Ms Krazie Will Be Performing In Minneapolis!!!

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie will be performing FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday, December 6th at the Mango Bar & Grill. It is Official And Its GOING DOWN!!!! Many fans have been asking when Ms Krazie is gonna hit the North Star State, and now its locked in. Ms Krazie will be in the house performing all her hits. Also performing will be El Aztecano, Killa Khoas, SPK, Player City & Mayote, which are Minnesota’s top artists. There will be Food Specials till Midnight, and it will be an 18+ event. Their will also be a Dance Competition and A Freestyle Competition. DJ Fresko will be spinning all night long with all the jams. The VIP has a cool package for this event, which will include VIP Entrance to the venue, Ms Krazie T Shirt, Ms Krazie Poster and Ms Krazie CD! Make sure to come down and support Ms Krazie’s first Minnesota concert!!

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Sometimes I spend a lot of time in the office editing videos, photos, or coming up with the next thing to do. By the time I step out of the warehouse the sun is already gone. When I step out all I see is a dark parking lot; which that can be a mood killer. I don’t think humans are meant to sit down in front of a computer all day. Besides is not like we really sit down in front of the computer, now we carry a small version of them in our hands. So an excuse to stay inside the whole time can be well, an excuse. “Not today tho, not this day.” I was determine to do something that I could enjoy doing and I could bring back to show you guys. I decided to hit up my friend Riria Niimura from Tokyo, now staying in North Hollywood. “Meet me at the bridge an hour before sunset.” I told her. She called her uber and down she came to join me on this Golden hour. What can I say, but any day that I can enjoy a bit of the late afternoon sun is a good day to me.


Riria Niimura is wearing a white and gold Old English Brand Razor Tank top for women. 



Written by: Famous8

In Motion With Gunz

Everyone at Old English Brand gets creative when it comes to any idea with unlimited possibilities. When we decided to make a short campaign, we went to Los Angeles with Gunz, who has been featured in many television shows and music videos, like Bones, Gang Related, Scandal, and music video appearances by ASAP Rocky, Calvin Harris, Tinashe, Maino and more. Watch as we took him throughout LA and showcased a few of our popular designs. Make sure to watch this video while we create our magic.

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To The Sky

Today is going to be such a random day, but I like a bit a randomness every once in awhile. Life can’t just be a mundane same old routine. Life has to be creative and unpredictable, because that’s what it is. We just have to step out of our comfort zone and just live man, live a random creative life. That’s really what inspired the making of this video. Just a bit of dope randomness, where you look back at it and, look at what we have created.
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Above Them All

Old English Brand stays above the rest, and we show it by one of the most difficult tasks ever. We took picture proof that we stay above everyone else as Famous displays his signature floating technique while rocking the upcoming Old English Brand “Fast As Hell Jogger Sweat Pants” and the OE “Division Seal Tee in White“. Famous is also sporting the OE “You Gots To Chill Slippers“. This is one dope picture because the detail and creativity, plus it also showcases some Old English Brand gear. Make sure to stay posted to our  website for the official release date of the Old English Brand Winter Collection, releasing soon!