Ms Krazie x Old English Brand – LOCA Snapback

Old English Brand collaborated with Ms Krazie on her merchandise line that featured many items like Tee Shirts, Snapbacks, Beanies and Accessories. We always thought it would  be cool to collaborate with an artist on a tee, and we have worked with Ms Krazie in the past on two tee’s that have really done great, so when the opportunity came up, we jumped at the chance for our next project. This was more of a full collection of items in the collaboration, and everything came out dope. Everything is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online exclusively at

Summer Collection Releases Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day, and tomorrow Old English Brand will official launch our Summer Collection. One of the favorites of the collection is the OE “Blow Trees” shirt. When we show this shirt, it immediately grabs attention and makes a bold statement. Blowin Trees isn’t anything new, and as more cities and states are legalizing medication, we wanted to create something epic. Blow Trees is an epic tee and can be worn both casually or to a club or event, especially in the summer season. It is available in White, in sizes M – 3XL. Make your statement!

Old English Brand – Blow Trees

Get Them Trees

Light Them Trees

Releasing Tomorrow!

Make Your Statement

Coming Soon

XXTALES from INK to Skin

When a man has the desire to make something good out of himself, there is nothing that will stop him. Obstacles are just challenges because nothing good comes easy and nothing easy is always good. I met Big Sikes from Riverside, a man that has done a total of 20 years in prison. In his time in prison Sikes would use his passion for tattoos to survive. He would draw and apply ink to former inmates in return for soups, which is a commadity in prison. Now a free man, Sikes is putting all of his energy and focus in becoming the next great tattoo artists. “If I survived in prison doing tattoos, why can’t I do it out here?”

Filmed by: Sammy T.

Photos by: King Kast

The Quick And The Wet

Summer is almost gone, so we did what every young person did throughout the Summer. We started a water balloon fight between two beautiful girls for an Old English Brand commercial. We staged the fight between models Kitty Moww and Kenzie Harr. Both women are showcasing the new OE “Racerback Tank Tops” for women. This is a one of a kind video that flips the script on any video you have seen. Who will be the quick, and who will be the wet? Choose wisely.

Big Tank – I Stay Dippin

Old English Brand sent Big Tank a sponsorship package to wear some Old English Brand Clothing in some of his videos. He wore the OE Shield 2 T Shirt in this video with Truant and Brefless. Make sure to watch the video “I Stay Dippin” which is in this post and Directed by Mads Tha Hated. Its another dope video with perfect quality. Its another dope video by Mads the Hated and is a dope song to go with a dope video. Remember the OE Shield 2 Shirts are available now in our store and its one of the fan favorites so make sure to pick one up today!

Keep them coming

Juan Tejeda sent us his set of Old English and Cds. (love the signed Ms. Krazie Album big props). We got more Shirts in stock now and Midget Loco is going to be relising his mixtape First Loco At the Streets Feb 1st (thought you may be interested) and also be on the look up for his music video (which were filmed this weekend) from his album Dedicated to the OGs which is going to be released later on this year.Keep sending us your collections at

*Posted By Alejandra