Ms Krazie Visits The Pyramids

Ms Krazie Visited The Pyramids In Mexico

On The Steps Of Our Ancestors

Ms Krazie In Front Of The Pyramid

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie took a trip to Mexico this past weekend and visited the pyramids. Something like that is really amazing, to see the work of our ancestors and people who lives thousands of years before us. How people could have made these structures is still unknown, because it still can not be duplicated by people who are currently living today, with the tools and machines we have today. Ms Krazie has visited many places since last year, and now the pyramids is something that is usually once in a lifetime for some people. Shout out to Ms Krazie and we hope all of her fans enjoy the pictures, because we sure did and we think we should plan a trip this year to see the pyramids too!

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Catch the Ms Krazie art exhibit of her mural at it’s glory live this Monday from 3-5 in East L.A on Ford and 5th. Come visit us and the world famous artist Sand Oner this Monday sponsored by Jarritos which means Free drinks for everyone while supply’s last. Ms Krazie merch will be available! Will the Loca hats and Krazie hat be Available? Who knows show up and find out. Old English Brand  tees will be available along with Ms Krazie entire CDs collection and other Urban Kings merch. Come take pics and meet other fans! It’s going to be a beautiful day so bring the family this is all ages! Old English Brand, Ms Krazie and Urban Kings all work our very best to continue to do great things for the community and the clothing industry. We are  happy to say we do this for our fans, supporters and representers, and we always give the appreciation back to those who support us. Feel free to grab this image and but on all social media and websites.


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A Day Off II

Old English Brand keeps them coming with another brand new video. We called this video “A Day Off II” with Ja Su. Watch as Ja Su hangs out on her day off and casually spends her day at leisure, without a care in the world. What would you do on your day off without having to work or any responsibility? I know it sounds like an easy question, but giving it a thought and actually doing it, would be two different things. Watch as she hangs out in her room and lets the time pass by. Ja Su is wearing the Old English Brand “3rd Strike Baseball Tee” (Available Now) while hanging out! Watch the exclusive video below to see what im talkin about!

A Day Off II – Featuring Ja Su

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Only A Chosen Few

There are always people that always talk about their plans, actions and even their accomplishments, but there are only a chosen few who actually have followed through with their game plan. For those who do what they say, and say what they are actually going to do, this is for you. Here is our official ad for the Old English Brand “Members Only – Black and Green” Snapback. Even though we are a chosen few, our fashion speaks for itself.

OE Showcase – Money Is The Motive

Old English Brand presents our first showcase of 2015! It is taken from the Winter Collection and is called the OE “Money Is The Motive Tee in Blue“. It is something I have always believed in, because money is the outcome of your goals. The motive is to be successful in whatever you would like to do, and provide for yourself and your loved ones. Money is the motive to be rewarded for your hard work to get where you want to be. And we always want to be the best at what we do, so we work hard to accomplish our goals, and our dreams. Showcasing the Money Is The Motive Tee, and it is available now in our online store! Available in Blue & Black, sizes M – 3XL!

Money Is The Motive

Always Stay Motivated

Good On All Sides

Since Forever

We Always Got Your  Back

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Old English Brand Veterans Day Sale

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