Music Monday – Letter To My Felon

Urban Kings releases a signature album compilation that everyone gets hype for. Fans always ask us about music from their favorite Urban Kings artists, so we put together something dope that everyone can bump. UKMG Artists like Ms Krazie and Chino Grande and also  Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Midget Loco, Stomper, Spanky Loco are featured on Urban Kings Street Anthems 3, as well as featuring dope artists like Conejo, Baby Jokes, Slow Poke, Oso Vicious, ALT,  and more. We also threw in a few classics from The Stomper and Ese Lil Joker. Everything is featured from Urban Kings “Street Anthems 3“. We are all still pumped up about this album, because its one of the sickest Street Anthems CDs out. Did you know that some music on Street Anthems will only be released on that album? Meaning it wont be on any other album. For example, the song “Letter To My Felon” will NEVER be on Ms Krazie’s upcoming albums, its only for Street Anthems 3. The album is available now from the UKMG Merch Store for just $7.99.

Listen To Ms Krazie – Letter To My Felon – Taken From Street Anthems 3!

Its Christmas Eve!

Today is the day, its Christmas Eve and its time to spend with family and friends. The one day out of the year where we show appreciation and when its better to give then to receive. I was at home last night, drinking a glass of hennessy and looking at the presents for this years Christmas, and appreciating what I have. Really, I think thats what life is about. I didn’t grow up with everything, but I worked hard for my dream and working harder to maintain it. Presents come and go, but appreciating your family and friends, knowing that they are there for you, is really what this holiday is about to me. I hope everyone has a happy Christmas Eve and hope you are able to spend the day with your family and loved ones.

- From your friends at Old English Brand

Steak To The Heart!

And I dont mean a vampire stake. I mean the type that’ll cause a heart attack! Unfortunately i don’t have a pic of of the actual steak. Only the aftermath of it.

He eats everything with his fingers. I know its weird.

As for this? I don’t exactly who or what is suppose to sit here.

Yeah i can’t explain this. lol

When you want to keep it Califas!

Click on pic to view

West Coast Madness by Oso Vicious

Old English Brand always feels honored to be featured in music videos, photo shoots and performances. Today, we would like to share with everyone the brand new music video by Oso Vicious featuring Rikee West, called “West Coast Madness”. Its a true West Coast hit, and Oso is known for being a lyrical hip hop artist. The video captures the West Coast lifestyle of Los Angeles, from lowriders, to fast bikes, women and good weather. Directed by our friend Adam Roberts Make sure to check out the video below and support, because we always have to support those who support us!

 Oso Vicious ft. Rikee West – West Coast Madness – Music Video

The Faded Beanie In Red Is Now Available

Old English Brand has just released a brand new beanie into our collection. It is the OE “Faded Beanie in Red” and its now available. The faded beanie has been a hit since we released it, and we asked which color we should make next. The most popular answer from our poll was red. So we created this awesome beanie. You can come into The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and see this beanie for yourself (Open Monday – Friday from 12pm to 6pm) or online inside The Old English Brand Online Store!