!

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie has been working hard on her newest album, Sad Girls Club, and Urban Kings visited her inside the studio and filmed the scene as she was recorded one of her newest songs. We captured her when she is most creative, writing and recording. She also talks about the creation of this album, the motivation and the style for Sad Girls Club. The video came out really dope and its like Ms Krazie like you have never seen her before. The video is scheduled to be released in a week, so make sure to stay updated to our website for more information! You can also stay posted to The Urban Kings Facebook Page for all the up to the minute information!

We Are Leaders Of The Pack

We are gearing up for the release of the Old English Brand Summer Season Collection, and we have some really cool brand new products to be sent into the world. We have a brand new Tank Top, that has not been seen by anyone until now, called the OE “Leaders Of The Pack” tank. We also have some brand new Snapbacks coming soon, including this OE “West” Hat that will also be featured as part of our Summer Collection. We also have more Tee Shirts, Tank Tops, Snapback Hats that has not been shown to the public just  yet. This is just a sample of one of the releases that will be coming out soon, so make sure to stay posted to our blog to see more photos of new items and products! We will be showing more soon!

Be About It With Kruk One & Old English Brand

We Shootin, awww made ya look. We been on our photography game like crazy this month, and we still locking in shoots until the end of the month. But this time we dont have a picture, we have a short video during our photoshoot with Kruk One as we shoot to showcase the OE “Be About It Tee“. Plus, we took some shots for Kruk’s upcoming album, called Slums 2 The Stage. Set up with a Impala, this shoot came out really dope. Make sure to watch a behind the scenes moment of what we all do.

A Cruise To Remember

Now a days we rush pass situations that are meant to be significant in our lives. Its only when its too late that we realize our mistakes but one thing that can never lead you wrong is being grounded.There use to be a time when a date was picking up your significant other to go for a ride around the town. Where people knew a thing or two about pride and respect. When a man wasn’t measured by the pistol that he holds but the value of his word.  Life may never give you the easiest road but one decides where it leads to. Cuz once your time glass ends so does your existence so enjoy it will it last. Living life in the fast-lane leaves a mark of  a foot step on the beach. Cruise through life take a few stops, catch up with those that mean something in your life and take them along for the ride because it will soon just be a memory.

Published By Elena

Would You Like To Own One?

Old English Brand promotional items are here! We did a photo shoot with Playboy Model Cecilia a few weeks ago and we have created these awesome one of a kind promotional fliers, showcasing one of our top photo shoots of the Summer. With a brand new Summer Collection available now, we have been working on some awesome photo shoots and videos to display our incredible ideas to you. We never stop working, because when you love what you do, it isn’t work anymore, its enjoyment. You can own your own Cecilia Design, and it will be included in your orders (starting this week), as well as all authorized Old English Brand retailers!

True Starr – What You Need

Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr released his latest music video, called “What You Need” and it is already a huge hit. The video is Presented by his label, the Urban Kings Music Group, and directed by Kast N Fame. Its a really dope song and the music video came out super dope too. The song has a really chill vibe, but lyrical and rhythmic with the patterns and flow. Its definitely worth listening to, and its also featuring Old English Brand Clothing, like the OE “Original Beanie“. It has almost 10,000 views on youtube and What You Need is now available on iTunes. Make sure to check it out!