Ms Krazie’s First Instore In The Los Angeles Area

Check this out!!! Breaking News!!!! UKMG Artist Ms Krazie and Urban Kings would like to announce a FREE MEET AND GREET with Ms Krazie in the Los Angeles Area. Fans have been asking for it, and now it is official! All taking place on Sunday, May 19th, from 11am to 3pm, Ms Krazie will be meeting fans, taking pictures, signing autographs and hanging out at the World Famous Cycadelic Records Shop in Compton, California. Ms Krazie will also have some merchandise for sale, including all 5 of her albums, T Shirts, and her Forgive Not Forget Posters! This event is a FREE, ALL AGES EVENT, so make sure to bring the whole family, as Ms Krazie loves meeting her fans, from oldest, to youngest! We will see you there Next Sunday!

Brought To You By Urban Kings, Cycadelic Records, Old English Brand and Ms Krazie!

Frankie J Wants To Try This Shirt

Frankie J came to the office a few weeks ago and picked out some Old English Brand Clothing and picked up the Ms Krazie T Shirt . He took a few pictures with the shirt as well. Frankie J has always been an artist that has made great music throughout his career.

Also make sure to download Frankie J’s new single at How Beautiful You Are – Itunes Link . Shout out to Frankie J!

Available Now

Just in to our store the highly anticipated Hustle Hard T-Shirt.

Juan Diego “Salud”

The more we grow the more we are having people from out of states and even out the country stop by the flag ship store when they are visiting Los Angeles. The homie Juan Diego came to Cali to shoot one of his videos “Salud” and he wanted one of the scenes to be shot at the OE shop. So because of that love that he showed us, we want to give it right back by sharing his new video “Salud” check it out.

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Apple’s Founder Passed Away

Apple’s CEO was diagnosed with a rare cancer since 2004 but it didn’t stop him from being dedicated to his work. A few days after announcing the release of the new I-phone he passed away peacefully at his home. He was born in Cali and was adopted by guardians that treat him as their own. All he had was a high school diploma to his name because the money his parents saved up for college was not enough for his education. It was just him and his best friend from high school in garage, when they did the first apple computer. Didn’t have a monitor, keyboard, or a case but he was worth 100 million by the age of 25. And though to some people it maybe so what about his death, (even though you know you own something of apple) he was just a person with vision on something he enjoyed. So what’s stopping you from leaving your mark. Don’t matter the hustle its just never giving up on yourself.

“Being the richest man in the century doesn’t matter. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful matters.”

-Steve Jobs

James – The Photographer

Our friend James came to the office the other day. James is a highly respectable photographer. He has worked with Bono from U2, Trey Songs, and Baby Jokes just to name a few people he has photographed. We was really feeling the Old English Brand Hustle Hard T Shirt . He tried it on and it looks dope.