Ms Krazie’s Contest Winners Autographs

Here is the autographs that Cesar Quiroz aka the Ms Krazie Contest Winner, from Washingon, had got from his fan dinner with her. Ms Krazie does a contest for each state she is in, to win a choice of either a Lunch or Dinner with Ms Krazie, or 2 V.I.P passes to her show. So far, with all the contests Ms Krazie has done on her facebook, the Lunch/Dinner is the clear favorite. The dinner was at El Mirador restaurant in Yakima, Washington. Cesar is from a city called Vancouver, Washington and that is an estimated drive time of over 3 hours. We really appreciate him taking the time to drive, rent a hotel room, and get tickets for the concert. He ended up coming to the dinner with his cousin! Everyone had some bomb mexican food and had a good time. Right now Ms Krazie still has to do her contests for Goshen, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Nashville, Farmington, Gallup and Midland. Its really cool to see fans like Cesar have one of the first Ms Krazie posters, the first Brown Is Beautiful Cd, and more. Remember, the only and I mean ONLY WAY to enter the Ms Krazie Fan Contest is to LIKE the Official Ms Krazie Facebook .

The Bank Sale 2014

Old English Brand will be participating in the upcoming Clothing Brand Expo called “The Bank Sale“. This is a unique clothing expo/trade show that gives buyers and the public a chance to see top clothing companies in person. Now, the public has a rare opportunity to come visit the Old English Brand booth and buy product directly from us. This event is scheduled to have many celebrities shop, as well as a concert after the booths close! We have just confirmed that Ty Dolla Sign of Taylor Gang will be headlining the event, along with special guest artists! Their will also be various hosts for The Bank Sale, including models, dancers, artists, athletes, photographers and more! Old English Brand will be releasing 3 brand new Tee Shirts that will be available at The Bank Sale, and nowhere else. They are the “Run N Gun” Tee, the “Hard Knock” Raglan Baseball Tee, and the “Anger Management Crew” Tee! The Anger Management Tee will be available in 4 colors, Green, Navy Blue, White and Burgundy. The Bank Sale is an all ages event, and Tickets Are Available Now.

Old English Brand Exclusive Tee Releases For The Bank Sale

Old English Brand – Run N Gun Tee

Old English Brand – Hard Knock Tee

Old English Brand – Anger Management Crew Tee (Available in Burgundy, Blue & White)

Old English Brand x The Bank Sale Promotion

Ty Dolla Sign Performing LIVE!

Old English Brand x The Bank Sale Video Commercial

Bank On It

Let Your Talents Do The Work

Old English Sponsors A New Music Video

Old English Brand is sponsoring independent artists heavy right now, because we are all lovers of music, all different types of music, from rock to hip hop to house. We are sponsoring artists NOW for Old English Brand packages for independent and major artists music videos. We have just sponsored a brand new video for hip hop artist Oso Vicious, for his music video called “West Coast Madness”.For sponsorship, please Click Here and fill out the form, providing information about the artist, youtube links of the artists past music videos, and the artists biography. Not everyone will be accepted for music video sponsorships, and the artists that are chosen, will have their video on website and all social media networks! Make sure to apply for sponsorship today!

Two Is Always Better Than One!

The common logic of life is that two is always better than one. Old English Brand knows no different. Old English Brand did a photo shoot with model Elena Lee for the brand new Summer Collection. We showcased the OE “Racerback Womens Tank Top in Red“, our newest item to our catalog. These racerback tanks are perfect for this heatwave we have been having throughout the country. Right now we have all sizes available, but some sizes are going quicker than others. Make sure to get your perfect color by Clicking Here.

The Slow & Low Speaker – Now For Pre Order!

Old English Brand has just released a new bluetooth speaker, called the OE “Slow And Low Blue Tooth Speaker“, available now for Pre Order until Friday! After Friday, they will not be available again till the end of Summer. Make sure to get yours before they are gone! Dont miss out! You can check it out at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and preorder from us too!