Ms Krazies Next Stop – Indiana

March 30th – Goshen, Indiana

March 31st – Indianapolis, Indiana

 Ms Krazie is fresh off her most recent show, The Hello Loca 2012/Spring Bash 2012 concert in Yakima, Washington and is already gearing up for her next 2 shows. They will be a back-to-back which will be Friday, March 30th in Goshen Indiana at the Wagon Wheel, and on Saturday, March 31st in Indianapolis Indiana at Flamingos. Both are ALL AGES and Both will also feature AKWID! The Indianapolis show will have a special guest performer CHINGO BLING!!!!  V.I.P is also available for both events. Tickets are available at for both events!!!

Meet Our Old English Staff Member – Burst Rock

As you may have noticed, Old English Brand has a very colorful, distinctive and actually very famous staff. We would like to introduce you to another vital member of our team, Burst Rock. Burst has exploded to the entertainment world in 1999, with Sprite knocking on his door to be a part of their new commercial, and from there, it was history. Burst Rock blasted into superstardom, taking place in various commercials for huge multi billion dollar companies, like McDonalds, Nissan, XBox, Nike, Pepsi and more. His biggest commercial to date was a during the 2002 Super Bowl, (which at the time was over $1,000,000) was a Levi’s commercial. The Super Bowl ad chain reacted, with the BBoy movement becoming mainstream again in the entertainment world, Swizz Beats contacted Burst Rock to be apart of his brand new video,(called Guilty), which took a major storyline in the music video, which Burst did the crazy legs for Swizz and others. Next, the Black Eye Peas Artist Fergie DEMANDING Burst Rock to be a part of her music video (Fergalicious). He then hosted the world famous DUB SHOW, which is Dub Magazine’s yearly car show tour with the biggest artists. After these major accomplishments, Burst decided to tour the world, from here in the states, to international cities, Burst has accomplished more than the average man. With all the fame and fortune, Burst decided to come back home and be apart of Old English Brand, where he holds many titles, from creative member, to customer service, to shipping, to photography, concepts and ideas. Burst does it all, and we love him for it. Make sure to follow Burst now on instagram at @BurstRock27Junkies, his official website 27 Junkies and Facebook at

Secret Show With Ricky Hil

Ricky Hil did a Secret Show this week and invited Old English Brand to go and hang out. We are good friends with Ricky and we always support him. This was an invite only event, with only his biggest fans and good friends. There was food, drinks, music, and a special live performance of Ricky from songs from his latest album “SYLDD” aka Support Your Local Drug Dealer, (which is always being played by our staff throughout our offices). When I got invited, I was geekin, cuz its always amped when your gonna see someone in concert that you been waiting for. So its no suprise I already knew all the songs and words, while taking some really cool pictures. The Secret Show was at the SYLDD house, and Ricky performed right in the living room and killed his performance. This event was the best, hangin out with good friends, and meeting new ones. Here are pictures that I had seen through my eyes, that I would love to share with everyone.

Click Here To Download Ricky Hil’s Album – SYLDD

Ricky Hil

Performing SYLDD

Performing Nomads

Bonic Performing “Understand Me”

Some Of The People In Attendance

Marty JayR Reppin With Old English Brand

Yesterday, I got a phone call that one of my good friends is in town. His name is Marty JayR and he is signed to Baby Bash’s “Bashtown Records”. He is working on his solo album and let me know he was doing a cameo for a new music video, to roll through and lets do a photo shoot for OE. We drove to the set, met up with Marty, and had him rock a few tees. He just signed on to be on the “Love And Kush Tour” along with Baby Bash and MC Magic. In these pictures, Marty is rockin the OE “Digital Camo Tee“, and we drove to Downtown LA to a warehouse location. What do you think of these photos we took? Let us know at The Old English Brand Official Facebook Page!

92 Music Video By The High Life

We have a brand new music video for everyone today, by The High Life, called “92″. This is a pretty cool video, with dope visuals and some tight music. The High Life always releases some cool videos, and this time we sponsored some clothing for this music video. You can see G Double in the video rocking the OE “C.A White Tee“! Everyone make sure to support upcoming artists, and indie artists because music always comes from the mind and the heart, and we always support those who follow their dreams. Make sure to get a copy of The HighLifes self titled album, “The High Life“, available online now at