Ms Krazie’s CD Is Out Today

Today is the day everyone has been waiting for (Except the fans who pre ordered the CD early and received it before today). Ms Krazie’s 5th studio album “Forgive Not Forget” is officially available EVERYWHERE, including (and you can click these links to buy) major music stores like FYEBest Buy and Hastings. It is now also available for download through iTunes too!!! Forgive Not Forget is also available online through The UKMG Merch Store.

Forgive Not Forget has some amazing guest features as well, including MC Magic, Lala Romero, Carolyn Rodriguez, D Salas, Duende, Knightowl, Kozme, Contest winners T Train and Silenciosa, Wicked Babydoll, Mz Lovely, Betsy, Garzia, Jehu and last but not definitely not least, Ms Krazie’s father Fer Ochoa playing guitar on his daughters song.

Old English Brand LS Angls

Old English Brand did a photoshoot to showcase the OE Snapback Hat, and this time we focused on the LS ANGLS snapback, and the pictures came out awesome. We did the shoot with Hip Hop Artist Gunz Lozano, and you may recognize him from his cameos in television and music videos, including the ASAP Rocky and Calvin Harris videos. We featured many different snapbacks from the Old English Brand Collection, including showcasing the new OE “LS ANGLS Snapback Hat“. The snapback hat is available at the The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and the OE Online Store!

Night Of The Blaxicans x Old English Brand

(Dj’s left to right @dandy.mandie and @karinaassss)

This February 18th Night of the Blaxicans was a wild event Saturday hosted by the Blaxicans and Old English Brand. Following the crowd, we had (Aaron Sanford, Isidro, Dandy Mandie, Silky Slim and Jinx following a special appearance by Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm. Early arrival started with a line that wrapped around the building to the corner, of exciting smiles and cheers of anticipated guests waiting to party it up. Eliza and myself went around the event to gather pictures of the crowd and, some of the highly tatted up fans mentioning the excitement for the event they have been waiting for all week.

(Sick Jacken @sickjacken from Psycho Realm) shot by @dahliamonroe

 (Fan supporting @urbankings with a wrist tattoo and wearing @oldenglishbrand) shot by @dahliamonroe

The event started at 9pm-2am with bar and limited edition gear for sale in honor of the Valentine’s day themed dance. Along the left side when entering the party to the left we had a line for the photo backdrop with pictures of cheerful and wild friends an of course couples taken by @dahliamonroe and @elizagreed.


“AYE get this shot real quick” shot by @dahliamonroe

(Guests with limited edition T-shirt of the event) shot by @dahliamonroe

(homegurlzzz aye aye) shot by @dahliamonroe


(Take a pic of me and the homie Charlie) shot by @dahliamonroe


 Following right to the side of the @OldEnglishBrand backdrop we had a bar of Coronas to Tecate and a sold-out table of limited editions shirts designed by @kingkast1 for the occasion

Blaxicans left to right in the back @Aaronsanford, @elmemoblaxicano,@alybabyfacee_, @hoodprofet, Front row left to right @urbankings,@mr.chino. shot by @traplordjesus

Deep in the crowd we had party goers moving and bumping to the beats and tunes by the homie Aaron Sanders from the Blaxicans starting off the Party,We started off with people in the middle dancing to the party moving to people dancing against the walls to at one point not a wallflower in sight.

(Dj from The Blaxicans @aaronsanford) shot by @dahliamonroe

By 10 the projector was showing images on the wall on soul train and various clips from the 70’s,the feeling of good vibes spread all throughout the night a feeling a person couldn’t ever forget from circles of friends throwing it around in circles to people climbing the shoulders of each other; to see the DJ’s drop the track to their favorite sets.

(Picture credit to @elfotografojoaquin ) To the people who even found some love on the dance floor, and others kicking it back to the rhythm and friendships being made the Valentines dance was an event to be at.

(From The Blaxicans @elmemoblaxicano and @alybabyfacee_) shot by @dahliamonroe

(@housephoneshawty and her lady sharing a smooch so cute i had to capture) shot by @dahliamonroe

(This picture is worth a thousand words literally ) shot by @dahliamonroe

Fans from various cities came to see the anticipated event from south central to the Valley. Many friends and fans of both The Blaxicans and Old English Brand came a good way to see their friends bumping the tracks and turning up on the turn tables. The event was a big marker for both Old English Brand and The Blaxicans, the event was the biggest party both have thrown. Thank you to everyone that showed up and, brought positive energy that made this event as fun as it could be, the support means everything from you to us at Old English Brand and The Blaxicans. Stay tuned for next weeks exclusive interview on The Blaxicans by Old English Brand behind the collaboration of Saturdays Event, thanks for checking us out stay tuned for more next week !!

(Catch me in da crowd aye aye das me @dahliamonroe ) shot by @elizagreed 

OE Califas just touched down!

Our newest shirt finally just came in, after much quality control the design and print came out excellent. This shirt was designed by a tattoo artist in Brazil by the name of Fat Louiz. I meet fat louiz about two years ago when he presented me the idea. I’m not going to lie since i just stepped in the shirt game i wasnt sure if we were able to pull of the print with the quality of the drawing he had. After asking around and finally finding the right printer we made a hit. So we are proud to present OE CALIFAS. Even tho its not on our online store it will be next week. We still have to un pack all the box’s and get them organized for sale.

Our Tool Box

We may not have a screw gun, nails, or a hammer but we got more than enough tools to get the job done.

Strength in Numbers

We just dropped the new design called “Strength in Numbers”. What inspired this design? It was you, yes you, our supporters. We have grown and have overcame and still overcoming adversities is because all the people that support us. If we are united then there’s is nothing that we can’t do. The 96 is the year that the founder of Old English Brand decided that the path of dream chaser/entrepreneur was for him ,and since then he hasn’t stopped. This new design is the first installment to this springs collection. There is more great things to come, but for now make sure you add this one to your collection.