Ms Krazie – Yakima Write Up

Here is my write up on the Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012/Spring Bash 2012 Concert in Yakima, Washington on Satuday, March 17th. I flew from Los Angeles and met Ms Krazies sister Lydia at the Sacramento airport. From there we flew together into the Seattle Airport. We had the concert organizer Lafonte Joe pick us up while we wait for Ms Krazie to land (which was an hour wait).We chilled out at a nearby parking lot which was for making phone calls to people who fly into the airport.Ms Krazie finally landed and we picked her up and started our drive to Yakima. We had a very good drive there, driving through THE PASS, which is similar to THE GRAPEVINE here in California. It was snowing there and we seen some cool lakes that were half frozen and half water, some ski resorts and some people skiing. Then we stopped to get some gas and get some food. We got gas and was back on our way. We then seen a military base that were firing missiles. From there we were only 30 minutes away from Yakima and our hotel. When we got to Yakima, we checked into our hotel and got ready, then went to the radio station HOT 99.7 Yakima for a live radio interview with personality Steve Rocha. We also went with Brown Boy to the station to promote the concert. At the radio station both Brown Boy and Ms Krazie gave awesome interviews and the station played some music, like Ms Krazies “Imma Rule The World”, “Let Me Love You” , “I Like It” , and a few more cuts. We also met Studio Leak, tek and blaze, who do an online show, with skits and interviews. They did an interview with Ms Krazie. Then from there we had to go to the Contest Winners Dinner. Lafonte (of Bonaphied Ent), B Bout Mine of RTS Entertainment and Jim,Dj,Kelly, Alexandra and Brenna of 2Cor Entertainment. They asked if they could join us, which they didnt even need to ask because they are very good fun nice people. Ms Krazie was in the mood for Mexican Food. We ended up going to a restaurant called “El Mirador”, which has some real good food. We met with Cesar Quiroz, who answered the Ms Krazie question first and correctly. Cesar took his brother and sat next to Ms Krazie, talking about life, music and the concert. When we were about to leave, Ms Krazie started autographing everything Cesar brought, which was a poster, cds, cd covers, and his hat. From there we all said goodbye and went to our hotel. Everyone wanted to rest for the concert, which was the following day. I ended up going to Tuscans to meet up with Steve Rocha from HOT 997. We kicked it at the venue, talking about music and what plans we both have and our paths how we got to where we are at. After that I went back to the hotel and called it a night. I ended up waking up at 8am and watched some tv and talked on facebook. Then Ms Krazie went to check out a clothing store and went to do her hair right afterwards. I ended up running erronds with Dj until about showtime. From there we went back to the hotel and got ready for the show. We got to the meet and greet at 4pm. The meet and greet started at 4:30 and had about 150 fans. We set up our table with Hello Loca Tour Shirts, Music, Magazines and Posters. The fans got to meet Ms Krazie along with The Ying Yang Twins and Brown Boy. The fans loved to see Ms Krazie and Ms Krazie gave away FREE autographed posters to each person that was in line, and took pictures with everyone. After the meet and greet was over, we headed back to our dressing room. Ms Krazie started to get ready for her show. Then Brown Boy hit the stage and we caught a few songs from his show. Then the dj wanted to play music for about 10 minutes then introduce Ms Krazie. Then Sean Da Don came onto the stage ready to introduce Ms Krazie. She came onto the stage while Pancho Villa was playing. She did her first verse and from then on, it was just hit after hit after hit. The crowd loved Ms Krazie, especially since it was her first time EVER performing not just in Yakima, but in Washington. From there Ms Krazie still felt the rush of the crowd and people, but wanted to enjoy the rest of her night, watching an amazing concert with Ying Yang Twins, Baby Bash, Ray J and DMX. We were introduced to Ying Yang Twins by Jim of 2Cor, I introduced Ms Krazie to Baby Bash, and we met Ray J, Brown Boy and DMX. They also put on a dope show. Then we got invited to kick it with Bash at his event at Johnnys. We met him there and chilled with him and THE STOOIES before they left. From there we went to Mels Diner (They also have some Mels in California, in Hollywood, but they burnt my food). Then it was about 3Am and we had to get back to the hotel to get to sleep because we had to drive  back to Seattle to the airport. We woke up and were already on the way to the hotel at 11Am and made it in time to relax and eat at the airport. Then I flew back home to Los Angeles.


When we try to tell people what is the Old English Brand lifestyle of mission, we revert back to the people that inspire us to be free thinkers and creators. To us money is not important. What is important is how hard you work to get it, to love the journey and process to reach the goal. We try to create things with meaning and purpose. To either inspire others or inspire ourselves. That’s what the XX Crew represents as a whole, a collective minds with different perspective, different talents, with one common goal, to become Set For Life. Now thinking about it, the XX Crew are sorta like the X Mens. Each individual in carries a special talent, and together we are creating something with meaning.

What’s so dope about this video that I filmed, is that we have our friend Chino Grande feature on it. I was thinking about how Chino G. hasn’t been on a video in about 2 years. This is by far right now my favorite motion visual I have done for Old English Brand yet. We are just getting better.

- Ninjatron2000

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